Unfortunate News, I may be offline for a while.

Hello Everybody, sadly as the title above says I am going to be offline for a while due to technical issues. My laptop battery has died and I haven’t a backup laptop to use I’m using a mobile phone to type this announcement! I will do my best to get things fixed as soon as possible but I am still here and will return to posting when I can

Thanks for understanding and May The Force Be With Me for a speedy resolution.

p.s. I think I can access email if anyone needs to contact me ok.

11 thoughts on “Unfortunate News, I may be offline for a while.”

    1. Hi Neo, yeah the battery has drained but I’ve since discovered some damage to the cable on the laptop power adapter…so it might be a quick fix, just gotta wait till payday to afford a new one to test it (I’m hoping it’s the adapter cos that’s cheaper than buying a new battery!) Thanks for the support.

    1. Hello Resa, thanks…I hope to be back soon I think my power adapter may be damaged so maybe it will be quick fix -fingers crossed. Just gotta wait till payday to buy new one

    1. Hi EF, thanks to you also. As I mentioned to Neo and Rest I’m hoping it’s just the power adapter at fault. Luckily I can use my smartphone bto leave comments! Thanks again and stay tuned.

    1. Hi Julie, thanks, it seems technology doesn’t like me. The luck I’ve had with laptops these last two years! Anyhoo, I’ve priced up a new charger and hopefully that should fix things – if not I’ll probably be looking at buying a new battery or even a new computer. Fingers crossed when payday arrives.

    1. Hi Mage, thanks man, luckily I’m one step closer to being back to posting. Ordered a replacement power adaptor and got shipping notification for Monday delivery.
      Just hope it is the charger that failed…or things could be more expensive for me!
      In other positive news I’ve completed another “arms deal” adding FIVE new blasters to my arsenal. Details soon when I’m back online ok Hope you’re well

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