Costume Update – Two More Tunic Sets from Cosplaysky

Hello everybody, as you can tell from the title I don’t have a saber to showcase today (don’t worry I do have more hilts – I haven’t run out yet!) but I do have a small update to my Jedi costume to bring you. Back on May 4th I revealed my new Jedi costume I put together and I stated that I needed to buy a few more parts and accessories (belt pouches and food capsules). Well I haven’t bought those accessories because I sensed a bit of a shift in what costume parts were available to buy online. It seems that the online cosplay stores are beginning to focus on the newer Star Wars material and shows ,”The Mandalorian” and “The Bad Batch” and producing more costumes such as Mando armour for Boba Fett, Jango Fett and Din Djarin (Mando himself) , Moff Gideon and the clones from The Bad Batch. The stores also seemed to be slow at restocking Jedi tunic sets so I felt I needed to buy another as a spare set before they are phased out completely. Phasing the tunics out probably won’t happen but I didn’t want to risk it, so I actually bought TWO more sets – another white/cream coloured set as seen here:

Then I decided to buy a second set in what was described as the “Brown” tunic set similar to that which Obi-Wan wore in Episode II and III (the mustard brown crepe material version). I did this so I had a contrasting outfit that I could change to when I felt like it. However there was a bit of a quirk with the costume which I’ll explain about after I show you the product images for the Brown Tunic set from .

The costume jacket and sashes do look like a tan/light brown colour but in reality when my purchase arrived it had a bit of a greenish tinge depending on the lighting. I was a bit unsure of the colour at first but later thought this made it rather unique. Anyway I still had my regular white/cream version and I could keep this one as a reserve. The funny thing is this “brown” version has grown on me and I like it a lot more now. But of course you haven’t seen it yet so here are a few rough pictures of me wearing it. I apologise before hand that the pics aren’t magazine photoshoot quality – they were taken by Mrs Tyeth using a camera phone but again I think Mrs T did well considering we don’t have a photo studio! Here’s the pics:

It turns out that this “brown” tunic set works really well with the fabulous robe that I bought from Creativesewandsew and the belt from Leather3dneon on ETSY. I won’t add links to these vendors at this time as Creativesewandsew are on a break to allow them to catch up on processing orders and Eugene at Leather3Dneon doesn’t have the belt on sale at the moment. However if you check out my May 4th post you will find the links are there.

So I am pleased I purchased the extra two sets when I did and it seems my newly acquired knowledge at assembling a costume has proved useful for the members of the lightsaber forum I belong to. I have been able to share advice with them about the tunics I’ve bought and how I made the sizing/fitting alterations. AND….it seems I have become an unofficial “poster Jedi” for the costume…I did a Google search for Jedi robes to see which other online store still have them in stock and guess who showed up in the images that were returned? Have a look at this screenshot and see if you can see any familiar faces….

I spy with my little eye…a Jedi named …..

Yes I seem to have been picked out by Google as a Jedi fashion model 😎😁. And with that I have just about come to the end of this mini update. Regards sabers and designs, I have had some fantastic feedback from the members of where I have posted my recent hilts and some members suggested I attempt to really add some detailed “weathering” and “aging” to my creations so I have been busy researching how to add simulated dirt, grime and scratches to make my sabers look used and/or old. But fear not as next week I should have another Star Trek hilt and after that I have a saber for the first Sith Lord to exist in Star Wars history and lore – and it’s rather ostentatious! I hope you will all return to see those and more in coming weeks, but for now I’d like to thank you for your visit today. Last week I received a message from WordPress that I had been blogging for FIVE years and that is down to the support I get from you all, new or regular visitors so thanks very much. With that….Till next time….

Cosplaysky’s collection of Star Wars inspired costumes can be found here:


11 thoughts on “Costume Update – Two More Tunic Sets from Cosplaysky”

  1. Well done! Any plans for appearance at a show ( if that is still happening due to Covid)?
    About aging; I believe also that you will find a new dimension to your creations.
    In my experience, adding imperfections ( or skillfully exploiting the ones happening/existing 😉) creates a powerful illusion closer to human perception.

    1. Hello Spira, I do hope to attend one or two Comic Cons but that will probably happen next year as my local events have been postponed. But that gives me time to get the final bits and accessories I need for the costume to be considered complete. Hopefully when I do get to an event I will get photos to share.
      In regards to my 3D modelling there are so many functions within Blender 3D that it is difficult to know which is the best technique to add the “realism” textures. I have used graphics on my last few models that have “Bump Mapping” to create the illusion of deeper ridges and edges where there aren’t any (I used this on the leather handgrips to emphasise the grain and creases). But there are at least 5 or 6 different ways to add dust, scratches and other damage. The effort to learn these FX will be worth it though. Thanks for the kind comment.

  2. Congrats on the new tunic sets, FT. Lookin good!
    “Yes I seem to have been picked out by Google as a Jedi fashion model”
    … congrats on that too, so cool 😎

    I’m still hoping to get my missing costume parts (remember I had some parts arrive broken?)… maybe early next year when I can source the rest of the pieces I need I can finally make a post!


    1. Hi there, I think maybe my turn as a fashion model was a stroke of Google luck. I’m just glad they got my good side 😁
      And please keep me informed on your progress with your outfit, I have a few friends that cosplay that may be able to help or advise if you need it.

  3. This all looks great!
    You are styling/mix’n’matching. Love all of it!

    Meantime; I spent 10 days crunching on my EMMY voting. “The Mandalorian” was up in several of my voting areas.
    I watched episode 13 – The Jedi.
    I think you would have loved this. There were saber battles and this cute little teddy bearish creature with long ears. (Grogru..Grugo…??}
    Anyway, there aren’t many Jedi left.
    Next line would be a spoiler.

    1. Hello Resa, wow you are getting into Star Wars big time! Yes the little frog like teddy is named Grogu but for a long time people called him “Baby Yoda” because he is the same species as the famous green Jedi that taught Luke in Empire Strikes Back. I heard that Ep.13 -The Jedi was amazing and a famous Jedi with a green lightsaber shows up 😉
      And I’m so glad you liked the new styling of my costume, I was a bit unsure of the colour at first but I’ve grown to love it. With the browns and greens I have an “Earthy” colour palette which is very Jedi-like. Thanks again.

    1. Hello Neil, tnank you kindly. My “Blogaversary” came as a bit of a surprise as I always forget when I signed up – and I’ve had so much fun and gotten carried away I didn’t realise how time has flown.
      And if possible you should check out a local comic con and meet some of the Cosplayers, they are some of the most creative and enthusiastic people you can find. The talents some show in actually making their costumes is amazing – to be fair I have only put together existing parts but some get their sewing needles out and stitch their outfits from scratch…even down to dying the materials or adding LED lights.
      Just out of interest, what character or theme would you be interested in trying?

      1. Most likely Sci fi of some form, and I would most likely want to wear a mask or helmet. The Borg always look interesting, as does c3po, cybermen stormtroopers, lol I’ve never even gone to a fancy dress party.

      2. Interesting, though I’d have to warn Storntrooper armour can be expensive – a “decent beginner” outfit can set you back £400-600. But I thought you might have gone with a Red Dwarf character, Kryten for example. Trooper costumes are very detailed and folks look for the tiniest parts etc but building a Kryten outfit might be easier as it doesn’t have to be as exact. A lot of Kryten could be home built. Anyhoo let us know if you decide to make a costume and/or attend a Con. They are both really fun things to do!

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