“The Darksider” for Darksiderconfessions aka The Silver Fern saber

Hello everybody and Julie G! Today I take a wander down under to the land of Middle Earth….wait! Yes the country of New Zealand did act as the backdrop for the Tolkien Lord of the Rings saga movies but more importantly, it is also the home of Darksiderconfessions….Julie G. Julie has become a good friend of mine and supporter of this site, and is a graphic design artist specialising in “Motion Art” images (animated GIF pictures). You can check her artwork out and Julie’s articles on all things Star Wars related here: https://darksiderconfessions.blog/

Julie has commented on many of my designs and provided me with great feedback and advice. One day Julie was a little under the weather and I thought I should design a saber for her to cheer her up. One problem, I didn’t know exactly what to make but when I learned Julie lived in New Zealand I thought about doing a NZ inspired hilt. But nothing I started building really clicked as special by which time Julie was already feeling a bit better. So I put the idea on the back burner until I created the Quartermaster. That hilt gave me an idea…I stripped all the decorations off to leave the basic handle and I added a new colour scheme to it. Then a few bits of bling and finally I added an iconic logo of her home country. This is what I finally came up with “The Darksider” – aka The Silver Fern saber ….

OK….can anyone see the special “Icon”? Yes, I incorporated the famous fern leaf into the handgrip as an inlaid panel. And as you move around the saber the light reflects off the etching and gives the leaf a silvery outline. It took me ages to carve that logo into the grip 😉 Actually I didn’t really carve the leaf out, I used a bit of a trick in Blender that does the same job! However I had to find the right shaped image to use to create the etch pattern then size and position it to fit. I think it worked ok. Here is a close up of the handgrip.

The saber also sports an “All Black” paint job with a few red and silver accents which together also mimicked Julie’s website…until she decided to revamp the theme and went more towards monochrome. There is another little detail that links this design to Darksiderconfessions.com’s branding….see if you can spot it in Gallery Two….

Did you spot the Darksiderconfessions logo? Congrats if you said the electron cloud/Atom insignia. I 3D modelled an electron cloud to use as a pommel decoration/speaker vent and it fitted nicely into the endcap of the hilt….but it is also hidden elsewhere! Look closely at the activation switch and you will see another of these electron cloud logos circling the button to form a bezel setting – with the button in the centre it looks like the nucleus! It kinda looks familiar….

Again you can find Darksiderconfessions here: https://darksiderconfessions.blog/ Please check it out and help support Julie and the site.

So that just about wraps this design up and it is ready for Julie to take into battle should any Hobbits or…..<sorry I did it again…I mean in case any Stormtroopers or Sith Lords attack her…though with the name Darksider I am slightly worried Julie might come after me! (Well I am a Jedi 😁).

Anyway I hope you like the design Julie, and sorry it took me a while till the saber “spoke to me”. And I hope everyone else enjoyed this design too as I really had fun when it began to take shape. Thanks to everyone for checking this design out and please be sure to return to FTSabersite for future posts as I am always drawing up new creations. I also have an action figure to reveal and another ornate saber for the first ever recognised Sith Lord! So thanks to you all and to Julie – you’re very much appreciated…..Till next time….

“The Darksider Saber -for Darksiderconfessions” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. It was designed, modelled and rendered in Blender 3D.

16 thoughts on ““The Darksider” for Darksiderconfessions aka The Silver Fern saber”

  1. Hey FT!! WOW THIS IS JUST AMAZING! Not sure just saying “thank you from the bottom of my heart” is enough for this wonderful gift. It’s great to feel appreciated as a friend, thank you so much for everything and for always commenting on my posts 🙂 And I will add this to my site and my social media accounts and hopefully I’ll be able to push some interested followers to your amazing website! Thank you so much again! I’ll link you as soon as I have the posts up and online 😁😄🙂

    1. Hello there, it was my pleasure and again thanks to you for commenting and giving me advice and ideas. As I mentioned I intended to create a hilt for you since you had that bad bout of migraines but nothing I did seemed to “pop”, then I did the Quartermaster hilt and liked the shape of it so used that as a base for you hilt. As I added the logo details and the handgrip “Leaf” the more I felt happier on the design. So glad you liked it and if you want we can arrange something so I can send you a pack of larger images without the watermarks ok! MTFBWY

  2. Heya – just wondering have you ever created the entire lightsaber or images of the whole thing completed? I’d love to see an image of it if you have one (not entirely sure yet but I think I could maybe animate it?). If not, that’s perfectly fine as well, I understand if you’d prefer not to do that 😀 All good in the hood lol but A HUGE THANKS again FT! Your work is just amazing 🙂

    1. Hi Julie, I mentioned that I could send you a package of images of the saber no problem I just have to check your email address and get the pictures collated (cos the images are 16mb each full size so I need to resize them probably 😀).
      I have created 3D models of Luke Skywalker’s two lightsabers (which are named “The Grail” and “Risen” if you’d like to check them out) and animated them in Blender – actual model based animation – but those each took nearly a month to produce. As a result I settled on just producing images and image edits (gif) now and then. I only have an I3 laptop to

      1. Hi Julie, I will send you an email to this address and mark it as “Darksaber Saber Pictures Package + zipfile” so you know what it is. Hopefully your mail server will accept the attachment and not trash the email! If it does I will probably have to send the pictures to you 2 or three at a time as inserted attachments ok!

      2. Hi there, luckily the zipped file seemed to attach to my mail I sent. I have had issues in the past with failed attachments so I wasn’t sure this one would get through. But even this pack was 9mb in size…though at east that’s better than a 160mb delivery.

  3. What a great looking saber!
    I can see Julie is thrilled. The fern leaf is perfect, and I spotted the logo, even though I don’t know what’s going on! LOL!

    1. Hello Resa, thanks so much. This is relatively basic compared to some hilts I have “built” but by paring it back to basics and using details that have a personal impact works. And the Fern leaf logo I knew was significant for New Zealanders – I was always drawn to the elegance of the fern leaf logo on the tails of Air New Zealand aircraft…they always drew my attention. I’m so pleased Julie liked it. Thanks again.

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