Not-A-Nerf Saber – Elitist XD edition – For’s second mod

Hello Everybody, today I have my second Nerf inspired saber colour scheme and it is based on the next generation of blasters that followed the N-Strike range that I recreated in my first mod. The N-Strike was (and still is) well regarded for having solid performing blasters, both the spring powered models and especially the motorised blaster known as the Stryfe. This blaster runs on 4 AA sized batteries that run two motors with flywheels that first grip then project the foam dart. So the Stryfe originally came in dark blue, white, black and with safety regulation orange parts…but when Hasbro/Nerf upgraded the performance they upgraded the colourscheme to reflect it. Here is a comparison, Elite Stryfe vs Elite XD Stryfe…

As you can see the Stryfe was distinctive but the Stryfe Elite XD turns the colours up to 11! There is no doubt that this is a toy and not a real steel replica or heaven forbid a real live firing weapon…but the bright orange is going to make modifying this into a movie type prop like I planned difficult. But…I can turn the colourscheme into a saber! And that is what I’ve done, so enough talk from me here is the gallery of Glamour Shots…

The orange looks slightly different than that found on a real Nerf Orange Juice…sorry I mean Nerf Elite XD series blaster (Orange Juice was the affectionate nickname Nerfers gave to this colour scheme…or “O.J.” for short). However the white black and grey/silver are present. Because of the way I divided the handgrip to create the ridged rings I was able to recreate the “go faster stripe” seen on the blaster’s sides.


So now I have two sabers inspired by Nerf’s blaster colour schemes and I now own 5 Nerf blasters…yes five blasters. I have two Firestrike pistols in classic N-Strike colours (and as used in Red Dwarf!) and I have 2 Elite XD Stryfe blasters….which I am naming as the “Troubleland Stryfes” 😎 The fifth blaster I’ll tell you about in a Fortnite (<slight hint).

That just about wraps up this design and post…but I can’t end without mentioning the upcoming “May The Fouth Be With You Day” this Tuesday and I may have a bit of an exclusive as a new Knight emerges from the shadows and greets his friends and followers to bring hope to the Galaxy (well I hope he does). It depends on how well some photos turn out but hopefully I can tick off one of my “Things to do” on my Star Wars Bucket List…

I hope you will join me for future upcoming posts (including this Tuesday’s, fingers crossed) as I have many more designs and bits of Star Wars stuff to bring you. But for now thank you so much for supporting me and my site by visiting today. I have noticed an upturn in new viewers especially from links on Facebook so hello to you. If you like what you found here then please comment, like and if you really liked FTSabersite you can also subscribe. I would be honoured if you would join me! Till next time….

“Not-A-Nerf Elitist XD Edition” Saber is a For Tyeth Editions design and is inspired by the Nerf Elite XD colourscheme. The saber design, 3D model and renders are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “Nerf”, “N-Strike Elite”, “N-Strike Elite XD”, “Stryfe” and “Firestrike” plus all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro/Nerf.

4 thoughts on “Not-A-Nerf Saber – Elitist XD edition – For’s second mod”

    1. You’re not wrong! These blasters seem to be multiplying quicker than my lightsaber collection. I should be getting my second vaccine jab soon and hopefully the local charity (thrift) shops will be up and running so I can go and try to source spares and Greeblies. But fear not as soon as I get some progress I’ll post it here!

  1. Lovely!
    “May The Fourth Be With You Day” be good to you.
    I just learned about this a few days ago.
    Catching up slowly…… very slowly!

    1. Hello Resa, yes May the 4th is a BIG day for Jedi and Star Wars fans and something usually happens. In this case a new cartoon series is being launched called “The Bad Batch” about a group of cloned stormtroopers.
      But having said May 4th is a big day for Jedi and Star Wars then the next day is known as “Revenge of the Fifth” which is a play on words of “Revenge of the Sith” and the fans of the baddies known as the Sith celebrate Star Wars in their way!
      Thanks and hopefully something will be happening here on FTSabersite on the big day (fingers crossed!)

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