“Tempered Saber” – In the Heat of Battle Effect

Hello Everybody, wow these posts seem to come round quickly – it only seems like yesterday that I posted “The Knight – Gotham’s Greatest”. Well maybe I have just been busy and time flew by. I received an email from Lord Draconical, the famous Nerf blaster expert and YouTuber in which he expressed his liking of my hilt I designed for him (check it out here: https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2021/03/27/the-drac-onian-for-lorddraconical/ It was nice to hear from him as Lord Drac has built/modified some awesome blasters and is an artist so I’m pleased he liked it. Again you can check out Drac’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5IY3wtFVRFBI7bCFv_U-5w

I also did my usual trip around social media and somebody on Facebook was asking “Are there any new curved lightsabers around?” and I thought, “Haven’t you seen my collection?”. However I couldn’t leave a comment as I’m not registered with FB but it got me thinking I should come up with a new curved hilt so set to work modifying my Mamba hilt from last year…

I took the Mamba hilt with the hooked fang claw and started twisting and stretching bits of the hilt and then pulled parts around…and as I did something strange happened. All of this manipulation of the emitter in particular caused it to heat up…the “metal” started to change…and a strange but rather pretty special effect took shape. The emitter started to show “Heat Blueing” or as it should be called the metal started to become “Tempered”. This manifests as a discolouration that begins with the base metal then as you move along the affected area the colour changes through the colours of the rainbow and appears as a rainbow stain in the metal. You may have seen it on the side exhaust emitters of Kylo Ren’s crossguard saber. His saber over heats and the side emitters vent that heat out so his crystal doesn’t completely destroy itself. This excess heat “blued” the metal – but I never knew I could replicate it in Blender. Enough chat, I’d like to show you this neat new effect so here is my “Tempered Saber”…

I think this looks rather neat and I posted multiple angles so you can see that this isn’t just some fancy Photoshop filter effect but I have actually modelled the hilt and textured it so it has the effect “baked” into it (the effect is fully 3D so I can scroll/move around the hilt and as you can see the Tempering follows accordingly). I didn’t have time to render a video of this new technique but it does look pretty as you move around the saber, the colours seem to be translucent and shimmer just like an oil slick on a puddle of water but you can tell the rainbow is “burnt” into the material.

I love this effect as it is so lifelike and another beautiful thing I have seen recently is the new Star Wars animation, “The Bad Batch”! So far I have seen all three episodes and am well impressed. Some of the scenes almost look cinematic film quality, especially the wide snowy forest scenery of the first episode. But there are some interesting characters so that means I am working on designs for them so keep tuned to FTSabersite to catch those and maybe a review of the show itself.

I am nearing the end of this post as time is against me. I’d like to thank Lord Draconical once more for his kind email (and Drac you don’t have to be shy ok!)….and to all of you my viewers, readers and friends, thanks for your fantastic support – it really keeps me going. I would ask if you like what you see here then please tell your friends and spread the word about FTSabersite, everyone is welcome. And I still have tons more stuff to showcase. Till next time….

“Tempered Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and was built and rendered in Blender 3D by For Tyeth. All 3D models and renders are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021.

7 thoughts on ““Tempered Saber” – In the Heat of Battle Effect”

  1. Wow that’s week went fast but even looked at your last design on a big screen yet. I do like the curved handle design.

    1. Hi Neil, the curved hilt is an old design I re-used because it had an interesting emitter I thought the new colouring technique would show up well on. Curved hilts are a little bit rare, probably because they take a bit more skill to use. Glad you liked the saber. Stay safe.

  2. Hi FT. Yes, it seems an age seems you last showed us your curves 🙂
    ‘Pretty’ is a good description, as to me they bring to mind the irridescence seen in magpie wings or a labordorite crystal, also as you say an oil slick on a puddle of water. Pretty, but also mystical I think in the way the colours play around in the light. Nice work!

    1. I’d hardly say I have curves…I’m as “skinny as a rake”…OH the saber curves! I am really happy how the new colour technique turned out because it took ages for my laptop to process the shading. Iridescence was the word that I was looking for as I typed up the post but escaped me (I typed the post early hours of the morning 😊) So glad you all like the design.

    1. Hello Resa, I have found a lot of people liked the golden version of this hilt, especially the members of the forum I am on. But I have to say what a similarity there is between the beautiful black and red gown you posted…

      and the Black Mamba Inquisitor hilt I posted…

      Two totally different subjects/objects that share so much in common!
      Thanks as always.

      1. It would be neat to superimpose this saber with the black and red gown! Of course a better pose for hand holding the saber would be needed!

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