“The Drac-onian” for LordDraconical

Hello Everybody and welcome back to a something different design today. In the past month I mentioned my Cosplay costume that I am working on and the prop building I am planning to do using Nerf blasters. Well I obviously did my research and looked for the best Nerf blaster for the job and so I went to YouTube to watch reviews and modding tutorials and whilst doing this I was introduced to a person named LordDraconical (or Drac for short) who is considered a Nerf Master. He not only actively takes part in Nerfing events, he also mods his weaponry and runs a business making and selling Third Party add-ons for the community. I will admit most of the tech stuff he mentioned went over my head at first but I’m slowly catching up with my knowledge but there was something lurking in one of his videos that caught my eye…Here is Drac and the YouTube video – watch closely and see if you can find the hidden object!

Did you see it? Well…there was a cylindrical object made of aluminium with black accent pieces and what appeared to be an activation switch…could it be….a LIGHTSABER? Here take a look at some screenshots and you can decide…

It certainly looks like a lightsaber and Drac does have an “alter ego” character of a Vampire Ninja soo…I think he dabbles in the fine art of saber combat which is much more civilised than blasters 😁 However I couldn’t work out what model of saber it was and I decided to attempt to rebuild it in 3D so here is my version of this possible saber I call mine the Drac-onian Saber…

I didn’t have much in the way of reference images to work from (hence why I couldn’t identify the hilt) but I took artistic license and built it how I imagined it would work if I designed it. It still has the sleek aluminium handgrip with the black accent parts and recessed panels. One panel houses a Power Level Indicator and adjustment bolt to tune the blade length and power. The activation switch has a little bit of bling with a gold coating otherwise the hilt is a sleek functional duelling saber. But I mentioned Drac has an alter ego and he has built a brand for himself and has his own “Corporate House Colours” scheme. I discovered this colour scheme and I thought, “Hang on! Drac is a modder and I design custom sabers…let’s bling this saber in his colours!”….So I did and here it is the Drac LE version…

So this is Drac’s “Corporate House Colour” scheme of deep red and black which looks pretty spicy (he says that a lot about things he likes or thinks are cool). And you will notice that I added another little embellishment near the activation switch…and that is a little logo similar to Drac’s fang logo which I made using Blender’s Extruded Text feature (so the logo is actually a 3D part too!).

I also learnt recently how to create glowing wireframe renders so I have a final gallery of two wireframe renders and a twin shot of the regular and LE version of the Drac-onian…

Hopefully Lord Drac will like this saber if he sees it. I will try and let him know about it however, I am not great with Social Media etc but I’ll leave a message on his YouTube Channel, speaking of which if you are interested in Nerf blasters and “Foam Dart Flinging” then you can check out LordDraconical’s YT Channel with this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5IY3wtFVRFBI7bCFv_U-5w

And I suspect that Drac is really a big Star Wars fan because I also spotted a Luke Skywalker replica propped up against the back wall of his studio set up! Anyhoo I have done my bit to rebalance the Force in designing a hilt for him and just so it is truly balanced I have just bought a motorised blaster called a Nerf N-Strike Stryfe which is one of his favourites (it’s only fair I get some blasters too 😎)

That just about wraps this design so this means it’s Thank You time. Whether you are a first time viewer or one of the growing family of regular visitors, thank you so much for supporting me and my blog – you are all very much appreciated and please if you like what you see here then spread the word about FTSabersite if you can. I am continuously working on new stuff so please call back for future posts. Till next time…

“The Drac-onian” saber is a For Tyeth Editions saber and was modelled and rendered in Blender 3D by For Tyeth. The model and renders are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. The images, nickname and YouTube video of LordDraconical are ©Copyright of Lord Draconical.

6 thoughts on ““The Drac-onian” for LordDraconical”

    1. Bada-Bum-Tisch! I’m here all week! Wow Neil you must have seen a few pub and club comedians to pick up jokes like that! Maybe Drac will use some of them in his videos 🤔

  1. I sure hope Lord Drac adores this. You went to a far away cosmo designing this tribute saber for him!
    I cheated. I spotted the light saber because you showed it. If he answers you, I will watch his video.

    1. Hello Resa, hope you’re well and thank you. I do seem to have been drawn into the world of Foam Dart target shooting – and Lord Drac was a big part of my interest in the hobby. Ever since I started designing my own parts and sabers in Blender I see potential sabers in all sorts of everyday items and my eye now picks out sabers almost subconsciously which led to me spotting his in the video! I did manage to contact Drac via Twitch (I have a Twitch account but I don’t stream myself) and sent him an email and link so hopefully he will get to see the design. Thanks again and stay safe.

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