A LEGO “Mando Infiltrator” MOC (My Own Creation) ….or is it? Inspired by Johnson Ting’s Artwork

Hello Everybody and welcome back to today’s second post! And this one is another that has a twist in it’s tale! As you will know if you’re a regular viewer that I discovered the Lego Digital Designer (aka LDD for short) application last year and decided to give it a try. I like messing with building bricks almost as much as messing with sabers but I don’t have the money or space to indulge in buying/displaying Lego toys….but with the Digital Designer I was able to recreate real official sets and create my own bespoke creations. Well, I posted pic of my Lego Jedi Interceptor that I built in LDD on the Ultrasabers’ fan forum as a few members there are avid Lego fans. One particular member named The Dutchman was writing a fan-fiction story and had an idea for a Mandalorian “Infiltrator” spaceship and posed the question if I could make a ship in Lego. He sent me a picture of what he had in mind. This picture:

The “Inspiration” for this build.

My friend described this to me as if it were an obscure design from an old Star Wars computer game that he wanted to “re-purpose” as the ship for his story’s character. I saw the image and liked the design immediately but thought it might be difficult to replicate in building bricks….but you know me I like a challenge! So I set to work and got carried away – within an hour I had already built the main base shape for the ship and I sent pictures to my friend. These were the first builds….

Not bad for noob brick builder! I managed to get the cockpit modelled, the hanging engine pods on the wingtips, the sloped rear cargo door….even the “Droid Sensor Probes” ejection bay on top of the fuselage. My friend was ecstatic with the model and wanted to use it for his story as planned. He asked if I could render some more images for his story but I needed to polish the model a bit and make the model appear “smoother” by adding tiles that didn’t have Lego Studs on to streamline the ship. To do this I wanted a few more reference images. I couldn’t find any reference to this ship on any website relating to Star Wars which I found strange, but then I saw a small thumbnail image of a “Dropship Design” and clicked on it. The link led me to an Artstation style website that stores images and the picture I found there had another link written on it. I again followed the link and discovered that this ship was created by a highly talented person named Johnson Ting, a graphic designer that produces concept art for games such as “Destiny 2” and “Gears of War”!

Anyhow I had modelled the ship in Lego form and I refined my model by adding the smooth tiles and I added a few “Play Features” too. So here is a gallery of my model…

You can see I modified my original model’s cockpit by enlarging it to fit a Lego Mini-Figure, I repositioned the sensor launch bay slightly to smooth the ship’s lines and added many little details like lights and door control panels (using printed tiles) . I made the “play features” by adding opening storage lockers into the engine and cargo pods, the cargo ramp/door hinges open/closed and inside I made a small levitating cargo trolley that slides inside the cargo bay (on a set of rails built into the walls of the interior!)

On the underside of the ship I added a set of folding undercarriage but unfortunately I just realised the picture I have above shows an early version of the model..D’oh! But the landing struts are there as you can see in Picture 2 of the first gallery. You can see the Droid Sensor bay and the opening cargo pod lockers much clearer in this gallery.

All in all, I didn’t think this was too shabby considering it was the second ship I had modelled and this one had no instructions (I recreated Lego’s Jedi Interceptor from downloaded PDF instructions found on Lego’s website). So I don’t know if this counts as “My Own Creation” or not as Johnson Ting originally drew up this fantastic spaceship in….2012! He states on his website that he didn’t think they were very good…what? I think I can claim the Lego Model variant as my work but it wouldn’t have been possible without Mr Ting’s wonderful artwork first. Maybe he will let me share the design? I will leave a link to Mr Ting’s website which has a portfolio crammed with images from his various projects. The link to his site is: https://johnsonting.art/

Today has been a busy posting day for me (two posts you lucky people) and it’s getting to the point where I have to end, but first my thanks and farewells. To Mr Ting, thank you so much for designing such an awesome ship, I really thought it was from a Star Wars game so it fooled me – for a while till I discovered your site. And to all of you my viewers/readers/visitors…thank you also for taking time to check out my Lego Creation today. I hope you like it and will also check out Mr Ting’s site. For me I have more to show in upcoming posts including some “Speeder Bike” designs inspired by The Mandalorian show and a new saber for the most famous Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars Galaxy! Remember whether you are a first timer on FTSabersite or a regular caller, you’re much appreciated….Till next time…..one final farewell….

RIP Marvin (Michael) Lee Aday Meatloaf – You took us to Hell and Back and we thank you for it.

“Lego Mando Infiltrator” is a For Tyeth Editions Lego build inspired by the artwork and design created by Johnson Ting. His artwork and concept are ©Copyright 2012 and can be found on his website (link in post above). The Lego model and renders are the work of For Tyeth/FTSabersite and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022.

6 thoughts on “A LEGO “Mando Infiltrator” MOC (My Own Creation) ….or is it? Inspired by Johnson Ting’s Artwork”

    1. Hello EF, I can’t believe Mr Ting felt this ship wasn’t any good, I mean it has all the sort of details and features you’d want in a ship like this. The Lego version did seem to build itself but that was down to identifying how to build and attach the pods/engine nacelles. Once I had those the rest fitted in logically (the hardest part was again dealing with a small laptop screen and the large amount of parts the builder has on display that I have to sort through!) Thanks as always.

    1. Hello again, I think with the amount of publicity and coverage about “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett” on Disney+ and other networks there can’t be many people who haven’t heard of Mandalorians.
      Regards the Infiltrator model, it was such a solid design from Johnson it made my job easier. Again, only having a small laptop to work on I find it hard to pick out all the corresponding Lego parts that fit together from the huge collection available.
      So glad you like the models I’ve done so far and stay tuned because I have some “hoverbike” and “Speeder” models coming in a future post (and they are all totally original this time!)

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