“Horey’So ‘Eth” saberstaff – Honour Blade – Inspired by The Klingons

Hello Everybody, wow it seems strange not to be showcasing a Bad Batch saber this week but I hope you’ll like this offering just as much. I mentioned a few times that the ideas for the Bad Batch hilts came all at once in a burst and I quickly modelled/rendered them – well this afforded me a bit of time to “relax” as I had a supply of material to show you all. In this “downtime” I tried watching a bit of TV and discovered that one of my cable channels had a Star Trek movie marathon on (yes I mentioned Star Trek again!). I figured a change was as good as a rest and decided to watch a few Trek adventures and saw something in ST6 The Undiscovered Country – a Klingon weapon…sort of. Captain Kirk and Dr McCoy are framed for murder in the film and sent to a penal colony named Rura Penthe. During one of the scenes I saw a Klingon prison guard use a type of shock baton (cattle prod). I attempted to model it in Blender from memory but it wasn’t good and lacked a lot. THEN it hit me…what if I doubled the weapon and connected them to form a Maul style staff? I set to work and came up with “Horey’so ‘Eth” or Honour Blade…

I made a nice looking, balanced staff but it still needed detail so taking inspiration from my B’Elanna’s Blade” and “Gre’thor” hilts I reworked the image of the Klingon cranial ridges to form the cut-out windows on the emitter. I then (I think) cleverly used the same model piece I used as a cutter to create the windows to form the activation switches too! I scaled the piece and switched it from having a plain material and gave it an emission to make it glow – resulting in the red chevron shaped switches. And just to enforce the link to the Klingons I 3D modelled another Empire three bladed logo to act as a decoration on the switch section and emitters.

I also had chance to play with some settings I don’t use much in Blender and those are controls to create ultra-real looking textures using multiple layers of “paint”. The staff above has 4 “layers” starting with a Base Material. This is just a plain photographic texture image and makes the object look coloured but flat and lifeless. However applying the remaining 3 layers changed that. The next layer, Metallic, controls how shiny various parts of the Base Material are then next is the “Roughness” layer which adds chips and scratches – finally a layer named “Displacement” adds a special 3D shadowing effect to trick the human eye into thinking the texture has a raised surface. This technique is sometimes known as “Bump Mapping” used to add details like rivets and screw heads to models. OK enough chatting again, it’s time for Glamour Gallery two…

I realised that the first batch of images were a little dark as I tried to add a bit of “mood lighting” but that meant the details didn’t show too good so I turned up the lighting and while I was modifying I figured I’d add a couple of gold accent rings to hold the leather handgrip in position and I added this colour to the logos so they stood out better too. Hopefully you will be able to see the much more detailed material textures – the red paint almost looks like it is peeling off for real. Finally I decided to build a ceremonial or regal version of the staff and gave it a classic black and gold scheme. Gallery three…

Again this colour scheme uses the advanced texture settings and you should be able to see what appear to be machining marks as if this staff was carved from solid metal on a lathe or CNC mill (a computer controlled manufacturing machine used by saber companies to cut aluminium bars into empty lightsaber handles).

I really enjoyed my break from building Star Wars hilts and am pleased how this design turned out. I think it will look good in my Star Trek gallery which you can find here: https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/tag/star-trek/

I am drawing to the end of this post but first I’d like to mention what’s coming up in future posts. First I have received a few parcels, one regarding my recent costume build and another couple of packages containing some collectibles which I’m excited about (I had to buy two of these collectible items so I can keep one boxed and display the other!) Hopefully pictures will follow of all my purchases. And in saber designs, I still have a Star Trek ship inspired hilt along with a Bounty Hunter and a Blacksmith saber from the Star Wars universe – basically plenty to entertain you all.

That’s it for today, thanks so much for your visit and support – all your comments, likes and subs are much appreciated. Whether a new caller or one of the FTSabersite regulars please call back for future posts. Till next time…..

“Horey’so ‘Eth” is a For Tyeth Editions design and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. They were inspired by the Paramount Pictures and CBS Television franchise “Star Trek” and “Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country”. All Star Trek names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Paramount Pictures/CBS Television.

27 thoughts on ““Horey’So ‘Eth” saberstaff – Honour Blade – Inspired by The Klingons”

    1. Hi Julie and thanks for the kind words. I am so glad I keep impressing and I thought this “unannounced” hilt would make a nice surprise. Another bit of news is that my recent purchase I mentioned arrived and the product is unbelievable. When I look at it it’s like looking in a mirror the likeness is so similar…oh and I bought a second one so I have one item to keep boxed and one to display and “play” with! 😎

      1. Ah yes QUI GON JINN lol I know it’s amazing how they can replicate the look so well on a figure 🙂 although the Black Series figures are always really good quality I think! 🙂

      2. I was totally struck dumb when I opened the package. I was put off the Black Series when I saw a second hand Supreme Leader Snoke figure in a charity store and they wanted £20 for it. I thought that was steep considering Snoke didn’t look that great in the bathrobe so I avoided buying any of the range but man I’m glad I got Qui when I did. As I mentioned above there will be some photos soon when I have both figures.

      3. Yup because in my country he is completely sold out lol not sure what it’s like in yours but stock all over the APAC region is gone!

      4. Yes I think I was lucky to find a UK vendor because most of the figures I saw were Ebay resellers it seemed. To be honest I can’t really afford figures like this normally but I might just try and stretch my credit card now and then in future and add some more characters

  1. Good use of the advanced paint settings in Blender👨🏻‍🎨The multiple layers give the surface a uniquely worn personality. Or, reveal its forging locale, as u mentioned. Looking forward to some ‘unboxing’ posts!🙌🏼😀

    1. Hello EF, Blender continues to amaze me what it can do with a low spec laptop. And the layers are only monochrome transparent overlays but how they combine is almost magic. My graphics still have a way to go before they are a match for “It Takes Two” but I’m getting there! And good news, there will be a mini fashion show and an unboxing so please do stay tuned!

      1. Hi EF, I hadn’t really considered Video Game programming but back in the day I did use to repaint Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft into various airline paint schemes. I had my own personal airline in custom colours, a fleet of air ambulance/police helicopters….even the World Wrestling Federation private jet that I painted up,
        My issue ha always been outdated technology that I have to work with so didn’t think big developers would be interested in my work. I could look into it I suppose, I did create my little Star Wars Death Star Trench animation 😎

      2. Thank you very much. To give you an idea of some of the limits I had the clip was made on a £200 refurbished laptop! I’d love to get my hands on a “proper” animation spec computer.

  2. Cool Star Trek diversion, FT. I’m impressed with the weathered peeling paint effect.
    Re Black Series 6 inch figures – be careful of cheap fakes from China which are common on eBay. They usually go for around 18 to 25 USD for some sought-after figures. Make sure you get good pics of the details of the box as and compare to an original pic. Colours and wordings might be off. The figures themselves can actually be very good quality, but still not like the real thing.

    1. Hi there Mage, yes I took some time off and there was a Trek movie marathon on Film4 and I got a nice bit of inspiration. And I finally nailed the advanced textures,
      Regarding the figures, I purchased mine from a company based in Eastleigh – I also did my checks on TrustPilot etc and they seemed legit. When I post the pics of the unboxing you will see why I didn’t need to worry!
      And if you want a good laugh you should check out some of the NERF blaster product descriptions from Ebay sellers and the “knock-off” companies – hilarious translations.

      1. Yep, I ended up with a fake Dark Maul once. The thing is the figure itself, apart from some slight differences in paint apps, was absolutely beautiful. Still, not the real thing, and I wouldn’t let it near my real collection.

      2. I have noticed that the “fakers” are getting ever more bold and accomplished at making copies. I’ve seen several knock offs of NERF blasters that are so close and blatant I don’t know how they get away with it. I don’t blame you for keeping your figures separate though.

  3. LOVE this!
    As you know, I am a HUGE Star Trek fan…of the original series and the movies.
    I love Christopher Plummer as Chang in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. OMG! Best Klingon EVER!!!
    Now you have made me wonder what his saber would look like?
    Shakespearean, obviously!

    1. nuqneH Resa or hello in English!! Yes there have been some amazing “cameo” appearances by fantastic actors in Trek history. I have to say I like Ricardo Montalban as Khan and the other Christopher, Lloyd, as Commander Kruge in “Search For Spock”. Maybe I should work on a couple of hilts for Plummer, Lloyd…I think they’d be cool. And don’t worry I haven’t forgotten the Uhura saber I suggested – I just get side-tracked sometimes!

      1. I get side tracked, too! I still want to send you some gown pics!
        This is crazy! I worked with BOTH Christopher Lloyd and Christopher Plummer.
        I worked with them at different times on different movies. Wonderful experiences!

      2. I can’t believe it, every time I mention a legend you seem to have worked with them! It really must have been amazing seeing them perform close up.
        I have put my Star Wars build projects on hold for a while and have been working on a few Klingon hilts and hopefully I will have them ready in a week or two.

    1. Hello EF and congrats on your nomination in the first place and thanks so much for considering my blog to be worthy of acknowledgement. I read the answers you gave on your acceptance post and you reminded me of how I see my site compared to how others view it. I see my site day in and day out, so sometimes forget you see it differently….or to quote Obi-Wan,.”from a certain point of view”
      Thanks again and I will post an acceptance when I can.

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