Dragon Katana – Ultimate Edition Bruce Lee

Hello Everybody, wow time flies and we’re already about to start the third week of 2021. It is a tumultuous time, I had hoped that the new year may calm down a little and things would be less fraught but alas not. And it got me wondering how certain people would react in these strange times. I thought about “heroes” like the Jedi, I thought about our “leaders” of the world, I thought about “Warriors” and that final thought brought me to the warrior I have constructed a new saber for, That warrior is Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee – the man, myth and legend.

Bruce Lee I envisage wouldn’t be one to back down if fighting for a cause he believed in and would stand up to protect those that needed it. He was certainly wise and intelligent enough to be a great leader as well as warrior. You see sometimes you need to know when NOT to fight just as much as when to engage. Bruce I reckon could do that. But I know that if ever he needed to engage an opponent he probably wouldn’t need a lightsaber but I designed one in his honour anyway. Here is Dragon Katana – Ultimate Edition Bruce Lee….

You might have seen Bruce in the picture above from the movie “Enter The Dragon” – that picture/pose was very iconic and 99% of the world would know who the person was, but another iconic image of Bruce is that of him wearing a yellow and black jumpsuit in “Game of Death” where he famously fought Kareem Abdul Jabbar (NBA basketball legend). Well this saber is definitely based on that iconic jumpsuit. The hilt is also based on a traditional Katana sword hilt with an elongated body giving the wielder great leverage and control of the blade due to the ability to spread his/her grip on the handle. The hilt also has a round Tsuba handguard below the emitter. Black stripes adorn the sides of the hilt along with two large panels featuring the outline of Bruce performing a dropkick…another trademark image. Near the pommel of the saber are a set of three diamond shaped apertures with a mesh grill cover. These are sound/heat vents for the saber and are made to look like the hilt wrapping feature called the Tsuka Ito that involves wrapping the silk around the handle leaving small diamond shaped windows (these holes would usually have a contrasting coloured silk or decorative metal plates beneath them). The activation switch is modelled on the “Bruce Lee Dragon” logo and that logo also adorns the pommel end cap. Ok, here are a few more picture of the hilt before I finish describing it’s features…

These final pictures show off the clean smooth lines of the hilt. I say smooth lines but there are three discreet creases around the body of the saber to create 4 distinct positions to grip the hilt by (and just prevents the hilt being too flat sided). The white blade represents Bruce’s philosophy of being free in mind, body and spirit so allowing oneself to quickly adapt to changing circumstances when necessary. Hence the blade is neutral white and not Lightside or Darkside of the Force inspired. The last two images were just me trying out some atmospheric lighting shots as I have been dabbling in artistic compositions recently. I even edited the Bruce Lee Dragon logo onto this picture which shows off the jumpsuit nicely…

There were so many great things Bruce could have gone on to do in his life but sadly he died at a very young age (32yrs) in 1973 just as he was about to break all movie box office records and gain global film mega-stardom. He did after death become a legend and his teachings and beliefs still carry on with the Bruce Lee Foundation. You can read his bio on the Bruce Lee website found here: https://brucelee.com/bruce-lee

That just about wraps up this tribute to (arguably) the greatest martial artist to have ever lived. Thank you for checking this one out, I sort of sprang this as a surprise (I think I may have mentioned it was up coming once but that was late last year). So as always, I hope you will like, comment and spread the word about FTSabersite and whether this is your first visit or you are a regular caller, thanks again for the tremendous support. Coming up….more Miraculous and Star Wars Resistance! Till next time….

“Dragon Katana – Ultimate Edition Bruce Lee” saber is a For Tyeth Editions design and is Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “Bruce Lee”,” Bruce Lee Dragon” and all names, images and logos are Trademark/Copyright the Bruce Lee Foundation/estate and the image from “Enter The Dragon” is Copyright of Warner Bros/Concord Productions.

14 thoughts on “Dragon Katana – Ultimate Edition Bruce Lee”

    1. Hi TVTA, I tried to keep the design simple but striking (no pun intended) at the same time. The Katana style weapon is very basic but ever so effective. Of course there are the ceremonial decorative hilts too, so I think my design falls somewhere between those two extremes. So glad you liked it….it took me back to hiring Betamax video tapes of his movies way back when.

    1. Hello Neil, I thought you might appreciate this one! And you are the second person to point out the simplicity of the design (in a positive way). That jumpsuit was so simple and iconic I wanted the details to be subtle but still obvious. So glad it worked.
      Hope your route learning is going well and be careful with this terrible weather at the moment.

    1. Hello Resa, thank you, lightsabers and Oriental swords and sabers are very closely linked as George Lucas was inspired by Kendo fighters and based the lightsaber fights on martial arts. And yes! I know of Billy Blanks, he is a former fighter, actor and fitness guru. He created the Tae-Bo fitness program which is based on Tae-Kwon-Do and Muay-Thai style kickboxing. I used to see a lot of infomercials here in the UK for his keep fit DVDs.

      1. He won a lot of world championships.
        I worked with him years ago on a movie “Balance of Power”. Not the greatest movie plot wise, but it was a venue for kick boxing and martial arts. They brought famous fighting guys in, from all over the world. I got to do their costumes. What fun I had!
        Billy and Rowdy Roddy Piper were the stars. Those 2 broke bones, and part of their costumes was me designing accessories that helped keep their bones in place. Loved those guys!

      2. Oh you met Roderick Toombs too? I should have been a costume designer…I’d have met all my fave wrestlers that way! I’ll be honest I don’t think I’ve seen “Balance of Power” – it was probably a straight to DVD release in the UK. And Roddy could legitimately break bones, he was tough as shoe leather and I was so sad to learn he’d died so young.

      3. WOW! Sorry I just went and watched the clip. Very typical 90’s martial arts choreography and the fight finishes with a double foot stomp – just like Bruce Lee used in the movie Enter the Dragon. Great stuff, thank you as always. (Gonna check out the full film too)

      4. Yay!!! I didn’t have much money for costumes. It was kind of low budget that way. They spent all the $$$ on the fighters!

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