Happy May The Fourth Be With You Day – A Big Shout-out to Kaiser Sosay

Hello Everybody and Happy May the Fourth to you all! I hope you all have a great day and if you’re lucky enough to have Disney+ then you’ll hopefully get to see the new show “Kenobi” soon. I have to apologise however that this post is a little bit rushed as things in For Tyeth Towers hasn’t run smoothly this past week or so and all my plans for something big to celebrate May 4th went awry. But I took the opportunity to give a big shout out to a fantastic member of the lightsaber collecting/Star Wars community. That person is a member of the Ultrasabers fan forum and is called Kaiser Sosay. I post my designs on Saberforum.com and Kaiser is a regular viewer of my work I post and sometimes commented or offered suggestions. Well just before Thanksgiving in the USA Kaiser tried to contact me but due to technical issues couldn’t reach me but eventually I managed to log onto the forum and received his message. That message was that he had admired my designs a long time but didn’t comment as much as he thought he should and wanted to make up for it. He had read my comments on the forum saying I liked Qui-Gon Jinn’s saber and I hoped one day to own one from Ultrasabers. To make up for his lack of support he wanted to gift me an Ultrasaber Qui-Gon Jinn replica he owned (he actually had two). I was speechless, as here are a few product pictures of the hilt from Ultrasabers’ website….

This is an awesome saber and of course is modelled on the hilt of my favourite character Qui-Gon….and Kaiser wanted to give me his spare one as thanks for all the effort and contributions I make to the community. I was hesitant at first to accept his gift but he was insistant that I take it as he had no use for it and it needed a good home. So I gratefully accepted his offer and he arranged to have it sent to me. And when it arrived I couldn’t have been happier…as you can see here….

The first image was the picture I posted on the forum and the second shows the saber lit up in all it’s glory, because I forgot mention above that this saber was fully installed with light and sound…worth over £200! Kaiser had even “made some modifications” himself adding the beautiful red activation switch just like it has in the Phantom Menace and inside he swapped the electronics so this saber had sound AND could change blade colours! Obviously I will keep it in green to match Qui-Gon but I have the option if I want to swap colours for display purposes. I took a few images of the hilt for you to take a closer look but as I said above things haven’t run smoothly this week and after transferring the images they seem to have become distorted but hopefully they will still show how great this hilt is….

Now you may have noticed that the end cap of this saber is different than the pictures above off the manufacturer’s website because Kaiser swapped it for the slightly longer chromed pommel so again I will at some point buy an original pommel so I can swap between this look and the canon version. And I can do this because the hilt is modular and breaks down into pieces – even the shiny silver shroud comes off so the saber is plain black!…

As this is a special Star Wars day, this generous act is also very special and actually resembles an event in Star Wars history involving Mace Windu. In-between the events of “The Phantom Menace” and “Attack of the Clones” there was a battle and Mace Windu and another Jedi named E’eth Koth were involved. During the battle both were caught up in an explosion and lost their lightsabers, however in the confusion they each picked up the other Jedi’s saber but instead of swapping back they used their comrade’s weapon until it was safe for them to swap back. This was a sign of utmost friendship, trust and respect known as The Concordance of Fealty. And by Kaiser gifting me this saber I feel I have performed the act of Fealty with him. He is a great member of the Star Wars community and has my heartfelt thanks. This saber has a good home forever here.

That just about wraps this post up, again sorry it is slightly rushed and not as polished but my original plans fell through….however I feel this story is important enough to be told on May 4th. I hope you will return on Saturday the 14th to see my next post (I’m gonna take this weekend off as I posted this article early) to see what else I have in store. I have more Katanas, more starfighters, and more blasters and hopefully some costuming stuff. So thanks for checking this post out and Till next time…


This post is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022. The Ultrasabers Consular and it’s images are Trademark/©Copyright of Ultrasabers LLC based in Texas, USA.

13 thoughts on “Happy May The Fourth Be With You Day – A Big Shout-out to Kaiser Sosay”

  1. Happy Star Wars Day to FT and your readers!
    Wow, congrats on your super cool gift – such a kind and thoughtful gesture by Kaiser Sosay.
    My prep plans also went a bit awry for a May the 4th post this year, but hopefully should have a little something posted up in the next couple of hours.

    1. Hi TVTA, yes if ever someone embodied a true Star Wars fan, Kaiser would be that person. I have to say though he is quite shy but has a great talent for creating sound effects that you can install onto certain lightsaber electronics. But as you say it was his generosity that really struck me.
      I had a few ideas for maybe doing a video or a photoshoot for May 4th but unfortunately Mrs Tyeth has had a bit of a snag regarding her mother so wasn’t available to help be my camera person. Oh well…maybe I can get to a Comic Con later in the year and get some pics then! Thanks and I look forward to any upcoming posts…Happy May the Fourth!

    1. Hello Neo, hope you are enjoying your holiday – you deserve to after the past two years!
      I feel very humbled by the gift of a fully functional saber. Thanks so much too for your kind comment. On a similar note I have had some good news regarding the forum I post on – my topic thread and sabers have been viewed over 250,000 times!

      1. Hi Neo, it took 4 years but for a forum topic to get that many hits I’m pretty pleased. The guys and girl members of that forum are a great bunch though and supported me a lot.

    1. Hi there EF, thank you so much and Happy May the Fourth to you also. I ‘m afraid I’ve lost a bit of weight due to the lockdowns we had in the UK because I didn’t need to eat as much with not going out so I kinda look a bit skeletal now rather than Qui-Gon like. Maybe I could cosplay as Supreme Leader Snoke?😂

  2. Happy Star Wars Day!
    The saber is fab. You are in your glory.
    Can you believe I found the SW art on the 5th.
    It’s freshly painted, so I”l bet it was painted for the big DAY!

    1. Hello Resa, this saber is very important to me, and Kaiser Sosay to me really epitomises the way Star Wars fans used to be…a fun and generous bunch.
      And I have to say the Force does have it’s own will so I have to agree the painting must have been painted for us and the big day! I’m still struck by how impressive it is.

      1. Hello Resa, my laptop is still out of commission but I’ve ordered the new power adaptor – should arrive Monday. I can still view blogs using my smartphone so I will check your post when it publishes
        And in other saber related news I may have another big announcement when I get back posting! Hope you’re well.

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