“Regnant C.K.” A bit of spinning bling for Saber Queen Carly King

Hello Everybody and welcome to the first post of 2022 (not counting the 2021 Review last week!) I have to say that I have not quite been 100% this past 7 days as I had my Covid booster jab and felt a bit drained (nothing serious, I just felt I had no energy or enthusiasm to do anything). But luckily I had been working on something which I can post today. I had before Christmas, been watching a few videos on social media from the “Lightsaber Experts” and came across a young lady that is well known as a TikTok creator and lightsaber spinner. I watched a few demos and reviews and in one vid the lady mentioned the colour of saber she liked best and the style of hilt for spinning. Well, I realised that I had a design I could modify and make into the perfect spinning blade for her. I also put a small animation together to show it off. Here is Regnant C.K….

The young lady is named Carly King which is kinda regal and I reworked a recent design I made for Darth Krall into a “spinning” hilt…oh and I added a little personalisation “bling” to it. The Darth Krall hilt was ostentatious but had a much more angular shaped “neck” area on the hilt between the blade emitter and the activation switch, however I cut this section out and replaced it with a contoured/fluted neck which smoothed the lines giving a nice “choke point”. The choke point is vital when spinning a hilt, it needs to be comfy but still provide a secure grip. This also resulted in the saber having a more elegant flow to it’s lines. Here is a selection of pictures in gallery one….

You can clearly see the contoured neck between the windowed emitter and the switch. This area is where the thumb and forefinger wrap around and the wider emitter and switch prevent the saber from sliding up or down in your grip. If you tried that with the Krall version it would hurt as the neck is squared off as seen here…

You could grip here but as I say the contoured neck is much more comfortable. The Regnant C.K. also has a few dark accent parts to break up the gold but I retained the scroll etching which compliments the new pommel endcap. Here’s gallery two to showcase those details…

The pommel endcap is embossed and etched with a stylised crown logo and Carly’s initials. The crown doesn’t indicate King but refers to a Queen, as Carly has been called the Queen of Spinning by some people on the net. And the definition for the name of the saber, Regnant, refers to a reigning female monarch – the “Queen Regnant” and the initials C.K – Carly King!

Now I mentioned in one of her videos Carly told us what her favourite colour blade was…well actually she mentioned three colours (very indecisive!) but I am nothing if not accommodating so I modelled three hilts, one in each colour she picked…

To finish I will include the two short fly-around 360degree video clips I edited together so you can watch them separately…

I think that just about covers everything. But I will leave a few links to Carly’s YouTube channel and it’s About Me/Links pages so you can check out her content.

Carly King YouTube Channel Home: https://www.youtube.com/c/carlyking

Carly’s About Me/Links page: https://www.youtube.com/c/carlyking/about

I will be keeping an eye on her channel and Discord server because I believe Carly might be planning a Star Wars cookery series too – I suggested calling it “Cosmic Cooking with Carly King” ! But for now I have to end this post. As always thank you so much for checking this post out, I hope you enjoyed it and if you’re new around here then hopefully you’ll return to see future designs and content. To my regulars, thanks for sticking around, Till next time….

“Regnant C.K.” is a For Tyeth Editions design. It was designed, modelled and rendered in Blender 3D by For Tyeth/FTSabersite and all models, videos and images are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022.

12 thoughts on ““Regnant C.K.” A bit of spinning bling for Saber Queen Carly King”

    1. Hello EF and Happy New Year! Fortunately I had a stash of Electrum handy so it didn’t cost me that much…and Blender 3D’s software is free of charge to own! I hoped to make this hilt look a bit exclusive.

      1. Yes, but this hilt will remain unavailable till I get a 3D printer. However now I have my Jedi costume assembled that is one expense I don’t have to worry about so I might try and save for a printer this year.

    1. Hi TVTA, sorry to hear you’ve been hit by the booster jab. I had mine a week ago and about the worse symptoms I had was severe lethargy- you know like that feeling you get with Flu where you feel “hollow” and have no energy and movement’s feel like slow motion. But I am on a long term course of Chemotherapy so I can kinda cope with any illness because the chemo either kills or covers up symptoms.
      Thanks for the comment on the saber post….and I hope 2022 continues getting better! Now get some rest if you can ok?

      1. Well I’m glad there’s a little bit of an improvement in your condition. I still have a bit of the lethargic feeling but I’m not sure if that’s down to my mental state – I’ve had a “bad motivator” recently and found getting enthusiastic about stuff difficult. Hopefully I should b getting those new blasters I’ve mentioned so I can do some fun target shooting (I have the Nerf digital dartboard style target). Anyhoo keep getting stronger mate ok!

      2. Thanks FT. I think yesterday (Sat) was the first day since the vaccine (last Mon) I have felt alive again. Today lots better too. Hope you get better fast, and your new blasters come so you can get some target shooting in!
        My new stylus for the turntable arrived yesterday, but still haven’t had time to set it up so I can give those 7inch vinyl records I found a blast. Probably be tomorrow now.

      3. Even better news that you have finally emerged from your own “Zombie Apocalypse”. It took me about 3 days for the aches to ease but the tiredness took a few days more – but the tired feeling could have been my medication for my skin condition. I don’t sleep well at the best of times.
        I haven’t bought a stylus in over 20 years! The last ones I bought were for a par of Technics 1200 turntables belonging to the music workshop I used to teach at.
        Regards my blasters, I am still gonna have to wait as Mrs T said she would bring them back when she next comes home to visit. If I went out to her mother’s it would entail a bus journey, then a two leg train journey taking over three hours and costing over £20 – and then I would have to return home the same day. It wouldn’t be worth it, so I’ll wait as well!

  1. It’s a gorgeous saber!
    She must be thrilled.
    I adore the scroll etching.
    Star Wars cooking? Interesting.
    How about Sauteing With Sabers?
    Could one actually cook with a saber? Boil water? Fry? etc.

    1. Hi Resa, thank you so much, I’m kinda proud how it worked out with the etching – unfortunately, even though I did manage to contact her via the Twitch streaming platform I don’t know if she has seen it yet – these YT creators seem very busy.
      Regards cooking with a saber, it is technically possible as a lightsaber blade is made of a mass of plasma contained in an electrical force field. The blade is not hot outside the dimensions of the containment field but if something passes through the field boundary the super heated plasma within would cook objects.
      To prove this, the villain in the recent movies with a three bladed saber held the saber close to Daisy Ridley’s character’s face but caused no injury (the blade was 2-3 inches away from her cheek) BUT Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) burnt a hole through a metal armoured door with his saber blade in The Phantom Menace film. Qui-Gon pierced the door so that it was inside the blade’s containment field allowing the plasma to contact the metal door and heat it up.
      And in “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” Trillian had a lightsaber bladed knife which she used to slice a loaf of bread…and she ended up with toasted bread! You can see it here: https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2017/06/07/trillians-toaster-lightsaber-knife/

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