Tech’s “Terminal Saber” – inspired by The Bad Batch

Hello Everybody and welcome to mystery saber number four in my collection. And this time it was a mystery as to which saber I had to reveal today as nobody remembered to vote! So I took “Executive Action” and ordered that saber 2 in the list be next up. Saber 2 is designed for Bad Batch member “Tech” the clone trooper that was given enhanced scientific, engineering and technical skills and abilities when he was created on the planet Kamino. These skills included rapid problem solving, understanding of complex computer and mechanical systems, linguistic skills and translations…oh and a habit of blurting out information to whoever he is talking to relating to any situation they are in – without necessarily being asked for such info! Tech appeared different to the other Bad Batch members, being slimmer in build, with fairer complexion and looking younger than the normal Jango Fett template the clones were derived from. And talking of looks that brings me to the first gallery of Glamour Pics so here is “Terminal Saber”…

I think this is another striking design and quite a “High Tech” looking hilt too. It comes in Clone Force 99 colours and has a thin neck style. The emitter is mounted on a thin neck that has four power conduit cables that glow. The thin neck attaches to the upper handgrip which has two data display panels on either side, which mimic his customised helmet visor. His helmet is a modified Scout Trooper version with a special tactical awareness and data screen built into the visor (a bit like Google Glass!) I imagined that just like Echo’s saber last week had extra functionality so should Tech’s…and I had the idea that his helmet and saber could link wirelessly and share info back and forth. Tech likes gadgets and has a hobby of recording all manner of sounds into a database (this sound database actually assisted in a daring escape in one episode of the Clone Wars show) and this saber can receive audio data and play it back too. On the underside of the upper grip a Clone Force 99 logo can be seen. The lower handgrip I quite like as I was able to create a neat 3D checkerboard patterned grip, with recessed squares to provide the grip texture. The handgrip is capped off by another CF99 logo pommel decoration.

“But how do you switch the saber on and off?” I hear you say…well there is a “hidden” activation slide mechanism that also reveals other controls for power and blade settings, as well as a micro LED screen. And it kinda works like this…over to you Tech….

Due to having had a burst of inspiration a few weeks back and I built all these hilts in record time I was able to film a small demo video of how there is a sliding cover over the setting controls which also acts to switch the saber on and off. Quickly sliding the cover back and forth either activates or deactivates the hilt or you slide the cover fully open to access the settings…as Tech said…”simple really!” And if the video was too quick then here is a second gallery of images of the saber and switch section…

Pairing this saber with Echo’s “Data Splice” hilt and you have nearly every possible computing or technical task covered, Echo can splice into any system and Tech can then run diagnostics and reprogramming of any network. And if they encounter any Hostiles…they have sabers too!

Once again I think that just about covers everything with this design. I really liked working on this one and fortunately (fingers crossed) I managed to get this current laptop to create another animation (ok maybe not up to Disney/Lucasfilm levels but not too bad 😎) I hope you al enjoyed this one just as much as I did. And that leads me to next week’s not quite so mysterious saber – as there is only one left in the collection (or is there more?…..) you won’t need to vote this week. I will just leave the “reveal board poster” here showing the hilts so far and you can imagine what the final one will turn out like.

So it is that time where I have to end, but first as always I need to say thanks. Thank you to everyone that visited and checked out this latest design, your support for me and my site is greatly appreciated. New or regular visitors, you keep me posting and I have a few more sabers lined up for future posts including a Bounty Hunter themed hilt and a weapon for a Blacksmith. I hope you will all return to check those out too. In the meantime stay safe and please spread the word about FTSabersite. Till next time….

“Tech’s Terminal Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by the character Tech from Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The design was modelled, rendered and animated in Blender 3D by me, For Tyeth and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “Tech”, “The Bad Batch” and all other names, logos, images and related Star Wars material is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm 2021.

10 thoughts on “Tech’s “Terminal Saber” – inspired by The Bad Batch”

  1. Adore the checkered hilt and sliding panel where the buttons/tech workings are found.
    As usual, I am not up to speed on the back stories/characters, but I do like the saber!

    1. Hello Resa and thanks so much. I spent much longer working on this saber after deciding it needed something extra. So I worked on an animation to show off the slide cover – I haven’t done a “moving parts” design for a while and this seemed a good opportunity. The checkered grip came out well and almost has a carbon fibre weave look to it which I liked. Glad you did too and don’t worry about knowing the characters’ backstories, there are so many individuals in the Star Wars canon it is hard even for me to keep with them all! Luckily there’s only one of the Batch left to reveal 😊

    1. Hi EF, yes sadly next week should (should?) be the last reveal so we don’t need a vote this time….but you could vote for No.4 if you want no-one has so far!
      Hope all is well with you and your folks.

    1. Hello Julie, I was really pleased how this one fitted together. I had done sabers with animated parts before (check out my “Risen” Luke Skywalker Master Series hilt for another animated hilt) but this one had form, function and looked nice within the Bad Batch scheme. If you check past weeks’ posts you’ll see Hunter’s “Tracker”, Echo’s “Data Splice” and Wrecker’s “Demolisher” hilts. This Saturday I’ll reveal what may be the last (?) in this series. Thanks for checking this one out!

  2. I knew the animations would get you in the end they are so addictive. Maybe a small forum signiture gif animation next?. I keep meaning to do some myself when I’m not busy. Currently at home with me get up. 😉

    1. Hi Neil, I blame it on Auto Correct! Regards animations, I have done a few but when the laptop is rendering I can’t do anything else as this laptop doesn’t like multitasking. However I have to say the best animations I did were my Luke Skywalker “Risen” hilt and the Princess Leia hilt videos I think. Thanks for checking this out and put your feets back up!😎

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