“Cat’s Whikers Saber” – Inspired by Miraculous’ Cat Noir

Hello Everybody, hope you’re all doing well and ready for another new design. Last week I featured a hilt for the greatest martial artist ever – Bruce Lee – well this week I back things down a little to a slightly less intimidating character. But he’s still a superhero. Last month I posted “Miracle Saber” for Marinette DuPain Cheng aka Ladybug and told you about her battle against Hawkmoth and I mentioned another hero. That hero gets a saber today.

His name is Adrien Agreste, and is the son of the world famous Parisian fashion designer Gabriel Agreste. Adrien is very sheltered by his father but he is allowed to attend a regular high school which is where he met Marinette – unaware that she is Ladybug and likewise Marinette, despite liking Adrien a lot, is unaware that he is her mystery sidekick…..Cat Noir! Cat Noir is the quick witted, nimble superhero that has a devious charm and a very special weapon that he uses in combatting Hawkmoth’s zombie Akumatised victims. That weapon is a special baton that is ridiculously strong, has the ability to extend to amazing lengths allowing him to use it to “pole vault” around and over obstacles and traverse the city of Paris. It can deflect projectiles and it even has a mobile phone built into it…BUT….it isn’t a lightsaber! So I “fixed” it so it is a proper hero’s weapon for an elegant time! Here is Cat’s Whiskers….

This hilt is based off of Cat Noir’s extender baton and has a matching dark grey coating and green accents. The saber looks sleek and simple, just like the baton but I did add an illuminated activation switch in the shape of a cat’s paw/claws. The green bands are actually slightly recessed ridges to provide a bit of grip and decoration. Speaking of decoration, the pommel end cap features a “Cat’s Eye” emblem in green also (just like his eyes!). I think green is Cat Noir’s colour…

Here you can see Cat Noir with his baton in it’s extended version (though it can extend MUCH longer when needed) but as you can see it lacks the illuminated switch. I felt that my updated version of this weapon was too similar so I did add another piece of decoration which I modelled in 3D to test myself. That decoration is another “paw print” on the reverse side of the saber and is embossed into the surface of the hilt. You can see the emblem which is very important in these next batch of pics, along with a couple of my saber extended too!…

The paw emblem is a “reverse print” pattern of the activation switch (i.e. the raised sections are now sunken and vice versa) and this logo also appears on Cat Noir’s Miraculous trinket. Remember I mention Ladybug and Noir transform by using a magical object or piece of jewellery, well Cat Noir’s Miraculous is his finger ring which has the cat paw logo imprinted on it. The logo also displays a sort of timer showing how long he can remain as Cat Noir before the magic runs out. It is this ring (and Ladybug’s ear rings) that the villain wants and tries to steal in each episode. Hawkmoth…Ah yes….I said there was a Star Wars style twist regarding him didn’t I? It turns out that Cat Noir’s secret identity is so secret…..even HIS FATHER doesn’t know who he is….have you guessed the twist yet? SPOILERS!!! Hawkmoth is……..

OK, I had better stop this post here before I reveal anything that may ruin your pleasure watching Miraculous – The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir in future – just in case you haven’t seen it. But before I go I have a short announcement to make and my usual thanks and salutations.

Recently WordPress announced that they are testing/rolling out a new feature onto “free account” blogs and sites. This comes in the form of “Sponsored Native Posts” which they describe as a way to generate traffic and awareness of blogs, posts, products and brands (whatever that means). They (WordPress) also state that the authors of free blogs (like me) cannot control what is posted on my pages, so you might read this post on my Homepage and directly above it will be a “Sponsored Post” inserted by WordPress. That post could be about anything! But there is a way around this and that is to upgrade to a paid account which will block these ads. Now I didn’t mind the small ads at the bottom of the pages of my site but full blown post entries I’m not totally happy about. I was considering upgrading as I will soon need more online storage but now this situation has arisen and I may need to consider paying for Hosting. Unfortunately I may have to ask for your help in future if I upgrade. FTSabersite would continue to offer free content as normal but I might have to add a “Members Only” subscription section or similar monetization (which the upgrade also allows for). But I would like your opinions on what “perks” you think I could offer for a subscription fee and whether you would be willing to pay for those. (Believe me I wish I wasn’t faced with this dilemma, however this blog due to my circumstances is just a hobby but one I put a lot of effort into and I’d like to keep it as it is).

Anyhoo, back to the “Thank You” notes I always finish on! Thank you each and every one who has visited (and read this far!) to support me and FTSabersite. You are all very much appreciated as I wouldn’t have an audience if you didn’t turn up. Please comment, like or follow me and spread the word about FTSabersite. I still have lots more to showcase. Till next time….

“Cat’s Whiskers Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by the animated series “Miraculous – The Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir”. The “Cat’s Whiskers Saber” design, 3D model and renderings are Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “Miraculous – The Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir” was created by Thomas Astruc and developed by Zagtoon Method Animations. All names, logos, images and related materials are Trademark/Copyright of Thomas Astruc/Zagtoon Method Animations.

11 thoughts on ““Cat’s Whikers Saber” – Inspired by Miraculous’ Cat Noir”

  1. Hi FT. If you’re a ‘free’ user then basically they can put whatever ads and content they want on your page. It’s only $4USD per month for the upgrade, you lose the ads + gain some storage.
    I’m a fan of it because it keeps the blog nice and clean.
    I remember when I was admin on a Star Wars forum and they introduced these really annoying ads after a while – the only way to remove them was to pay for an ad-free upgrade. Wasn’t much, like WP a few dollar p/month. But it was either pay up or get stuck with completely non-related and annoying ads.
    As for subscriptions, me personally I wouldn’t be interested in a subscription or members benefit.
    You could try a one-off donation call? I did it a while back when I was struggling once, and some very generous readers made some donations, which helped a lot at the time.

    1. Hi TVTA, yes I have seen the comments on other bloggers’ pages relating to this and they all say the same as you. “If you don’t pay for a product then you are the product”. I mentioned the subscription or Members’ Section idea then after posting saw the option for “Donation Calls” was a thing.
      The whole situation was just a bit of a kick in the gut, as I have toed the line and accepted the small ads at the foot of my pages but then WP propose adding these full blown adverts.
      Thanks for the advice and knowledge.

      1. You’re welcome, FT. I like that statement: “If you don’t pay for a product then you are the product” … kinda true when it comes to things like WP.
        A good thing about the upgrade is the sense of ‘ownership’ you then feel. Okay, you’re having to pay for that feeling, but it does give control over how you want your site to be/look.

  2. I tend to use ad blockers. Most free system are paid via adverts. I will see how it effects my viewing figures, before making any decision.if I’m paying for hosting I want control, full FTP, and the option to edit code.

    1. Yes I’ve learnt that adverts are necessary, it’s just these new full size “posts” that have me annoyed. I mean, I have played by WP’s rules and have the ads at the foot of the pages. And if you consider over the 5 years I’ve blogged I have had 26,000 views – so if, at the very least, WP make 50pence from each view that’s £13.000 and me? I’ve made nothing. Anyhoo I’ll see how it goes too and then consider upgrading (I mentioned last year I needed more storage and you suggested setting up a second site and linking to it if you recall) .

      1. I mentioned this to a friend, whom set me up a blog system on my .com address. I was using it as an online advert for my skills. I will most likely drop my gym membership as it’s been closed most of the last year and has gone up by £50. £4 a month isn’t a huge amount for the pleasure and friendship I have gained. The .com would be better for more techy articles. Lol

      2. The .com address sounds good but wouldn’t I have to pay for that after the first free year? I’ve priced domain names up and they seem pretty pricey.

      3. Hi, FT, yes that’s another cost for the domain – first year is free then after you pay to keep it, I think from memory it’s $18USD per year, but I also think it’s optional and you can still keep the .wordpress part.
        I changed mine ages ago and did find I had increased traffic immediately after ditching the .wordpress part, and appeared higher on search engine results – whether that was a fluke or not I don’t know.

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