Tactician V2 : Strikeback – Thrawn’s second saber

Hello Everybody, today I revisit an old design with my newest design and it features a very distinctive and famous strategist. That strategist is the member of the Chiss Ascendancy that joined the Imperial Naval Fleet and rose to fame as Grand Admiral Thrawn! So, as I sort of stated I have already honoured the Grand Admiral with a saber but it was long ago back when I used the “old software” I had at my disposal and had to use other people’s parts. I did however heavily modify those saber parts to create the saber Tactician. Here is a quick reminder of that hilt…

You may recall that Thrawn as he was referred to in the “core worlds” was born in the “Unknown Regions” and was called Mitth’raw’nuruodo. His birth name was Kivu’raw’nuru (Kivu being similar to an earth family surname). He later changed his name when he became an adult and joined the military of the Chiss Ascendency. It was whilst he was carrying out a mission to examine the “Known Regions” and it’s species that he allowed himself to be “captured” by an Imperial squadron of troops as he stowed away on their ship when they came to investigate the disturbances at their camp. Thrawn eventually worked his way into the Imperial Navy by enlisting after showing promise and that he may have something to offer, and finally attained the rank of Grand Admiral after catching The Emperor’s attention.

As you can see from the title images here, Thrawn was a distinctive looking character having blue skin and bright red eyes so when I came up with the first Tactician saber above I had to photo edit the preview pictures to add the blue paintwork (the company that provided the saber building software didn’t have powdercoat or custom paintwork on general offer back then). But I struggled and “painted” each image pixel by pixel but after all the hard work I knew I could do better….so here is Tactician V2: Strikeback….

This saber has the same sort of colouration but this time I didn’t have to paint the hilt pixel by pixel as Blender 3D applied the texture to the model when I built it! It is still the same deep “Chiss Blue” to represent the Chiss species and has nice contrasting brushed silver metal accents with the shroud (you may recognise this from my The Dark Republic saber!). This saber has a red lit activation switch to match the red blade and peek ever so closely to the third image and you might just see two spots of red “peeking” out. These are two windows that allow the light from the blade to shine through but they also pay tribute to my first Tactician hilt and to the Chiss’ red eyes…

How ’bout that? Three pairs of “eyes” spying on us from afar! I say from afar because at the end of the cartoon series Star Wars Rebels, Thrawn was involved in a possible final battle with the Rebels (Ezra, Hera, Kanan, Reb) on Lothal and during the fight his ship was attacked by some Purgil space creatures and we don’t yet know if he survived! But as I said earlier I wanted to improve on my first Tactician saber and when I saw the “eyes” I had created with the windows on the Dark Republic hilt I knew this would suit Thrawn also. And just as a final decorative touch I added two Chiss Ascendency logos made into 3D on the handgrip and on the pommel insert – though Thrawn would probably disapprove saying “decoration is not needed on a weapon of battle – all that matters is that it performs in time of need!”. Well it does work and I hope you all like the Strikeback version.

That just about brings me to the end of this week’s post, I do hope you liked it. I will have to do some thinking about my next few posts as the big “May the 4th” is coming up so I might need to show off something bigger…hm….Anyhoo, thank you so much for your support and visit today. It is really appreciated and I have noticed many new viewer figures coming from new locations around the globe and you’re all welcome. If you all enjoy what you see here please comment, like and maybe subscribe if you haven’t already. I still have much more to come in future posts so do call back…..Till next time…..

“Tactician V2:Strikeback” is a For Tyeth Editions design and was built and rendered in Blender 3D. The design and images are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “Grand Admiral Thrawn” first appeared in the books by Timothy Zhan and is a Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm having appeared in “Star Wars: Rebels”.

4 thoughts on “Tactician V2 : Strikeback – Thrawn’s second saber”

    1. Hello Resa and thanks. That’s the beauty of “Colour Theory” in that Primary colours work so well together…it gets harder to co-ordinate as you mix more shades and tints together. Lucky for me Thrawn is so simple regards his colour palette…oh and he dresses mainly in white so that helps. Thanks as always…and I was just about to comment on your Keith Richards and Neil Young post when your comment pinged up!

    1. Hi there Neil, the SW Universe is very large and always getting bigger. Here’s a fun fact: Believe it or not but the Earth is part of the SW Universe sort of. When the film E.T. came out there were lots of SW references and toys on show (like the toys in Elliot’s bedroom) but one scene is very important. When Elliot and ET go outdoors ET dresses up in a sheet as a ghost so he blended in with all the kids “Trick or Treating” and as he walked around one child could be seen wearing a Yoda costume. ET points at this Yoda Kid and says “Home!” as if he recognises Yoda. Fast forward to the movie The Phantom Menace, ET (or a similar alien named Grieblips) can be seen in one of the floating platforms of the Senate Debate room.
      George Lucas and Steven Spielberg had an agreement to “plug” each other’s movie so technically because ET recognises Yoda on Earth and appeared in Phantom Menace then the Earth must be part of Star Wars!
      Glad you liked the saber and I hope all is well with you.

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