“Prodigal” a design by DarthProdigal

Hello Everybody, another week has passed (how quick has this year flown by so far?) and I realised “Wow I haven’t posted a Guest Designer hilt for a while – I better fix that”. Well today I have a hilt I modelled for a member of the forum I belong to, who had come up with a saber idea based on an old medieval weapon. The weapon is a mix between a mid European Halberd and a Battleaxe. The Halberd was used in the 15,16 and 17th centuries and consisted of a shaft handle with an axe style blade mounted at 90 degrees to the handle and atop the shaft there was usually a short pointed blade like a spear. These things were vicious but my friend DarthProdigal from the forum took the idea and gave the Halberd double axe blades and removed the spear blade. It looked a bit more like a European double blade Battleaxe – but there was a surprise! It also featured a smaller bladed weapon connected to the pommel end instead. DarthProdigal posted a sketch on the forum and as usual members chatted about “I wonder how this would look like this or that” etc so I decided to model it in Blender but first here is Prodigal’s sketch…

This was the picture Prodigal posted and it was interesting! I’ll be honest and say the first thing I saw was Spiderman’s chest logo but after a few seconds of scrutiny I realised this was a nice design that had some thought put into it. There were the two axe blades – very functional should the lightsaber blade fail- then a nice wrapped handgrip. There was also a second shorter “Shoto” (a small defensive blade used in your non dominant hand as a sort of shield) style blade too with a crescent moon claw shaped emitter. I liked this even more. Prodigal explained that the Shoto connected somehow onto the pommel endcap of the main axe weapon making it double bladed like a staff lightsaber. Knowing this I set to work in Blender…

This is the wireframe view of what I thought a fully manufactured Halberd might look like. You can see it is fairly complex and I have added a few minor details to just adorn it here and there (though the additions do serve a purpose). I think I have chatted enough and it’s time for a few Glamour Shots…here’s Gallery One….

I don’t know if I’d want to face up against one of these! I have faced some formidable weapons in my battles but none quite like this. The hilt I built using two cylinders, one for the regular hilt handle and a second “pancaked” cylinder which I modified to give it a “sharp” edge for the blades. I cut out segments to create the trusses holding the blades to the central plate of the axe head, I gave the blades a contrasting colour to make them stand out. For extra detail I added bolts/screws to hold the sections of the hilt together (you can see the hex bolts on the ferrule sections and pommel). The pommel features a connector to attach the Shoto blade allowing the user to form the double blade staff – the connector uses a twist-lock cog) The activation switch is custom made to represent a faction of religious believers in Star Wars known as the Sith Empire – these were a group of fanatics that promote the Sith and some even helped Emperor Palpatine come back from the dead to carry out his plan in The Rise of Skywalker. These fanatics had an emblem which consisted of a “Black Sun” – the switch represents a sun and it’s rays (not Reys 🤣). And on that bad joke I should post the second gallery as an apology…here’s Gallery Two…

Having learnt of the significance of the Black Sun and from what DarthProdigal told me I realised I needed to model the emblem and incorporate it somewhere on the weapon. It turns out that the central hub of the axe head structure provided a perfect place to fit the emblem onto! I modelled the emblem the same way that I created the Jedi logo on my High Republic hilt last week – I took an image of the logo and triggered Blender to convert the image into a flat outline object which I could then apply a thickness to, making the object a fully 3D mesh. I stuck to the red and black colour scheme of the weapon so the Sun is also red. You will see that I had to adjust the shape of the emblem slightly so it was visible over the curvature of the axe head and shaft but I think it looked perfect in position.

Prodigal Lightsaber Halberd and the Sith Throne (background ©Copyright Disney/Lucasfilm

Just before I go I would really like to thank DarthProdigal for allowing me to recreate his idea in 3D for him and to display it here. Prodigal has been very supportive of my designing and gives me great feedback when I post on the forum so it is fitting that I induct him into my Guest Designer gallery! Thanks again Prodigal,

And to you my friends and viewers, thank you also! Your support is much appreciated and all your comments, likes and and follows mean a lot to me and the running of FTSabersite. I hope you will all return to see future upcoming posts as I have more High Republic era hilts to showcase along with a few SW Resistance themed designs as well as a range of NERF inspired sabers! Till next time….

“Prodigal” Halberd is a DarthProdigal design and is ©Copyright of DarthProdigal. The 3D model and renders were created by me, For Tyeth and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021.

15 thoughts on ““Prodigal” a design by DarthProdigal”

  1. Can’t thank you enough FT, I am blown away by the result and am still ecstatic that you liked the design enough to render it in the first place! You chose some great colors and kept the “spirit” of the weapon alive for sure. It was meant to be a vicious and cruel design, which could function even if not ignited. You brought it to life, and I thank you tremendously for that. But I’m definitely a big fan of your work in general, keep up the impressive/stunning designs. And as always, may the Force serve you well.

    1. Hello DarthProdigal, the man himself! Believe me it was an honour to build this and render it as it was so much fun and a well thought out design. It will sit nicely next to PsychoSith’s Rapier design which leads me to an observation – both yours and Psycho’s designs were inspired by classical real world medieval weaponry so there must be something unique about those eras of warfare. Thanks again and I hope you too design a few more sabers!

  2. It looks amazing! It does remind me a little of the Inquisitors and their lightsabers and I’m not sure why. I think it might be the halberd part of the build that looks similar maybe? Love it 🙂

    1. Hi Julie, I think Prodigal’s design is better than the “helicopter” Inquisitor hilt (it is certainly more versatile). And as I mentioned it has a solid basis in historical earth weaponry so even if not used as a saber it has offensive potential as an axe. I am so glad you liked it and I will be passing on all the comments to Darth P (though I think he has been visiting quite often recently so will see for himself!).

    2. Thanks a lot for enjoying the design! I do really like the Inquisitor lightsabers. In truth I’d love to have one with that design IRL for sure, not even a spinning one or anything, just a double bladed lightsaber with that wicked hilt. I did not really base it off of those though. You can see the original had more angled blade edges, and at first I did want one side a bit bigger than the other; but I opted to have them more balanced. If anything it did have a resemblance to Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter/Tie Bomber resemblance. But it’s mostly just for fun/coincidental in that reference.

      1. Very cool 🙂 I don’t collect lightsabers myself, I am more of a figures/figurines and funko pop collector 🙂 But I am interested in anything that people collect so thank you for allowing FT to share your creation 😀

  3. This looks like the kind of hilt that could do tremendous damage without even being lit up ^^’
    I love the colors as well!

    1. Hello Darth Rondoudou! Yes this halberd certainly has some versatility, I think that was Darth Prodigal’s idea – should the saber blade fail then the weapon can still be used as a “regular” battleaxe.
      There seems to be a lot of “Sith” interest in this design.

    2. Hey Darth Rondoudou, it took a while to reply. I wrote one out, and it wouldn’t post properly, then I “lost it” so I didn’t much feel like retyping anything till now. But yes, that was the goal. A weapon design that could be used to effect even when not ignited, and especially since then your enemies are left bleeding out. Plus the thoughts of wars between Sith and Jedi wearing armor or VS Mandalorian armor. It seemed perfectly Sith to plan around lightsaber resistant materials with raw power/force. Plus the thought of just swinging it around a battlefield or storming into a stronghold makes me smile! I’m so thrilled with the work FT put in, and I’m glad you liked it as well… Appreciate your enthusiasm.

    1. Ha, that’s awesome to hear. Fear was for sure the intention. I did want a design that would fuel the user exponentially as it was implemented. All the pain, fear, devastation it’s causing just further feeding the Sith swinging it. A thrown lightsaber is bad enough, but if you were in a low light situation and that “axe” comes flying through while not ignited… yeah fear is a great response. I’m glad you really appreciate it conceptually and the work FT put in on it for sure!

  4. Hello Colorful Sisters, sorry it took a while to respond to you both but your comment got “lost” in WordPress’ Spam filter and I wasn’t notified it was there. Thank you for the kind comment about my blog, but I have seen your site and the images you have on there are truly amazing compared to my little digital recreations! Those pictures from the Neged region of Israel look as if they come from the golden age of the silver screen!
    Thanks again.

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