Thank You to Sabers Crucible and Lord Nick Nitro

Hello Everybody and to Lord Nick Nitro. Today I am giving my thanks once again as the Force has looked upon me favourably and I have won a new saber! And I have Lord Nick Nitro of the YouTube channel Sabers Crucible to thank for the new hilt. Lord Nitro had a Subscriber Milestone giveaway and my name was drawn out as one of two lucky winners. As such I felt I had to come back out of the shadows again to say thank you publicly and let Lord Nitro know it arrived safely….so over to me…..

I think I may be getting slightly better at presenting YouTube videos…but I still don’t think I’ll make a career out of it just yet. Anyhoo, the saber is a fantastic little hilt that is very sleek, slim and extremely light, named the Kyojin (or “Little Giant” when translated). The name is an in-joke with lightsaber owners as the saber is small yet referred to as a Giant. It comes with 3 sets of basic sounds, has flash on clash effects and blaster deflect functions or you can switch the saber to mute mode so you can practice late at night without disturbing your neighbours!

Those are my colours!

Lord Nitro had two of these hilts to give away, the one I received was as you can see very much a Lightside version in silver with a green blade. Lord Nitro informed me when I emailed him that he thought I’d appreciate the green blade. However I would have been happy with the other blade had I been sent that one, as it was a black handled hilt with a red blade – very Sith like – and Mrs Tyeth would have claimed that one,

Black, Silver and Gold.

I also wanted to apologise to Lord Nitro that it took me a while to respond saying I had received the hilt but unfortunately the delivery driver for the parcel company in the UK that took carriage of the saber allegedly made TWO attempts to deliver my package. However I was in my home and had the door access intercom on and nobody came to my door. The driver saw I was in a block of flats and decided, “Nah….can’t be bothered going up there!” and took it back with him. I arranged to pick the parcel up myself from a Post Office and even then the driver left it at the wrong branch! Luckily it was a branch nearer to my home so I walked down to collect it. Anyhoo moans about the delivery company aside, I love this little gem of a hilt and I have two more pictures to share…

Lord Nitro runs his own corner of YouTube and has a channel named Sabers Crucible which you can find here:

On this channel Lord Nitro takes custom lightsabers and puts them through a rigorous testing process in “The Crucible” and includes tests to see what amount of impact a saber can take on various critical parts of the hilt and blade. He does this so people watching can make informed choices of which saber is suitable for their needs – without having to find out the hard way and damage a newly purchased item themselves. And I can say some of the test results are spectacular with bits of sabers being launched into the surrounding garden and probably neighbourhood! So please take a moment or two to check Lord Nitro’s channel out and leave a comment or two, click the like buttons and hit subscribe to get notifications of new videos – it will help grow his channel – as will telling your friends about the Crucible.

Finally, I just want to say that Lord Nitro, you are a champion in the Crucible and in the saber community. You are very generous and I appreciate the new hilt, it will have a good home here in For Tyeth Towers. May the Force Be With You.

I will be back next week with much more, including a new Star Wars “Visions” inspired hilt so please call back to see that and future posts. Thanks for visiting today and as always Till next time…..

11 thoughts on “Thank You to Sabers Crucible and Lord Nick Nitro”

    1. Hi Neo, that’s kind of you to say. My coming out of the shadows I don’t think is going to be a regular thing in future, just now and then when something big happens and I need/want to publicly thank someone. I did in the past enjoy anonymity but I discovered a YouTube video of a Comic Con I attended and found that appeared in the background of an interview that was being conducted. I was totally unaware any filming was happening….until 2 years later when I saw the video and I walk across the back of the screen – so my likeness is already out there.
      But thanking Lord Nitro was warranted. Hope you are well.

  1. Ahhh this is amazing! CONGRATULATIONS for winning FT 🙂 I am sure you felt like your Christmas had come early this year 😂😁 as I would have too! Super happy for you buddy 🙂

    1. Hello there, It does seem like the Force has been really kind to me this past couple of months. First I get Babu Frik to add to my Star Wars collection but then my name is drawn out as a winner for this little saber. It really is a nice hilt for practicing with as it is extremely lightweight and balanced perfectly so it is great to do fancy spins with. And of course I really have Lord Nitro to thank for the saber, he is a great member of the saber community. His YouTube channel is informative, entertaining and really tests sabers to see which are “duel worthy” and tough for “simulated combat” and those that will spectacularly fail (sometimes dangerously). Thanks again.

    1. Hi TVTA, yes my streak of fortune has lasted longer than I expected. The saber has come in quite handy already and kept me entertained whilst I wait for word on my saber I had to send back for repairs. Hopefully I will get news on that sometime this week.

  2. Congrats, Tyeth!
    You are on a winning streak.
    I like the light this saber emits. It’s so cool!
    Have fun, and take care!!!!
    I see the Force is with you!

    1. Hello again, it has been a good 2-3 months for me I have to say. The green blade of this saber is awesome because it feels so light and agile I can use it for long periods of time without tiring. Lord Nitro could have sent me a red bladed saber with a black handgrip but he thought I’d appreciate the “Good Guys” green version. Thanks again.

    1. Hi EF, yes indeed another green blade. In fact the five sabers that I now own can all show a green blade – 2 hilts have dedicated green LEDs and then I have 3 hilts with colour changing RGB LEDs). At the rate I am acquiring hilts I think I should be called General Grievous!

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