Babu Frik’s Torch Saber – Babu’s welding Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, today I am very busy dealing with parcels arriving and departing, new sabers, editing a new video….but with all that going on I still managed to design a new saber for my new friend Babu Frik! Today I will share that with you all. You will recall a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be named the winner of a giveaway draw held by Darth Rage on YouTube….well I won a Babu Frick talking plush toy. There was only one problem, Babu likes to tinker with droids and machinery and…I discovered he likes messing with sabers too.

He was eyeing up my collection so I had to do something to stop him wanting to mess with my sabers so I designed a hilt for him. You might just be able to see something orange protruding from the box Babu is sat in – that is his welding torch/soldering gun he uses to do electronic work on droids.

Babu’s Welding Torch/Soldering Gun

I saw this and had a “Light Bulb” moment…that would make a neat curved lightsaber handle! And if I combined the functions of a saber with the functions of his tool he’d have an awesome lightsaber – and might leave mine alone. OK, so I had best show you what I came up with, here is Babu Frik’s Torch Saber…

This is a lightsaber Multitool! It features welding and soldering functions combined with a lightsaber blade all in a nice curved handgrip…it is in his colour scheme and I even added his name on it (he’s so possessive of his tools and toys I thought it best to put his name on it so nobody tries claiming it!)

Onto the features of the hilt, I had to reshape the nozzle slightly to accommodate a blade socket but hopefully it doesn’t change the shape/profile of the saber too much. Next is the copper/orange powder coated banding I added – Babu likes browns and orange and I thought orange would pop on this hilt. His name is embossed onto each side of the emitter and leads down to a nice curved section that really identifies this as Babu’s tool. Below the curved neck, there is the trigger activation switch and in the next pictures you can see I even added hex head topped screws to hold the trigger in place!

These pictures just show a few of the detailing elements I added (as the actual toy part is just a smooth part with no real details except the tip is orange). As mentioned you can see the screws holding the trigger on, then the colour banding on the emitter to identify this as Babu’s property. The last two images show the pommel and the “Control Matrix” – a series of small black buttons that control all the functions of this multitool saber. I really hope Babu likes this saber and leaves mine alone in future!

I am nearing the end of this post but I do have news, some good and some unfortunate. The unfortunate news is that one of my real life replicas has had an issue and needs repair but the good news is that it is en route to be given some TLC and hopefully I’ll have a fully functioning saber again when it is returned (and boy, was organising a courier to transport it a pain!). In even better news though I have received the parcel I mentioned I was waiting for last week and I have a FIFTH saber to add to my collection….all thanks to a YouTube creator named Lord “Nick” Nitro from SabersCrucible. I was one of two fortunate winners of a new saber in a Subscriber Giveaway Lord Nitro held, and it arrived. I will chat more about it next post and there will be pics and maybe another quick video!

So that’s about it…thank you so much for checking Babu Frik’s Torch Saber out, I hope you all like it as much as Babu seems to. I have much more to showcase including more sabers (real custom sabers and my digital designs) along with more LEGO creations, more costuming news (hopefully) and anything else that pops up in future. I sincerely hope you’ll all return to see these upcoming posts. Your support is fantastic and keeps me creating.. So thanks again and Till next time…..

“Babu Frik’s Torch Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design modelled and rendered in Blender 3D. The design and renders are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “Babu Frik” is a character from the Disney/Lucasfilm movie “The Rise of Skywalker” and is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

12 thoughts on “Babu Frik’s Torch Saber – Babu’s welding Lightsaber”

  1. Frickin’ cool! That’s a neat idea to adapt the welding/soldering tool into a saber for him. Should keep him happy and busy for a while. Congrats on getting a few things sorted parcel-wise your end, same here we finally got our parcels at long last! And look forward to the new goodie you won recently (you’re on a lucky streak eh FT).
    Sending you a mail soon re: the ideas we chatted about.
    Happy weekend 😎

    1. Hello Mage, Babu seems to be happy with his new Saber Torch, he’s usually happy-go-lucky but gets bored after a while if/when he has explored an object and tinkered with it to the limits. That’s when he likes new toys!
      And I have received the updated intel and fortunately I had held back starting work (as you know I’ve been quite busy playing the part of a postal worker) The changes won’t be a problem. And I hope you enjoy the remains of your weekend too!

    1. That was one of the things that caught my imagination. I was surprised how similar the Dooku hilt and the Torch (in the movie) were to each other.
      It felt like I was Roger Christian (the prop designer of the Graflex Luke Skywalker saber) building a prop from an everyday item.

    1. Hello, I say “won” and I placed the term in parentheses as Lord Nitro held the giveaway by collating all the names of his subscribers and using a random name picker to choose two from the people who commented on his video. However there was only TWO eligible entrants – so we both got a saber each!
      And it is because of the low numbers that I ask folks to check “Sabers Crucible” out on YouTube when you have a moment – Nick is very entertaining and informative – he tests sabers to destruction so folks can make informed decisions on what to buy.
      He also has two funny “Co-Presenters” in the shape of two Cockatoo/Love Birds that regularly interrupt him!

      1. As my dad would be inclined to say, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” You won because you took the shot😀 And supported what sounds like a great youtube channel. I’ll check Nick out🦤🦤

      2. Thanks and much appreciated! Nick is a great character when I say he tests to destruction he really does – check out his video testing the “Crimson Dawn Talon” all I can say about it is YIKES!

  2. What a hoot!
    Congrats on winning a Babu Frik, and designing a saber for him. LOL!
    Now I feel like making another gown for my Barbie!
    Be well!

    1. Hello Resa, thanks so much….it was a surprise hearing my name announced in Darth Rage’s YouTube video. As I mentioned I had only just received the notification bell from YouTube that the draw was about to take place and as I clicked to watch my name came out of the slips of paper. Babu is such a character and at least once a day I’ll activate his voice chip to hear him “chat” with me. And his eyes are amazingly realistic and follow you round the room.
      But it turns out my fortune didn’t run out after winning Babu….I later won another prize in the shape of a new saber!
      Thanks for checking this out and I hope you too stay safe and well (considering the recent new variant etc).

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