Speedster – Hoth Edition – a real snowmobile!

Hello Everybody, well I am still recovering from my big mission at the Comic Con I visited back on the 22nd so today I thought I’d show you my repainted Speedster bike. I liked the camouflaged paint scheme I showed you on my other bike but sometimes you’re in a much colder environment and need a vehicle that blends in a bit better. Soo, I repainted the speederbike in a nice snow camo look. Here is Gallery One showing the studio shots….

I decided to post this gallery of studio shots because when this beaty gets out into the open and speeds over the plains of Hoth you’ll find it hard to see it! However, these pictures show the speeder’s curves and lines a little better than the regular camo coloured bike did. The big front body section with the large air intake grille, laser blaster barrels and the directional control outriggers shows off the curves and recessed upper bodywork which is highlighted by the contrasting black outlining. You will notice that the engines give off a different emission colour, being blue instead of the warmer yellow of the regular model – this shows that the exhausts emit cooler air and anti-grav effect. Well we don’t want to melt the ice when travelling over frozen lakes or rivers and get wet feet! The rear bodywork displays the body panelling and access hatches much more clearly and topped off by the ridged seating pad. And so I guess it’s time to unleash this Speedster out onto the snow fields of Hoth don’t you? Time for Gallery Two….and good luck spotting it…..

It was a particularly cold day on Hoth when I took these photos so I was able to use the regular power settings hence the exhausts show yellow again. I did this as the snow/ice were much thicker and I could hover the bike higher (allowing me to get under the bike for the last two images). But you can see how well the camo blends into the scenery and combined with it’s agility and speed this bike would be a hard target to hit. Again this is just a repaint but I do have a few sorta custom colour schemes I have to showcase in a future post so stay tuned for those.

I have also managed to watch the new Star Wars animation series called “Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi” and it was quite good . I did notice that the animation style was much more 3D based with graphical techniques used to add texture to the images. This meant there was much more detail, such as life-like hairs, rough scratched metals and stonework, cloth moved and flowed realistically making the footage look almost cinematic. The stories centred on Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku’s characters and show Tano’s development as a respected Jedi whilst we see the fall of Dooku due to his growing distrust and belief in the ways of the Jedi Council. We see how events lead each Jedi to take the paths they did – and we even got to see a young Qui-Gon Jinn (whom some of you will know was the student Padawan of Count Dooku!) The series was more or less filling in the backstory so nothing too spectacular (and it only really had two new lightsaber designs in it) but it was good for an hour or two.

Anyhoo, I hope you will return to FTSabersite in future for new posts with some saber designs inspired by the other recent animation show “Visions” – I’m quite proud how they turned out. In the meantime, thank you for your visit today and all the comments and support – it really means a lot and motivates me to keep blogging. Till next time…..

“Speedster – Hoth Edition” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is inspired by the BARC Speederbikes seen in The Cone Wars animation. The design, models and renders were created by For Tyeth/FTSabersite using Blender 3D and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022.

7 thoughts on “Speedster – Hoth Edition – a real snowmobile!”

  1. Brrrr, I wonder if Hoth is colder than the Canadian prairies where I grew up. -40C is the norm in the depth of winter. Jack Frost doesn’t even show up.
    Fab repaint, Tyeth. Look forward to the new.

    1. Hello Resa….what a brilliant, interesting question! I forgot to take any temperature readings during my test drive but scientists on Earth have speculated that the temperature would be similar to that of the planet Pluto at about −364 degrees Fahrenheit (−220 degrees Celsius). But having seen the Rebel Alliance soldiers fighting outdoors wearing just cold weather padded suits I think the temperature would be more like the Canadian prairies you mention.
      I’ll make sure the next photoshoot of repaints is done somewhere warmer!

    1. Hi TVTA, fortunately the wildlife on Hoth can’t ride speederbikes (at least I don’t think they can!). I have a few more Speedster variants so stay tuned and I sent you an email on the 19th Oct with the Mad Max repaint you asked for ok!
      Snow doubt about it……smh🙄😁

      1. Yes, I saw the pics of the Mad Max repaint and thought I replied but didn’t. My bad. You did a good job adding that colour scheme!

        Ice suppose the wildlife on Hoth never received speederbike driving lessons… sleet that be a lesson to them for the future; a flurry of illegal speederbike animal pilots does not make for a safe highway, if you get my drift 😁😁

      2. What an “avalanche” of jokes! It will take ages to “plow” through them all
        Fortunately, the Mad Max repaint was an easy fix, I just had to alter a couple of numbers to change the colour values to make the saber yellow (Blender uses RGB red, blue and green values to pick colours like on a TV set). Glad you liked it though, thanks!

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