FT’s Review of 2020 and look forward to 2021….What a year.

Here we go with the second half of this 2020 review…enjoy….

July saw a summer of….well being stuck indoors as temperatures and tempers soared as frustration over the pandemic rumbled on. I too rumbled on with doing what I do best and I showcased another “rescued hilt” called Lost Hilt Two, came up with TWO versions of the TIE Fighter and as if that wasn’t enough I finished watching the final season of The Clone Wars cartoon and Rebels. So I built a new hilt for Ahsoka Tano – including TWO variants and a double bladed staff version.

August arrived and I continued to distract myself from the chaos of the “Tiered Protection System” where certain areas of the country could operate normally(ish) while other parts were still in “Lockdown” and a merry dance of moving up and down the tiers led to outcries of unfairness as some places with low virus infection numbers were closed while others were demoted and re-opened. TOTAL UTTER CHAOS. I kept busy, further stretching my portfolio of objects that I model by constructing a new Super Star Destroyer, a colourful saberstaff for Sabine Wren from the cartoon Rebels. Also from Rebels I built a saber for the double agent Kallous. Fans of the Japanese anime show Mobile Suit Gundam got a new “Beam Saber” and I had the honour to recreate another PsychoSith collaboration with the “Order of Knighthood” rapier hilt.

September slipped into view and it was obvious the virus wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the up and down Tier System kept grinding away (with seemingly little positive effect from my point of view). I was just thankful I had a coping mechanism in my designing…oh and I started building up my own real life lightsaber (I bought some electronic parts I needed) AND I got a new set of Jedi robes to go with a nice new pair of boots. The designs I came up with this month included THREE Rebels inspired hilts, one inspired by the famous Lothal Wolves and one for Hera Syndulla and finally one for “The Last of the Lasat”. I was also asked to construct a Starfighter to protect the Star Destroyer from last month so I built Vornyx!

Ok after seeing that horror picture with Qui-gon Jinn and that other Jedi it’s time to click onto Part 4 – once more click for page four!

14 thoughts on “FT’s Review of 2020 and look forward to 2021….What a year.”

  1. It’s been a very odd year, but we have made it through. You made a lot of sabres, I made a lot of muffins. Long may it continue. Happy new year FT + Mrs FT

    1. Hello Neil, yes a lot of muffins.. always making me hungry! Thanks for the New Year wishes and may I extend mine and Mrs FT’s back to you. Have a good one and I’ll talk to you next year!

    1. Hear Hear! Yes let’s hope 2021 is a bit less of a hassle. And I passed your thanks to Mrs FT – Mrs Tyeth saved the blog, now I just have to save and buy a decent and brand new computer. (I tried to be eco conscious and buy a refurbished one but it was a false economy in the end – but it tried)

  2. Happy New Year, FT mate! Hope it’s full of creativity, peace, love and light for us all.
    You made an astonishing amount of designs last year (including with a few tech difficulties encountered).
    My faves… not SW for once, (although I still love the X-Wing design) but the Brian May and Eddie Van Halen guitar tributes!

    1. Hi TVTA and the same new year’s wishes to you and your too. Thanks so much, I’m glad I managed to impress you. I am really proud of the Red 5 Special I built for Brian May as it was the first time I had attempted something so iconically identifiable. That guitar is a character in itself and I had to get a lot of details right. Not easy as The Lady as the guitar is known has changed over the years.
      The Eddie Van Halen “Eruption” saber came about from an experiment I did using Obi-Wan Kenobi’s saber from Episode One. It involved creating a “Shattered Look” texture using just mathematically generated imagery (this means I didn’t just paste a photo onto the model).
      Both models pushed my limits (and the tech!) so I’m happy they worked out.
      Thanks again and bravely onwards into 2021.

    1. Hello Nancy and Happy New Year. Thank you for the kind comment, the scary thing is I could have posted more designs as I have a few backlogged up! That and I struggled with my computer setup always crashing. I am currently using the laptop I “borrowed” but it is less powerful and slower. I’ll just have to save up my Credits and buy a new machine. Thanks for all the support this past year (and before that) it really helps.

  3. Happy New Year, FT! Lots of memorable posts this year. My favs include The Eddie Van Halen tribute (I know he was a personal hero of yours) and Sonic The Hedgehog, and of course, constructing your own real-life saber. Can’t wait to see wha artworks 2021 has in store. Cheers 🙂

    1. Hello EF and thank you very much, comments like this mean a lot. I was unsure whether I had a “good” year or not as it was so crazy, but when I looked back I surprised myself. 2020 certainly had a lot of emotional ups and downs but I think I’m going to be stronger for it. And I have to say a big thanks for your support and the incredible film editing you produce -watching it helped me when I needed a distraction and the standard of product inspired me to keep working hard.

      1. I feel like we had a similar year! Both dealt with ups and downs, computer issues, personal struggles, and both managed to still produce good art. And that’s awesome!👨‍💻💡🎹🎸

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