Commando Bikespeeder – A For Tyeth Lego Forge Speederbike (aka Trident)

Hello Everybody, today we return to the world of the Lego Digital Designer and see what Star Wars build I came up with after my Commando Carrier Speeder model a fortnight ago (see it here: I liked the Commando Carrier but felt it might just be a little bit sluggish (despite having a Naboo N1 Starfighter engine) and troopers might want something a bit more agile to travel around the battlefield. I figured I’d build a Speeder Bike and “added a few special modifications myself”. In the past we have seen the famous Speeder Bikes on Endor in “Return of the Jedi” and recently the character named Cobb Vanth had a Speeder in The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett. Lego themselves have made a Speeder named the Freeco Speeder so I took inspiration from all three.

The first image above shows a Lego Imperial Speeder Bike and Biker Scout from RotJ, the next two images are Cobb Vanth’s speeder and the last image is the Freeco Speeder from Lego, so I wanted something combining ideas from each. I figured a single seat speeder with a storage rack and the N1 Starfighter engine would be cool so here is what I came up with, the Commando Bikespeeder….

I configured this speeder for the harsh climate of Hoth and I kinda like this one a lot (especially as all the white parts are matching colour). It is agile, having angled outrigger wingboards that surround the N1 engine pod. Basically this is a rocket ship bike! It is fast, powerful and agile. On the top of the engine nacelle is the rider’s seat and control sticks – and a set of wedge shaped headlights. The front view of this speeder is quite aggressive with the three wingboard tips and the massive engine. This bike has a Clone Wars era Republic Trooper aboard and you will notice that he has an R2 unit perched on the back using the storage rack!

On the outboard wings there are vents for cooling, even on a snow planet like Hoth the engine heats up quite a bit. There are also two disruptor lance weapons – the long pipes with the blue barrel ends. You will also be able to see the hinge joints I used to attach the wingboards to the main body. I love these pieces of Lego as I can ratchet the wings up and down slightly to give the impression that they are controlling the vehicle. They are also the same hinges I used to attach the cargo pods on the Mandalorian Infiltrator model I built (See the Infiltrator here:

All in all, I am really happy with this model as it feels “Star Warsy” and looks as if it could be a vehicle from in universe. And as I mentioned in previous posts I still have a few more variants of this Bikespeeder and the Commando Carrier, including “stretched” versions. But for now I am nearing the end of this post and you all know what that means.

Yes, it’s time for me to say a big thank you for checking this Lego Forge design out, I hope you enjoyed it. I have the “stretched” versions and repaints of both Speeders to come in future posts and back in the realm of lightsabers, I have a few Katana variants and a saber for a Law Enforcer….“Your move…..Creep!” (< bit of a hint). But for now thanks and remember you’re all very much appreciated and your support means a lot to me. Till next time….

“Commando Bikespeeder” is a For Tyeth Lego Forge My Own Creation design (MOC). It was built in the Lego Digital Designer and the renders produced in Blender 3D. “Lego Digital Designer” is ©Copyright and belongs to the Lego Group. The design and renders are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022. Star Wars and all related names, logos, images, and vehicle designs are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm ltd.

13 thoughts on “Commando Bikespeeder – A For Tyeth Lego Forge Speederbike (aka Trident)”

  1. She’s gorgeous, FT! Definitely looks like a speeder that could have appeared in Empire Strikes Back, or elsewhere in the Star Wars canon. Were any other stories set on Hoth?🤔 I really like the black and white and the architecture in general.

    1. Hi EF, that is the best compliment I could hope for, thank you. There were a few other stories centred on Hoth including a Star Wars comic (c1983) titled “Hoth Stuff” which reveals that Wedge Antilles (he was flying a Snowspeeder with the callsign Rogue Three) went missing during the Battle of Hoth (in Empire). In a novel titled “Darksaber” Luke and his lover, Callista Ming, travel to Hoth and encounter the same Wampa creature that attacked Luke in ESB but in the novel Luke quickly dispatches the Wampa. Finally in 1996 Lucasfilm developed a story, “Shadow of the Empire,” about a character named “Dash Rendar”, and one of the locations was Hoth. The project was a test bed to explore commercial possibilities of Full Motion Picture making without actually producing a film. Other than that Hoth is just a big ball of snow and ice! Thanks again!

      1. Awesome stories! I had a 90s PC game called “X-Wing” – pretty rudimentary flight simulator style game, and I remember I made my pilot name “Wedge” I love the character, and how he pilots in all 3 of the original Star Wars films!.. I had to luke up Callista Ming, and I see she carries a *Yellow* lightsaber? That seems rare!

      2. Hi again, I read both your comments together so I didn’t have time to realise your slip! Regards to Wedge, not only did he appear in all three OT films but he also took part in the Battle of Exegol in The Rise of Skywalker. TRoS also has a link with Callista Ming….somebody else in that film has a yellow saber.
        I have played “X-Wing” a few times and the follow up games. They aren’t that impressive by today’s standards but boy did we get wrapped up playing them back in the day…well I did. I made a cardboard cut-out overlay to put on top pf my keyboard so it looked like the cockpit panel of the X-Wing.

      3. You played too! I def got wrapped up in playing. My dad got me a joy stick to go with So that was My experience of being in the X-Wing cockpit🙂 That’s such a good idea though with cardboard. I loved adjusting power toward shields. Blowing up ti-fighters was never more fun. And the first encounter with a Star Destroyer 🤯 So cool.

      4. I am a big fan of anything that flies so any chance I had to play on simulators or arcade games I jumped at. Later I got Microsoft Flight Simulator and whilst not Star Wars, it did let you download third-party models of aeroplanes and spaceships to use in it. I had The Falcon, A-Wing, X-Wing and on the Imperial side the Tie Fighter and Star Destroyer models that I could fly around virtual world. It was great fun hovering a Star Destroyer over various real world landmarks and taking screenshots!

      5. Yes, before the internet I could t “google” if it was possible in X-Wing to fly imperial craft. But I always held out hope that I could fly a ti-fighter. It wasn’t possible in the original. But i share your passion for flight!

      6. Hi again, I grew up in “Bomber County” on the east coast of the UK and was surrounded by RAF Air force bases and aircraft. I had English Electric Lightning interceptors, F-4 Phantoms, Vampires and A-10 Warthogs buzzing around overhead daily. It also helped that my uncle was an RAF Firefighter so I got to go to some cool air shows as a kid (some not open to the general public). When Star Wars became a thing too I was just drawn to the flying aspect (well all of SW to be fair).
        Sites like Simviation were great for getting downloadable add-ons for Flight Sim and they had the SW spaceships.

    1. Hello Resa, that’s so nice of you to say. I am proud of this vehicle design as it made me feel as if I was looking at an in canon/official model (even if it isn’t).
      Funnily, while I was watching TV yesterday a new show started called Lego Masters Australia and the episode was a Star Wars themed one and the contestants had to build Star Wars inspired spaceships (using real bricks) and I’d like to think my models might have had a chance of winning if I was on the show!
      And regards Artoo, I always need a droid around to keep me company! This is my little friend “dROYd”

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