Yes My Lord – Dave Prowse, Lord Vader, Legend and Gent has passed away

It is with great sadness that I find that Dave Prowse, the body and actor beneath the Darth Vader suit has passed away, aged 85. He was a giant of the acting galaxy but probably never got as much recognition as he should have earlier in Star Wars history (as he was kept in secrecy behind the mask to preserve his mystique). Dave was however seen in film and on screen if you knew how to recognise him, he appeared in several Hammer Horror movies with Peter Cushing (usually playing Frankenstein’s monster or the Mummy) and for kids of the UK back in the 1980’s will remember him as the face of a government road safety campaign. He was the Green Cross Code Man, a superhero that taught kids how to safely cross roads as well as the Dark Lord that tried to rule the galaxy far far away!

David Prowse Green Cross Code Man – Credit: Daily Mail Newspaper Group

David was a proud Bristol born gentleman who had a career in bodybuilding which led to him getting the roles in the Hammer movies due to his physique. He also appeared in A Clockwork Orange with Malcolm McDowell . Dave was then cast as the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, though we didn’t hear him as his dialogue was famously dubbed over by James Earl Jones due to his West Country accent.

I obviously haven’t had chance to build or design a hilt in his honour but I did model Darth Vader’s hilt a while ago so I will repost the pictures here…

My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr Prowse’s family, friends and the Star Wars community at large. You were the ultimate on screen villain but a gentle green giant off it.

May the Force keep and protect you forever more My Lord….

My saber is bleeding and for one day I am a Sith

Images via Daily Mail Newsgroup, Bristol Post.

11 thoughts on “Yes My Lord – Dave Prowse, Lord Vader, Legend and Gent has passed away”

    1. Hello Neil, I sometimes cannot make any sense of the galaxy and this sort of news is one of those moments – as if 2020 hasn’t been bad enough. But I too have great memories of Dave as Lord Vader and the Green Cross Code Man. I remember as a child we had a Green Cross Code week and we made colouring in booklets that outlined the code and the pages were held together with those string paper clips – the type with a short length of (green) string and two metal ferrules at either end you fed through the perforations of the sheets of paper. Funny what you recall after such a long time. Again I guess we are lucky that there are a lot of SW fans that so fondly remember Mr Prowse.

    1. Hello Julie, thankfully there is just over a month of 2020 left to endure and maybe, just maybe 2021won’t be as bad. I am heartened to see that the BBC News channel in the UK have produced a tribute package to Mr Prowse. And I love that image you found of the half masked Mr Prowse you posted.

      1. Yeah I found it on Twitter from his memorial post and it’s one of the nicest ones I’ve seen of him as both the man and the legend 🙂 I have faith 2021 will be a much better year – it won’t take too much for that to be the case considering. And that’s wonderful about the BBC doing that for him as he is fo very deserving.

    1. Hi there TVTA, it’s just ironic I get that new saber and then Dave passes, it almost seems prophetic as it has the ability to switch to a red blade. It takes a lot to make me consider changing my allegiance to the Light side but Dave was a great man that could have swayed me. May the Force keep him safe – Our Lord Vader.

  1. So sorry! I always wondered who was under that costume. I may not be a Star Wars person, but the characters are all famous.

    So, I belong to the ATAS…. the Emmys. They send out 5 – 6 very glossy magazines a year. I’m reducing my junk, and have been going through them. I’ve kept only 5. LOL!
    However, one issue had an article on Star Trek posters that were special made for CBS’s private collection. I think there’s 19 posters. They’ve never been for sale,I believe.
    Anyway, I photographed them all, and made a presentation in a PDF. I’m sure you would adore it. May I email you one to the email attached to the comments you make on posts on my blog?

    1. Hello Resa, Yes Dave Prowse was a man of mystery for a long time, they even dubbed his voice for that of James Earl Jones, but as time passed and the Internet became a thing Mr Prowse became more famous himself. He did appear in a few Hammer Horror Studios’ movies as Frankenstein’s monster and in the UK was the actor that fronted a government produced road safety campaign – he was the Green Cross Code Man – teaching kids to “Stop, Look and Listen” before crossing the road.
      And wow, I would love to see those posters thanks so much to offer to send them. Yes indeed you can send me an email, I only have the one account so I should get it .

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