Krall – A Saber for a Sith

Hello Everybody and welcome to another new saber showcase. Not only do I have a new saber to show you all today but I can hint at some awesome news I have gotten this week…the sound of tiny feet may soon be echoing around For Tyeth Towers (aka my cave!). However it’s not quite what you might expect but more on that in possibly a week or two’s time when things are finalized. Back to today and I have a saber for a new character that has appeared in Marvel Comics by the name of Darth Krall. I haven’t been able to find much information about this guy except that he was one of the famous “Lost Twenty”, a group of fallen Jedi that turned to the Dark Side and are immortalised in statue form in the great Jedi Library on Coruscant. You might have seen their bronze bust sculptures in the background during Attack of the Clones when Obi-Wan visited the library looking for information about Kamino. Here is a picture from the comic book cover of Darth Krall…

As I mention I couldn’t find much info about this person and I don’t have the comic but I do know his former name when he was a Force Sensitive affiliated to the Jedi was Radaki. He believed that Jedi should be allowed to retain their wealth and family relationships upon passing their trials – but this was against the beliefs of the Jedi Order and code of having no attachments. He fell out of the Order and became a Sith follower. And as you can see from the picture he was intimidating and had a very ornate golden coloured lightsaber. It was this saber I tried to recreate so here is my design…. Krall….

I think this saber would class as being ostentatiously ornate – very much unlike the humble designs usually adopted by the Jedi. The hilt is probably made of Electrum, the same material that Master Mace Windu adorned his hilt with (which upset a lot of the sitting Jedi members at the time). This saber has a slanted and windowed emitter seated on a slender silver thin neck choke point section (which helps gripping the hilt). The handgrip features fluted ribs with ornate scrollwork etching at either end and followed by a slightly wider silver power pack section with a decorated pommel end cap. Time for a few close up detail pictures, onto Gallery Two!….

I again made use of the Blender3D function that allows me to replicate embossed/etched textures and applied a complex Celtic style border around the hilt grip and switch section which has an illuminated switch with a delicate bezel ring with a claw setting to hold the jewel button (I have been watching a lot of jewellery auction shows on television recently and am picking up design ideas from these jewellers). The emitter is circled by a ring of tiny but elegant windows that allow just enough of the red blade to shine through. Now finally I will showcase the pommel and it’s decoration….Gallery Three!….

The pommel cap is adorned with a centrally positioned Sith Order emblem and I placed further copies around the edges which formed a sort of web look. I made the metal of the cap appear darker as if it were some medallion that had been set into the pommel. The final image shows the Sith Order logo representing a “Black Sun”. Oh yes, and there is a D-Ring belt loop to hang the saber from Krall’s utility belt.

And once more that just about wraps this design up. It was fun trying to build a saber based off just that one single image I showed above, all I could see was an emitter and part of the pommel! I think I did ok.

I am now getting really excited about the new addition to the For Tyeth Family…hopefully I can let you all in on the joyous event in the very near future…but in the meantime I should have some more designs from The Mandalorian and I will be working on a new set of hilts from the newly released series of Star Wars cartoon/anime shows known as “Visions” which have been produced by several large Manga/Anime studios and give the Star Wars universe a whole new artistically gorgeous look. I hope you will return to check all this out in future posts. But as always thanks so much for visiting today it is much appreciated (and to the viewer from Hungary thank you for boosting my views on the 17th – you viewed over 100 items just by yourself!). Whether you are a regular viewer or a newcomer to FTSabersite….MTFBWY and Till next time….

“Droid memory go blank……Blank! Blank!”………Shhh! Not yet…..secret!

“Krall – A Saber for a Sith” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by the character Darth Krall who appears in Marvel’s Star Wars comics. The 3D design, model and renders were created in Blender 3D by For Tyeth and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “Star Wars” and all other names, images, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm ltd.

9 thoughts on “Krall – A Saber for a Sith”

  1. Hi FT. I don’t know this character but love the design you made! The Celtic style lattice scroll work is exquisite. As for the patter of tiny feet… I’m guessing a cat rather than a youngling Jedi sprog? No shooting Nerf darts at it lol, otherwise Wooof over at TVTA will confiscate your ammo via some obscure cat protection league mind powers!! 🙂 😸

    1. Hello Mage, yes this is a relatively new and as yet unknown character. He was first mentioned in the audiobook “Dooku: Jedi Lost” and then appeared in Marvel’s comic “The High Republic” Issue 7.
      And Wooof can rest assured that all cats and small creatures are safe, my new arrival will be coming from the planet Kajimi (via Alabama) How’s that for cryptic! Glad you liked the design, I am getting the hang of adding etching now as I learnt how to orientate and map the graphics used to mark out the carvings. Thanks as always.

  2. This is a gorgeous saber!
    Not that I know what Sith is, but I do know a bit of Madalorian.
    LOL, I hope your upcoming design has something to do with the 1 ep. I watched.
    Looking forward to the joyous event!

    1. Hi again, The Sith were/are a faction of Force sensitive people that are the “enemy” of the Jedi. A group of Jedi became disillusioned with the Jedi philosophy and started their own cult. The group expanded over millennia but their lust for power caused the group to have endless in-fighting to decide who was the Master. The group fractured into smaller sects and a “civil war” broke out. Eventually one Sith follower named Darth Bane devised a plot which wiped out all but himself and a young girl he took on as an apprentice. This ensured that the Master taught all he knew to the apprentice who then killed their teacher. This was known as the “Rule of Two” -the Master and the Apprentice – no more, no less. This secret arrangement ensured the Sith continued to grow in strength rather than killing each other in wars. This as I say took thousands of years before Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this saber it was a challenge with the limited source material I had to work with.
      And my new “arrival” is on the way from the USA as we speak!

      1. Tyeth,
        Thanks for the Sith history! As I get to know you and your blog, I feel I am learning all about Star Wars. (and more)
        AH… so, you’re not having a baby!
        Shows you where my mind jumps to!

      2. Hi there Resa, I enjoy passing on the knowledge I have if people want to learn, it is a big tenet of the Jedi Code and lifestyle to pass on what you have learnt to the next generation.
        Ah yes, I’m not having a baby but the new addition to my family/collection is just as cute as a newborn. I have been following the progress of the little one on USPS parcel tracking very excitedly. And as soon as I can I will have photos to share!

  3. waited till I was on my pc, as the phone doesn’t do your images’ justice. I really like this design, all the Celtic style embossed design looks amazing. The colours are good to silver and gold to my eyes.
    I like my weapons to be a bit flashy

    1. Hi Neil, many tens of thousands of years ago in Star Wars the Sith followers were very flashy individuals that flaunted their wealth openly and one way was to have very ornate sabers (unlike the Jedi that had basic humble styled hilts). It was only later when the Jedi started to get the upper hand that Sith sabers became less decorated. The Celtic design whilst not really a Star Wars pattern is an easy to use graphic and does work well with the Blender Displacement texture (engraving) function. I’m glad you like the design but I have to ask am I sensing a little Sith tendency in you? 😟

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