“Tipoca” – A My Own Creation Lego Playset based on Kamino’s Capitol City

Hello Everybody, today I return to the wonderful world of brick building and to the watery world of Kamino! Whilst watching The Bad Batch I was inpsired to design the collection of sabers for Hunter and the rest of Clone Force 99, but it was also around this time that I started messing with the Lego Digital Designer software. And this got me thinking. I decided I wanted to try a large model to go with my Theed City streetscape I modelled and I decided to replicate the city on Kamino.

Tipoca City, Kamino. Disney/Lucasfilm.

I must have had a lapse in sanity as Kamino is very distinctive with it’s domed superstructures and oil drilling platform style legs…so I came up with the idea of building the “interiors” as if I had removed the domes. However Tipoca City the capitol of Kamino does have a lot of corridors and platforms so I attempted to replicate those including a few important “locations”. I built a lobby chamber where Obi-Wan is greeted by Taun We and Lama Su and discovers that a “Rupublic Clone Army” has been created. I built a pod to represent the quarters belonging to a certain Bounty Hunter and his famous son….and I included a barracks for a bunch of clones….oh and as if that wasn’t enough I added TWO landing pads similar to the one below!

Tipoca Landing Pad. Disney/Lucasfilm.

OK, so now onto my first gallery….

In these pictures you can see the system I employed to create “pods” for each location and how I used corridors to connect each pod, then on the extremes I added the landing pad locations. You will notice that the model is “skeletal” in that I only built half of the corridors and left sections open in the pod walls. This was to facilitate easier play access should anyone build this (or something along these lines). The pods, corridors and platforms all sit atop large pylon legs, some of which have walkways as seen when Obi-Wan battles the Bounty Hunter and falls off the platform using a grappling hook to save himself. He swings onto these walkways.

So back on top of the model and if you look closely you can see Lama Su and Taun We’s chamber with a table and two suspended chairs…

Lama Su’s lobby with suspended chairs!

whist at the opposite end of the corridor is chamber that looks like a type of medical bay with two “Cloning Pod” cubicles complete with clone patients inside.

Cloning Bay with Incubation pods and controls.

There is an oxygen tank as well as a control panel for the cubicles. At the far extremes of the model are two oblong modules one in white and a second grey coloured section. The white module is the living quarters for the Bounty Hunter and his son, and it even has a Mandalorian helmet and a jetpack in the closet!

The Bounty Hunter’s Quarters at the far end of the platform.

Whilst the grey coloured section is the barracks of, yep you guessed it, Clone Force 99 – The Bad Batch! In this module I included a weapons/equipment rack with blaster rifles and mission backpacks and there is a sleeping bunk with a blaster pistol mounted on the wall beside it.

Venturing to the outside of the model and you can see I added two landing pads. One has Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor sat on it and the second landing pad is empty. I tried to make a model of Bounty HunterJango Fett’s ship but that was a bit complex and existing models by other builders were the wrong scale to fit. But the second landing platform does have a gun turret tower as seen during Kenobi and Jango’s battle scene as the bounty hunter attempted to kill Kenobi and escape with Boba Fett, his son. I think that covers all the locations so I will just post a few more random pics…

The first image in the above gallery was my attempt at being “arty” and I tried to capture an atmospheric picture of Kenobi’s Interceptor looking through the windows of the corridor out to the storm swept landing pad. And that I think is everything included in this model. I may return to this build when I have learnt how to model the domes and add them to the pods.

But I am drawing to a close on this post, as always thank you so much for checking this Lego build out. I might try and build an “Interior Only” model of the Death Star for a future post but I do still have other lightsaber designs waiting to be posted and I may have a glove to display for my good friend The Atomic Mage. If you liked what you see here then if you haven’t already comment, like and maybe subscribe. Please be sure to call back and check out these upcoming posts, the support you show me is fantastic and keeps my working busy! So Till next time…..

“Tipoca” is a For Tyeth LegoForge creation (My Own Creation-MOC) and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “Tipoca City”, “Kamino” and all other Star Wars names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm. “Lego” and “Lego Digital Designer” are Trademarks of the LEGO Corporation.

9 thoughts on ““Tipoca” – A My Own Creation Lego Playset based on Kamino’s Capitol City”

  1. Niiice work!👏🏻Boba’s gonna be a happy little camper🙂 I love the touches you applied to the first pic to get the through-the-glass look on Obi-Wan’s Jedi interceptor. How did you do that mostly? Blur effect? Transparency.

    1. Hi there, Thank you very much. The Lego Digital Designer has a Screenshot function which has two modes – the first mode takes a photo of your model with a choice of four supplied background images whilst the second mode takes a PNG photo of just the model with a transparent/white background. I just imported that PNG into GIMP and added my own background image of the stormy ocean – the windows/glass transparency is just the way Lego parts are set to appear in the builder software. Then the focus and angle I used made it look as if I was inside the model looking out. Glad you enjoyed this one.

      1. It did work out nicer than I thought. I suspected that the Lego glass panels would be transparent but as you’ll know sometimes things don’t always work as well when you import images into other software. This just worked and gave that ghostly/wet look.

    1. Hi TVTA, that Discotheque level was fun especially if you had a character with a rocket/stud launcher – you could fire off your own pyrotechnics! I lost count of the hours I spent on that game too, when I stopped playing I had completed the game 100% and finished the “Hidden Town” level and had around 34 million studs. The secret was using the moisture vaporators/fountain to get large caches of studs.
      p.s. And yes the Kamino Boss level….sorry I couldn’t include Slave 1 in my model but none of the versions would fit (due to scale).

    1. Hello Resa, the city is a the place where the Stormtrooper armies were cloned (and the planet is named Kamino) The clone troopers were created from a sample taken from a Bounty Hunter named Jango Fett. In the movie “Attack of the Clones” you see Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting with Jango Fett on one of the landing pads as Fett attempts to escape with his son Boba Fett – You might have seen adverts for a new show on Disney+ about Boba recently.
      And yes, I had a few boxes of Lego when I was younger. I started with a house build Creator set then later I got some Lego City sets. Now I buy the Speed Champions race car models and of course, Lego Star Wars sets when I can afford them.

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