“Colossal Saber” – Inspired by SW: Resistance – The Colossus

Hello everyone, this post will be quite short as I have had more issues as my mouse has died. No, not a pet rodent but my laptop’s mouse has broken – the wheel/third button has snapped and collapsed into the shell so I can’t scroll within Blender how I’d like. Luckily I had a design already partly rendered so I will show you that while I await delivery of my new peripheral. Sooo , today I return to the animated show “Star Wars: Resistance” and the world of Air/Space Speeder Races and the heroes Kazudo Xiono, Yeager, Neeku and Tam Ryvora. Their activities take place on the watery planet Castilon and an aircraft refuelling platform named the “Colossus”. The Colossus was originally an Imperial facility but after the fall of the Empire it was inhabited by regular folk who developed a love of Air Speeder racing (a bit like airplane pylon racing here on Earth). The Colossus had communal areas above the ocean surface, including a market place, a tavern, add to that numerous “workshop hangars” for the racing teams and a store to get spare parts. Unseen beneath the waves there were the Engineering Bays for the station. Sounds like a great place and it looked like this…

Unfortunately as with most good things, this station attracted the attention of Pirates and suffered from attacks. Due to these attacks security needed improving and the First Order learnt of the troubles and offered their “help and assistance” to keep the station secure – in other words they took over. Kazudo was sent by the Resistance to secretly gather intel on the First Order and report it back. Obviously his mission didn’t run smoothly.

So as mentioned the station held air races and in the first few episodes I saw the Colossus and from the angles I saw, imagined it operated like an off shore oil rig found on Earth. I figured the main platform was probably triangular and supported on a submerged leg – and I thought that might lend itself to a saber hilt! The platform could form a handguard and the leg would be the main handgrip. So this was what I knocked together…

It worked better than I initially thought! The upper platform formed a Tsuba (handguard) that I added elements to represent the “hangar bays” which housed the Air Racers – I even added “landing light strips”. Atop at the emitter I added a ring of windows to replicate the “control tower” where the administrator of the station, Captain Imanuel Doza, lived along with the “Elite” flyers on the station. The handgrip features a basic activation switch and leads down to the pommel. As I mentioned I hadn’t seen much of the station structures and nothing below water so I figured it was somehow attached to the ocean bed so I modelled the pommel to look like some type of anchor mechanism. Little did I know that later we would discover the Colossus was MOBILE and not just floating around on the ocean. The station has a Type 2 Hyperdrive and that leads to some dangerous situations and dilemmas involving the First Order and…a famous female Stormtrooper.

Later in the series after I had built this saber I saw this angle of the station and realised it wasn’t triangular. But I’m not sure this diamond arrangement would have worked as well anyway. The station in real life was designed by veteran Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) model maker Bill George. The Colossus was also present during the Battle of Exegol in “The Rise of Skywalker”!

Well that just about wraps up this post, hopefully I will have a fully functioning mouse by the time I post next week and I can bring something more up to my usual level! But thank you all for checking this design out and for all the magnificent support you show me and my little site. It is appreciated. Just in closing I may have a few “arty” fashion pictures to share as well as a modified lightsaber with a “K 26 spring”….Puzzled? Keep tuned and all will be revealed! Thanks again and till next time….

“Colossal Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by “The Colosssus” station seen in “Star Wars: Resistance”. The design, 3D model and renders were built in Blender and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “Star Wars: Resistance”, “The Colossus”, “Kazudo Xiono” and all related names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm 2020-2021.

13 thoughts on ““Colossal Saber” – Inspired by SW: Resistance – The Colossus”

    1. I’m not entirely sure whether it is physically visible on screen or whether it is just canonically present during the battle. I don’t recall seeing it but the skies were crowded a little. But it was stated in an article about Bill George that it was there. Gives me a reason to watch TROS again. Thanks as always.

      1. No worries and you’re welcome! Yeah now I have to watch it again as well, geez, that’s going to be hard lol 😛

  1. Interesting saber, Tyeth. Different than most.
    Whew, yes, I was upset to hear your mouse died.
    I’m so happy it’s a techno mouse.
    I got your mail, and will send some pics in a short while.
    Have a fab week!

    1. Hi there, apologies…I did make it sound a bit more dramatic than it was! Fortunately I now have a new mouse and can fully navigate Blender and GIMP. And as a bonus this new mouse is wireless so it is more ergonomic to use.
      I look forward to seeing what images you send, this will be the first collaboration I have done in the world of fashion. Hope you have a good week too and stay safe.

    1. Thanks Neil, yes I noticed a video on YT announcing 2.93 but as I’m still using the “borrowed” laptop with the I3 processor I doubt the new shiny version of Bender will work. I am however in “window shopping mode” again pricing up a half decent new computer – but it’s gonna set me back at least £500+ just for the most basic that machine that will cope.

      1. It’s just that I’d like a machine that might be a bit faster because at the moment render times are very long (5 minutes plus each picture in Eevee and if I want to render in cycles I have to render a base image then add a second layer with effects and re-render the double layer). This I3 laptop I’m using also has glitches using Eevee, including renders coming out without the textures so objects appear as large mauve coloured blobs, and at worst in the middle of a render pass the laptop just crashes to desktop. I never had either problem with the I5 processor machine. I guess I’m also just impatient cos I have a lot of ideas in my head and can’t get them realised quick enough – I’m worried I’ll forget possible ideas before I build/render them! < I should start a diary to jot down my ideas/projects 🤔

      2. I run a private diary on another wordpress site.
        That’s the thing with rendering multiple computers is very handy.

    1. Hi there, it turns out the Colossus station is a lot more impressive as the series develops (but I can’t say too much about it as I think fellow blogger Tina is still watching Resistance and I don’t wanna spoil anything!) I am still working on finishing the rest of the Death Star model I started with the “Throne Room” saber I built a year or two back…when I do complete it that should be quite large too! Thanks as always.

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