“Racer Saber” inspired by Star Wars Resistance

Hello Everybody and welcome to another new saber(?) design! We have all been living under crazy conditions for the past year or so and we have found ways to occupy our time and entertain ourselves. Well I took the extra time to binge watch the cartoon series Star Wars: Rebels which I was hesitant about at first but I really got invested in the great story and characters. It inspired a range of new designs for sabers so after finishing Rebels I decided to watch the next series Disney/Lucasfilm produced and that was Star Wars: Resistance. It centred around the character of Kazudo Xiono or Kaz, a young man that was a bit of a “flyer” in his own opinion (though he did have skills) and he somehow gets recruited by Poe Dameron the Resistance hero to do some spying on the First Order.

Kazudo Xiono front and centre, Poe Dameron on the right and Neeku Vozo on the left!

Kazudo after meeting Poe and being recruited finds himself on an ocean planet aboard a large ship refuelling platform named The Colossus. There here spies on the ever increasing presence of First Order troops arriving on the station. He also becomes part of the Aces Squadron – a group of “Air Racers” that take part in high speed pylon/gate racing. The “Aces” also double as the Colssus’ air defence squad protecting it from pirate activity. The Colossus looks like this..

Very exposed and at risk from attack I would say! I can’t divulge too much of the story here as a pleasant young lady named Tina I met recently (and also publishes a Star Wars blog you can check out here: https://mystarwarsthoughts.com/ – it has great articles such as Top 5 lists and thoughts on the SW universe and community) is currently in the middle of binge watching Resistance herself so I don’t want to spoil anything! But I can say that there is a particular Air Racer ship that caught my eye and it is called the Fireball and it is that ship which has inspired this next design, I call this “Racer Saber”…

The reason I love this ship and built a saber based on it is because the Fireball looks like a cross between a World War 2 Vought CorsairF4U fighter plane and a competition aerobatic race plane like those seen in the “Red Bull Air Race” series from a few years ago. It also looked as if it was a crossguard medieval sword hilt…perfect I thought for a saber! The cockpit windshield acts as an activation switch and power level indicator, otherwise this hilt is a very basic recreation of the Fireball (though much smaller so it can hang off your belt 😁! I mentioned this ship was primarily used for pylon aerobatic races so here is a second gallery showing “Racer Saber” going through it’s paces…

The last two images I just added so you can judge how close I got to recreating the Fireball and my little attempt to recreate a Resistance show logo for my post title image! I will say I struggled a little bit with the colouring of this hilt and the renders seem a bit “washed out”. I used regular background images and not Environmental Images which are spherical background images that provide lighting for your models and they didn’t render as well. But hopefully the slightly faded colours give the impression that my model is actually part of the animation screenshots!

That just about brings this post to the finish line, but as always I have my usual sign off and thanks to convey. Please if you have time go and check out Tina’s blog – https://mystarwarsthoughts.com/ and if you like what you see leave a comment and likes. And talking of comments, likes and support, thank you to each of you who have checked out this post and my site, whether a new visitor to FTSabersite (and I know there have been a few) or if you regularly check in you’re all much appreciated. I still have many new designs upcoming including sabers based on famous blasters, The High Republic, more Resistance saber designs, Star Trek (yes that franchise) AND long awaited news on my costume. All this and more in future posts so I hope you can call back and check it all out. Till next time…

“Racer Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by the ship “Fireball” seen in Star Wars; Resistance. The 3D model and renders were created by For Tyeth and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “The Fireball”, “Kazudo Xiono”, “Star Wars: Resistance” and all other names, logos, pictures and related materials are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

6 thoughts on ““Racer Saber” inspired by Star Wars Resistance”

  1. Will give Tinas blog a follow, only my browsers are all acting a bit odd in Linux on WordPress currently. May fine up W10 LOL. nice work FT

    1. Hi Neil, sorry I’m late replying but I had my first COVID jab yesterday and I’ve been asleep for 24hrs – I felt wiped out as if I had flu (nothing too serious, muscles aches and head cold like symptoms). I could be like this for a day or two. I’m sure when you get your operating system sorted you’ll find something to like on Tina’s site. I have just started getting the dreaded “Your version of Win10 is soon going to be out of support – upgrade now!” messages and it was that upgrade that led to my I5 Laptop malfunctioning.
      Finally, glad you liked the saber, hopefully I should have one this weekend too, just depends on how groggy I feel! Thanks as always.

      1. No of my machines are even i3 all older yet they work on the newest windows version, I never do the big updates for a few months though as they are always trouble. Hope your symptoms pass. I was wiped out for about 24 hours. Feel a little better now.

      2. Hi again and thanks. As you know my regular health situation isn’t great but this Jab just caused me to sleep 24hrs solid which I never do normally (my skin complaint makes sleeping comfortably for maire than 2-3 hours at a time difficult). Hopefully I will be better prepared for Jab 2!
        And regards the updates, I waited a month or two after each Patch was released as I knew there would be issues with them at first (all the KB numbered packages). But my I5 laptop died due to the motherboard and power regulation to the fan failing – but when the updates tried installing it put so much strain on my HDD and fan I’m sure it damaged them too (I had mechanical HDD not SSD)

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