For Tyeth’s Review of 2021 and Here’s to Something New in 2022!

Hello there and well done if you are still with me! This is the last month and I just kept going. I got to watch a new Star Wars animation series called “Star Wars: Visions” which is a 9 episode series of Anime inspired and styled Star Wars stories created by some big Anime studios. The animations were visually stunning and very different to the world of SW that we are used to. Unfortunately a lot of the characters already had sabers, but in one episode titled “Tatooine Rhapsody” a young fallen Jedi hopefully becomes the singer in a band on Tatooine. His lightsaber is damaged and he modifies it to make a microphone – well I modelled a replica of his hilt before it was damaged. Next I continued playing with the Lego digital builder and created a “playset” inspired by the watery home planet of the Bad Batch clone characters and it’s capitol city namely Tipoca City”. It has barracks for the Batch, an apartment for Jango Fett the Bounty Hunter that battled Obi-Wan Kenobi and even has the landing pads where they fought. Finally in Blender 3D I felt it was time to model my own version of the Mandalorian “Darksaber” the now iconic “katana-esque” weapon with the black blade with white edging seen in The Clone Wars and Mandalorian TV shows.

I closed out December by posting my usual Christmas/Holiday Seasons greeting s card, which I produced in Blender 3D.

It features various lightsaber models I have built and two new hilts that will feature next year….er I mean this year… it’s now January 1st!

Happy New Year!

Yes indeed happy new year and I have to say an enormous thank you for reading this far and for ALL the fantastic support and interest you have shown me and my site. It really has helped distract me from some of life’s other real situations and given me something positive to concentrate on. Whether this is your first visit to FTSabersite or if you are a veteran visitor I do appreciate each and every one of you. I thought I had had a quiet and curtailed year this past 12 months but this post has surprised me with just how much I achieved. I hope to continue this productive streak and sincerely hope you all return to see more. I hope 2022 is a better year for all of us, thanks again and Till next time….!

All “For Tyeth Editions” designs and images shown here are produced by For Tyeth and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022. All Star Wars images, names, logos and realted material are Trademark and ©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

8 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s Review of 2021 and Here’s to Something New in 2022!”

  1. Inspired post, FT! The galleries are fun to peruse. I feel like 2021 saw the most Variety of FT creation yet. You have transposed your saber design skills to model vehicles, structures, microphones and such, which is very exciting. Cheers to another year of fantastic artistry my friend🍻🙂 I can’t wait to see your 2022 manifestations.

    1. Hello EF and may I wish you and your folks a Happy New Year, I hope it’s bigger and better than last year!
      2021 certainly expanded my portfolio as you say. I think I may have been on verge of becoming “stale” and about to suffer designer’s block but because of lockdowns and restrictions I was nudged to explore other avenues and hobbies that I might have never considered and that led to new inspiration. Nerf blasters, Lego and even Cosplaying…I never thought I’d ever be so extrovert! Here’s to a productive 2022 for us both. Thanks for your support and friendship.

      1. We sure are lucky to have our creativity during lockdowns. But we still need the real world. I fear extraverting, but it’s essential to my creativity – Like the Kyber crystal for a lightsaber – you have to go out and harvest it. The crystal is a real-world experience. Take the experience back to your studio and the construction can begin. It’s awesome that you nurture your extraverted side by interacting with other creators and cosplay and stuff like that. And you do incorporate that into your designs.

    1. Hello there TVTA, I know you said you were going to be busy during the holidays but I really hope you got a day or two o share with the family. It is weird that a Pandemic turned out to be a stimulus to me branching out to new areas of the Star Wars hobby/culture – but it has been fun also. In fact I may be partaking in some “arms deals” to get more Nerf blasters which I hope to modify this year (now getting out and about to buy parts is a little easier!). But that will have to wait till after my booster jab tomorrow🤔. Anyhoo, I really hope you also have a great 2022 and I look forward to more of your Six Sentence Stories (like what’s happening with Thomas now?…oh the suspense…).

      1. Cheers FT. I manged to have a nice meal Christmas Eve and New Years Eve but other than that it was 13 hour shifts. I had 2 days off in between when I went surprise record shopping (see my newest post).
        Yeah, it was good you branched out during the pandemic, but still had that keen eye on all things Star Wars (as we must do, ay? 😎).
        Yikes, I too have my booster jab incoming… good luck.

  2. Happy New Year!
    Wow, you sure put a lot into this post. Excellent!
    Almost took a year to read it. YOU KNOW I”M KIDDING! 😂
    Effin Covid.
    We are in another lock down…stage 2.
    Looking forward to what you come up with this year.
    Take care!

    1. Hello Resa and Happy New Year to you also! Thanks so much and I’m glad you enjoyed the marathon post. I found that somewhere in the mess of 2021 I had actually accomplished quite a bit – and I was pleasantly surprised.
      Sorry to hear about the restrictions thrown up in your neighbourhood, I just had my third dose of vaccine and just received a PCR test kit from the “Government” for when I get symptoms of Covid. That I have to say is some confidence by the Gov to say I WILL get the virus rather than “Oh we just sent you this in case you need one…hopefully you don’t!” It’s almost as if they’ve given up on battling it. Oh well.
      Thanks again and I will strive to keep up the good work this year!

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