Copper Coax Saber – A little Steampunk modification

Hello Everybody, last week as you may know brought the sad news of David “Darth Vader” Prowse’s passing and as a result it was another hard time for me. It didn’t help that I also had an Influenza vaccination and that made me feel lethargic and under the weather. So I wasn’t able to get the mini photoshoot I hoped to do with my Flyte saber and new robe done – plus my cameraperson, Mrs Tyeth was also busy. My camera has a self timer so I tried doing it myself but it only features a 10sec delay…I may be fast but even Jedi speed isn’t quick enough to set the camera then run into shot and pose in time! However I have been busy designing and made a small modification to the Coaxium Saber I showed last week. Members on the Ultrasaber’s forum suggested the hilt would look good in a coppery/bronze colour scheme to make it a bit “Steampunk” inspired so here is a gallery of the new painted hilt….

By tweaking the settings on the colour wheel picker I was able to select a nice burnt orange/coppery finish for the hilt. I think it goes well with the purple blade still so I left that and the “Coaxium Helix” chamber contents as they were. Speaking of the Coaxium capsules here is gallery two showing the refinished chamber…

These images really show how nice the copper sets off the purple. I thought it was so nice I would try and create some abstract art and took an artsy close up picture of the Coaxium in it’s chamber – this really shows off the spiral twisted torus of the helixes.

But I felt this saber needed just a couple more tweaks so I added a couple of safety valves on the chamber (as I had seen Steampunk Engines and Automata with little exhaust vents and pipes) and I added some conduit vanes on the emitter. Here are those modifications…

These are only minor details for now but I am beginning to push the limits of what this lower spec laptop can model and render (I am still using the borrowed laptop for now). But the minor mods just differentiate the original model from this version.

I am again nearing the end of this post but as always I have my thank you’s to make and let you know what’s coming up on the site. I will do my best to get the mini photoshoot done and I also have some Star Wars The High Republic inspired hilts to bring to you (if I can render them!). And if that wasn’t enough I have some Miraculous hilts that should appear in a few weeks time. I hope you will all call back to check these future posts out. For now I’d like to thank you for your visit and support today, whether a first time visitor or one of my loyal long time followers, you are much appreciated. If this is your first visit and like what you see don’t forget to leave a comment and maybe subscribe – there is a “Follow Me” button at the top of the screen…”I would be honoured if you would join me”! Till next time…

“Copper Coax Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and the design, 3D models and renders are Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020.

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