Merry Christmas from For Tyeth

Hello Everybody, as I type this the time has just run into Christmas Eve so may I wish you all a happy holiday season however you choose to observe it. This year has been hectic and chaotic…and this past month an interesting one for me. I’ve been extremely busy with some personal issues so I nearly didn’t get to make a card for you all this year. However I managed and here it is….

I’d like to thank all of you for the fantastic support and friendship you have shown me and this site, it really does mean a lot. It keeps me building and designing and at this time of year, makes me feel grateful.

This card has some old special hilts I’ve built (the new and old Graflex sabers) and there are four newer designs. And I really went to town with this card to make it look a bit more realistic…because it is in fact fully 3 dimensional….as this picture shows I set up a full “photoshoot” !

Behind The Scenes of FT’s Card

I am now going to set to work on a retrospective post of the past year, which should be interesting (unfortunately I didn’t do much adventuring but there should still be some highlights!).

So enjoy the rest of the holiday season, stay safe and take care of your nearest and dearest…thank you all once again for all you have given me and Till next time…..(New Years’ Eve)…..

For Tyeth/FTSabersite’s Christmas Card 2021 was created by For Tyeth and the 3D models are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021.

16 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from For Tyeth”

    1. Hello Tina, thanks and I sincerely hope you and your folks have a great time over the festive period…plenty of good food, fun and Star Wars books, films and goodies!

    1. Thank you TVTA (WOOOF! and all!) May you also have a happy and peaceful holiday (and thanks for everything you do at your work – you are the type of Hero we need!)

    1. Hello Neo, I hope you got to make some of those cakes and muffins etc you posted and get to enjoy a few with your nearest and dearest this Xmas. To the Trinarty family, happy holidays and here’s to a better 2022l

    1. Hi Julie, you’ll be pleased to know I managed a full roast turkey dinner and a Brandy laced Christmas pudding with cream! I didn’t have anything to unbox on the day as I had already received my new llightsaber about a month ago (I got the saber as a combined birthday and Xmas gift ) But I still had a relaxing day.

      1. Good to hear! We had a similar day with everyone feeling pretty happy about not working for the next week and a bit lol. Glad you had a good one FT 🙂

  1. It is impressive to be able to design your work saber-works. I’d keep the very best ones for myself and sell the rest of them online. Why not make a little flash cash for yourself while indulging in a hobby that gives you pleasure? (It would be funny if you met your future wife online while dickering over the price of a saber you made.)

    — Catxman

    1. Hello Catxman, thanks for the kid words. I have looked into the possibilty of selling some of my designs, the problem is I’m not an engineer or machinist so my designs lack the technical details that would be needed to manufacture them. I have considered getting a 3D printer to produce small replicas of hilts that are printable – that may be my next major purchase. But regarding a future wife….I have already met and wed Mrs Tyeth!
      Again thanks and I’m in the process of checking out more of your posts (I just read Star Wars vs Star Trek- the Star Wars Song).

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