“Super Sonic Saber” – Inspired by a Blue Hedgehog

Hello Everybody, today I thought I would kick back and relax a little as I had worked hard resetting my laptop and learning about Linux. How could I relax? Well I figured I’d dust off my old gaming console (as I’d watched all my Star Wars DVDs) and play some classic scrolling arcade games on my SEGA! I happened to have the Star Wars game for the SEGA Game Gear and played that for a few hours but then I thought “I wish I had a Sonic the Hedgehog game….”. I don’t actually have a Sonic game but whilst building the GOTG Yondu saber I noticed something familiar in the fin and colour scheme I gave it. I realised that SEGA’s hedgehog was the same colour blue and had red trainers (aka sneakers to my USA followers). So I decided to build a saber for the little blue hedgehog. This is what I came up with….

I took the Yondu saber and made multiple copies of the head fin part and merged them together to form the spiky ridges either side of the emitter. They look just like Sonic’s spiky spine hairstyle! I also gave the fins a flash of red to represent his shoes. I gave the hilt some white highlights and a white blade, but of course in these studio preview pictures you can’t see it in technicolour so I think it’s time to Power-Up a Glamour Gallery….

I did a little research for this design and I discovered some really fun interesting facts. Firstly, Sonic appeared as a character as far back as 1988 in a technology demonstration concept, while some of his backstory revolved around him being a character used in a “Nose-Art” image painted on a jet fighter plane whose pilot was nicknamed “Hedgehog”. Sonic was developed by SEGA as competition to Nintendo’s mascot, Mario (and Luigi). SEGA wanted a fun relatable character that kids could draw and connect with, and they made a clever decision on the colour he was going to be. They chose a Cobalt Blue to match the SEGA brand logo, and the reason Sonic has red sneakers? Well they were inspired by Michael Jackson’s boots and Santa Clause. This resulted in Sonic being very bold and colourful (as well as fast) so I thought I’d turn my hand to a bit of art and try to come up with some Sonic posters. These images I found online on wallpaper download sites which I then added some effects and text layers on….

I think I’d buy the game and the saber if I saw these adverts! Sonic seems to like it. Hopefully you all like it too. I am drawing close to the end of this week’s post but as I usually do I’d like to invite you all back for future posts as I have a new collection of hilts inspired by a popular pair of Superheroes….and I’m working on new Star Wars The High Republic themed hilts (The High Republic is the new series of material Disney/Lucasfilm recently announced). So I hope you can join me to see those. But I’d like to say thanks for taking time to visit my site today and supporting me/FTSabersite. Whether you are a first time viewer or one of my regular callers, thanks so much you’re very much appreciated – especially in these increasingly hectic times. Till next time….stay safe and Sonic!

“Super Sonic Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is Copyright of FTSabersite 2016-2020. It is inspired by SEGA Entertainment’s character “Sonic the Hedgehog”. All images, names, logos and other related material are Trademark/Copyright of SEGA Entertainments 1988-2020

11 thoughts on ““Super Sonic Saber” – Inspired by a Blue Hedgehog”

  1. I like that a lot the simple colours work well. There’s a,whole range of game characters you could do.
    How about a few British icons . The Wombles,. Mr ben Postman Pat, Dennis the menace?

    1. Hi Neil, thanks that’s a great suggestion. I already have one more design using this saber based on the DragonBall Z franchise, but a series of British Icons sounds fun….I’m already thinking a Menace hilt, the black and red would be wicked!

    1. Hello there, I sometimes keep duplicates of model pieces I’m working on (in case I mess the part up) and I just happened to leave the fins in such a way that they looked like the harstyle. Adding the flashes of red helped to define each clump of hair. It still amazes me how small details and “happy accidents” can lead to creating something out of the blue.

    1. Hi TVTA, thanks, It’s surprising what can happen just by adding a couple of duplicate parts. They just “slotted together” so well and instantly looked like his hair. And the posters are an extension of my header title images that I produce, some of those are pretty complex composite images. The posters utilise 3D model elements blended into the base image.

  2. Oh my! Ok..so truth be told, I was always more of a Nintendo kinda gal. But..I do love blue and it’s really the only reason I played Sonic the Hedgehog growing up…cause he’s blue! 🤭🤣

    1. Hello again! I think the reason this saber worked as well as it did was due to SEGA’s inspired colour choices for Sonic and I was able to recreate it. That Cobalt blue has a nice look when a metallic sheen is added to it (as opposed to the flatter cartoon arcade shading seen in the games).

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