Qui-Gon Jinn Hasbro 50th Lucasfilm Black Series Figure – FT’s Review

Hello Everybody, today I have a slightly shorter post than normal and it is one that I have been meaning to post for about a month but I had quite a few sabers already scheduled before I could publish this one. And today we enter the world of Collectible Action Figurines and in this case the Hasbro Star Wars Black Series. Now in a recent batch of new characters there was one that stood out and caught my attention…and I kinda wanted one. The figure was of course the new 50th Anniversary of Lucasfilm release of Qui-Gon Jinn because I am a big QGJ fan (if you hadn’t guessed!). The figure seemed to me to be expensive because I don’t earn a lot designing sabers but I finally convinced myself I had to get one. The reason being that the figure was SO accurate and looked just like Liam/Qui. Here are a couple of product shots…

The detail on this figure is amazing – beyond amazing. So much so that my camera phone couldn’t handle the awesomeness and glitched hence the reason I am using Hasbro’s pictures. However believe me that my figure I received is just as impressive and exactly as in the promos. It is fully articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, it has double folding knee joints as well as hip and foot/ankle rotation. You can position him in any pose – including the famous kneeling meditation position from the Duel Of Fates scene. The figure comes with a lightsaber with a detachable blade so you can clip the hilt to Qui-Gon’s belt (via a small peg on the hilt which presses into a socket on the belt). Unfortunately this figure doesn’t have a robe but I am going to get a third party one off ETSY I think. But I really can’t fault this figure and it came within a week of ordering it!

So as you can see my camera phone glitched and went haywire, blurring the pictures I had taken 😞. But from these two pics you can see how well it was packaged and how nice the blister pack and card look. It has the “vintage” The Phantom Menace branding with Darth Maul’s image in the corner and a “Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary” insert. Now I just had ONE big problem…I sooo wanted to be able to open the figure and really get a good look at him so, yep you guessed it I went and purchased a second which for me is a huge investment for a “toy”. Anyhoo I ordered a second and it too was perfectly delivered and equally awesome. And this time whilst opening the figure’s packaging I decided to try and get a picture of the new head sculpt which everyone was raving about how good it looked….and something weird happened. Take a look at these next two pictures and you’ll see…

This is how accurate the figure’s head and face is…but did you see the anomaly? Just check the first image again and tell me who that is! The Force is strong with this one!

So to sum up this shortened post I would definitely say these figures were worth the price. I am so happy to have my fave Jedi in my collection (actually I do have two 3.75in Qui-Gon figures but they aren’t quite up to comparison to the Black Series 6in versions). However those 3.75 Qui-Gons were a birthday present Mrs Tyeth got me a few years ago so I cherish all of them.

And look at these figures, Darth Maul vs For Ty – er, Qui-Gon Jinn!

That wraps up this post and I hope you enjoyed what I was able to show you all. Again this figure is superb and has got me thinking about adding a few more Black Series to my collection when I can afford it. Thanks for checking this out and please call back for future posts where I will have more new saber designs including a hilt for the first ever recognised Sith Lords and I’m working on a few Mandalorian designs oh and more LEGO models. I appreciate all your support whether you’re a newcomer or a regular visitor….Till Next Time…..

This was a For Tyeth review of Hasbro’s 50th Anniversary of Lucasfilm Black Series Qui-Gon Jinn 6inch figurine. All official images belong to and are ©Copyright of Hasbro Toys/Disney and Lucasfilm.

14 thoughts on “Qui-Gon Jinn Hasbro 50th Lucasfilm Black Series Figure – FT’s Review”

  1. Hey FT! Yes! You did a review of this which is great because this is an awesome figure 🙂 Lol I did notice the slight “change” in those two images above haha and yes, the force is indeed strong with this one 🤣

    1. Hi Julie, the scary thing is I could have Photoshopped the same effect but that picture is untouched. It was just as I was lining the camera phone, my face reflected over the figure…I couldn’t have done that if I had intentionally tried! Now I just have to save some credits for a Kenobi or a Maul or a…..just more!

    1. Hello Resa, the first image is my reflection on top of the packaging! It happened as I was unboxing the figure I was putting on display. I have been told a lot of times I look like Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon . In fact here was a meme I created the first time I was told about my similarity…

      I have also just finished watching a new animated Anime series called Star Wars Visions and in one episode called “The Elder” one character looked suspiciously like a long haired version of me…he even had a green lightsaber too! 😎

      1. You are in there! You always will be.
        It’s crazy how much you look alike.
        Perhaps it is a long haired you in The Elder.
        Image/idea theft is huge in the arts.

      2. Possibly it’s me but more likely the character in the show is based on footage and archive material from Lucasfilm. But it’s nice to dream it could be me!

  2. Congrats on the Black Series figure, FT! I would def add this one to my own collection in time as a big fan of the BS6inch line! It’s a long and expensive and sometimes slippery slope collecting these 6″ figures, but once you get a few in hand you realise just how much quality is involved in the sculpts, articulation and accessories.

    1. Hi TVTA, I am already vastly impressed by these BS6Inch figures, especially when you compare the original version of Qui-Gon released about 2 years ago to this new 50th Anniversary edition – the head sculpts are light years apart in detail.
      However I have priced up a few other figures and I think it will be a while before I do splash out for any more and definitely only one purchase of each one I do like. But I can heartily recommend getting the Qui-Gon if you get the chance.

      1. They always make a good job of the non-human characters whereas the human ones are hit and miss (but mostly hit to be fair), and yours is a good likeness I reckon. Will for sure add it if I can in time. I so regret not picking up a whole bunch of them about 6 years back when Forbidden Planet were having a clearout sale – £5 a figure! I grabbed three but didn’t have the luggage space for anymore for the journey back to France.

      2. Hi there, I don’t really have the space in my small flat for collectibles but Qui-Gon was just too good to pass up. The prices I have seen are currently in the £19-£25 range but I’ll keep my eyes open in future for sales.

      3. Hi. 19 – 25 seems about right. Good news to share with you mate… I just re-actived TVTA today after cashing in some WP coupon rewards I’d been saving. Can now run the site for the next two years with hardly a dent in the pocket 🙂
        So, as I was refreshing the site for an announcement post later, I saw that I’d already made a draft post of my Star Wars
        BS6″ figures way back in late 2020… now I just need to add a couple of new photos of figures acquired since then, and I can finally make a post of my collection!
        Gotta say, my figs are all boxed away due to space restrictions here, so it was a huge treat seeing what I’ve amassed over the years, even if it is only in digital form. Hopefully post em up later in the month now TVTA is going to be rocking again!

      4. Great news! And I totally get the problems of having limited space. Most of my things are in storage after my last move about 6 years ago – the new flat I moved into just doesn’t have the same floor space as my last apartment. (but I am in a nicer area now so can’t complain!).

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