“Spectre Staff and Saber” – Ghosts in the works

Hello everybody and if you are here that means you survived the horrors and pictures from Halloween last week! Sadly though not everything survived…yep, it’s happened…my ever struggling laptop has finally given up the ghost and is now on the scrapheap. The laptop has once again indicated a “Fan Error” yet the fan is physically working but shuts down after a few seconds and the laptop turns off. This I have read is either a software/OS issue or a motherboard issue. Well I have to exclude the software and issue an apology, Microsoft and Windows wasn’t the cause of the problem in total as this has occurred whilst running Linux. Sorry Microsoft. That means it is a power regulator function on the motherboard and can’t be fixed…replaced yes, but I may as well buy a new machine. That means I am restricted to the lower spec laptop I borrowed to keep designing and posting with. I’m not happy about it as there are a lot of problems in that my new model files won’t load properly into an older version of Blender so I have a LOT of work trying to reverse engineer them to run and render in old Blender.

Ugh! BUT! I do still have a new saber and staff to show you which I call Spectre and here is the first gallery of pics I was able to create…

This is a design I made this last week using the old Blender and old laptop but I am disappointed with the quality of the pictures. I can’t render the model to the quality I have showcased this past 9 months or so. The images are grainy and speckled despite best efforts to remove the distortion. But the model itself I think is nice and has a unique feature on the emitter. The emitter has a series of slots cut into six recessed grooves, and to achieve this I modelled six bolts and arranged them into a circle and joined them together into one part. This resulted in a cylinder with six threaded prongs. I used this part as a “Cutter” to create a cut out in another cylinder and the threads on the prongs cut the slotted windows! This allowed the saber blade to shine through nicely – a very hi-tech look. Here is a second gallery…

In these pictures you can see the slotted windows a little better and you will notice the recessed activation/control switches. These again are built from Hex-Head bolts – the type you use a hexagonal Allen Key to tighten. I reshaped the head socket and added a glowing effect to the inner section of the socket which created a nice looking switch. In the final two images you can see the blade emitter matrix (the wheel shaped decorative piece) which casts cool reflections inside the emitter socket and the cooling vent in the pommel base. As Blender seemed to be able to handle this amount of detail I decided to make a Darkside version and gave the weapons red blades for the Sith fans out there…

The Sith red colour definitely gives this design a much more ominous look! The red stripe you see is actually the red blade which I moved out of camera shot (rather than deleting it) casting a reflection onto the hilt. It kinda works well. But please let me know what you think of the images, are they too “grainy” and distorted or do they do the job?

I am drawing to a close on this post but I am working on improving on what I have to work with technically now and I am looking at buying a new PC (most likely a desktop) but it will take time. Hopefully you will stick around and keep checking in to see what I come up with (I do still have some things in the pipeline). Thanks so much for all the support you have given me so far on my journey, it has been very welcome, needed at times and appreciated. So whether this is your first visit or you are a regular viewer/reader thanks so much and remember to comment, like or follow if you haven’t already…and I hope to see and chat again soon. Till next time….

“Spectre Staff and Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020. It was built in Blender 2.82.

5 thoughts on ““Spectre Staff and Saber” – Ghosts in the works”

    1. Hi Resa, It is disappointing but that’s life….however there is good news. I am taking your advice and saving funds to buy a new, direct from the manufacturer machine so hopefully I will get something that lasts a little longer. I realise I bought a refurbished model (as it was all I could afford reasonably) and shouldn’t have expected 1000% from it but it didn’t even last 6 weeks. The better news is that the laptop I borrowed does still run an early version of Blender, I just have to take Windows screen grabs of my models as the processor in the laptop isn’t powerful enough to create the final renders. But I can still design and WILL keep on posting. Thanks for your continued support, it means a lot. 🙂

      1. You’re welcome, and keep on saving that $ for a brand new computer!!!!
        If it was me , I’d put it on one of my credit cards. That way I would have it right away. Yes, I would be paying more in the end, but I would be happy.

      2. Haha! I’m afraid in the Star Wars universe Republic Credits aren’t readily accepted…only cash money! Sadly I have a low powered credit card so couldn’t afford a PC with it anyway…but with the workaround I have come up with means I can still operate while I save, So there will be a post this weekend.

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