Halloween For’s Ghosts!

Weeeeellll! The witching hour approaches of All Hallow’s Eve and all of the spirits come out to tease, I promised some pics and here here they are, I hope they’re not too scary they’re not meant to scar….

Yes that is me…and a visitor I had….but you need to work out witch one is witch! This has gotta be the best example of a pair of For’s Ghosts!

I’ll apologise now for not having more images but not all of my outfit has arrived yet (I have a new woollen Jedi robe on order and I need a better quality belt) but I thought my saber needed to be swung around again for a while. I also look a little rough but it is hard to keep looking good in Lockdown (plus I’ve lost weight so I look gaunt). I will post more and hopefully less scary images when I get the full costume finished.

And so I just have to say have a Happy Halloween and if you are able to celebrate it please stay safe, look after each other and I hope you survive to call back and see what else I have planned to show you all!

For “The Ghost” Tyeth

10 thoughts on “Halloween For’s Ghosts!”

    1. Hello Resa, hope you had an enjoyable Halloween too! My new robe may be delayed as the UK is about to be put in Lockdown again on Thursday for 4 weeks so that may throw a spanner in the works. But I definitely have more of the outfit than I had at the beginning of the year. Oh and here’s another pic I forgot to add which has my boots on show (these are my pride and joy – custom made Qui-Gon Jinn replicas!)

      1. Very cool!
        The lockdown, I see the news from the U.K. so I know it’s coming. We are going backwards here. We were in stage 3, now we are in a reduced 2.
        People are starting to stockpile, again.
        I’ve got enough coffee and toilet paper to get through to April. LOL!!!

      2. Aw! You mean to say you didn’t go throwing toilet paper at peoples’ houses for Halloween?
        I just hope I have enough money to buy in supplies for the lockdown…those boots weren’t cheap 😀 I should be ok though, it’s just a crazy world at the moment!

    1. Hi EF, Thank you very much. It has been said I have a passing resemblance to Qui-Gon – I was even asked by a member of a forum who was writing a script for a fan film to appear in it. Unfortunately I was in the UK and he was US based. However I may offer my services to a local costuming group I know of that does a lot of charity fundraising and appearances.
      But if Disney want to open negotiations….:D

  1. Looking good, FT! Great to see some more pics after a few sneek peaks and the arrival of those wonderful boots! You’ll have to get some shots with SW or sci-fi scene backgrounds once you get the rest of the gear you need, will look so cool.
    My costume for this Halloween got delayed for certain parts, and some parts arrived damaged. Have found other suppliers (local, cool!) and will reschudule for another time now. Lockdown is here so stumped anyway.
    Glad you got your cosplay adventure off to a start though 🙂

    1. Hi TVTA, glad I didn’t scare you to death! I will definitely mock up some themed background photoshoot pics – I have created a few photoshoot edits for forum members I know so they can use them on their social media.
      Sorry to hear your costume has been delayed, I may be in the same boat as I await a new Jedi robe – but as I’m not going to be very active over the next month due to the new UK lockdown I’ll be at home should any deliveries be made 😀
      We will complete our costumes and when you have some pics send them to me and I can edit them for ya!

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