“Tracker” Saberknife – Inspired by The Bad Batch’s Hunter

EDIT: Please be aware the voting for the next Mystery Box Saber has ended. The next saber to be revealed will be posted on Saturday morning at 00:00 GMT!

Hello Everybody and welcome to the reveal of the first saber in my new collection! Apologies readers didn’t have long to vote for which saber they wanted to see but I wanted to keep to my Saturday morning posting schedule. However, my friends Neil and TheVintageToyAdvertiser both picked hilt number one (and one also voted for number three) so I might as well start with mystery hilt 1. And as the title suggests it is a different type of light weapon inspired by the new Disney/Lucasfilm animation The Bad Batch – and one character in particular….Hunter!

I don’t want to get too deep into explaining Hunter’s backstory as his storyline is still quite new and may contain spoilers. I can say he first appeared in The Clone Wars where he and his team helped Anakin Skywalker defeat a Separatist Commander named Admiral Trench. Hunter is the commander of a bunch of clone troopers that differ from regular clones in that they were genetically modified to develop heightened “favourable abilities”. Hunter has exceptional tracking skills and can detect electromagnetic fields and disturbances, allowing him to pursue and track quarries. He is also skilled with a knife and it is this combat knife that I have re-imagined. This is “Tracker” Saberknife…

I recreated a combat survival type knife and gave the handgrip the same colour scheme as Hunter’s battle armour, dark grey, white and red. I also included a 3D modelled insignia of the squad “Clone Force 99” – a skull atop two numerals written in the Star Wars language Aurabesh. The two numerals are 9s shown as underlined Zeroes. These two pictures were of the first attempt at modelling the knife but as always I liked the idea…I just thought I could do better so I tweaked a few bits here and there. Here is a second gallery of Version 2…

Hunter’s knife in The Bad Batch just looked a little plain and not very high tech, so I amped it up a bit and gave my blade an extra sharp lightsaber-like cutting edge – hence the white glow. The energy in the blade can be activated by pressing the squad logo just below the blade and if you press each of the “9” indices you scroll the weapon through various modes and functions (like an up/down arrow control). But to control the functions you need a display screen or lights right? Well this blade has an electro LCD display on the side of the handgrip illuminated in blue. It shows values such as Battery Level Indicator (Power), Setting (Lo/Med/Hi) and an approximate runtime before the hilt needs a new battery or recharge. The pommel of the blade has two more skull insignias, one either side and in the end cap I added a slot and post to attach a lanyard or belt hook. And just to reinforce who this Saberknife belongs to I added a red band around the base of the blade to represent Hunter’s trademark headband!

Ok! That just about wraps up this hilt, the first of my “Mystery Box Sabers”. I again apologise to viewers who didn’t get to vote but you have another chance between now and Thursday midnight (GMT) to leave a comment and vote for which hilt you’d like to see next. If some of you are saber experts you might just be able to work out who the hilts were inspired by! I will also include one vote for number three that TVTA cast earlier….so number three has a one point lead. Will it change? You can decide…I hope you’ll vote and return next week for the next reveal.

EDIT: Again please be aware the voting for the next Mystery Box Saber has ended. The next saber to be revealed will be posted on Saturday morning at 00:00 GMT!

In the meantime, I’d like to thank you all for checking out “Tracker” Saberknife today and for all the support you show me and my site. It is all very much appreciated, whether a new visitor or a regular caller. I’ll leave you with the updated image of reveals so you can pick the saber silhouette of the hilt you’d like to see next. Till next time….

“Tracker” Saberknife is a For Tyeth Editions design and was modelled/rendered in Blender 3D. “Tracker” and it’s design, model and renders are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “The Bad Batch”, “Hunter” and all other names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

11 thoughts on ““Tracker” Saberknife – Inspired by The Bad Batch’s Hunter”

  1. That was impressive FT. I like the distance from your usual designs- also that you added exactly the right amount of details so that it will maintain the “connection ” to a tracker!
    My vote goes to No 5 .

    1. Hello Spira, thanks so much. The balance on how much detail to add has always been a challenge – too much and it gets “fussy” but too little attention leaves folks puzzled as to what the inspiration is/was. The new characters in recent Star Wars animations/live TV shows have really strong details so I had to include some of them. And thanks for your vote – I believe that gives hilt No.5 two points and takes the lead.

  2. Hi FT, looks good, considering you were working from a knife, plus the addition of the LCD screen is awesome. I remember this character from some of The Clones Wars I watched. Look forward to the next scratch reveal 😀

    1. Hi there, I’m glad you liked “Tracker”‘s LCD. In real life, saber manufacturers like Genesis Custom Sabers and Sabertrio have started using OLED displays built into their designs. It’s funny though, from the images I saw of Hunter’s in show knife I didn’t see any fancy electronics or glowy blades but in the last episode of The Bad Batch I saw on Sunday evening I noticed something, There was a circuit pattern etched onto the side of the blade which illuminated in a TRON style! It seems my designs, those of real prop manufacturers and Disney are all verging together!
      Thanks again and I carried your vote forward for hilt #3…but at last count I think hilt #5 is leading with two votes. But all could change by Thursday’s deadline!

    1. Hello Resa, I like to stray away from regular basic sabers and try more exotic designs now and then! However I mentioned that in the animation, from the footage I saw, Hunter’s knife was basic and low tech but I have since seen some new images and his blade actually has a glowing circuit pattern etched into it. But mine has an LCD panel so I did amp up the design a bit. Thanks as always and the next hilt will be revealed on Saturday!

  3. Okay somehow I missed this one in my updates (my updates are STILL not working correctly… I have given up trying to figure out why lol). But I love the sleek design of this saber exactly like an actual knife! The colours you chose also make a great combination for the aesthetics of the design. Simply superb work! Now I am all up to date, waiting for the other reveals 😀

    1. Hello again, no worries I know how finnicky WordPress and it’s Reader function can be! I had a similar issue around the time when they introduced the new Block Editor. It screwed up my Reader stream and at one point I couldn’t even log in. WP recently tweaked the Editor again – I think they have made the inserting of blocks more “fluid” but again have affected the operation of WP. I’m glad you liked the Saber knife, it is a little different from what I usually post. I kinda like this one myself as the colours and details just blended right…and the theme runs through the collection. Thanks as always for checking it out.

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