“Knotty Katana Saber” – It’s a Wrap!

Hello Everybody, today I have mixed news…first I have had another laptop crash….good news is I have re-installed and I’m still able to post today. The reason? Well I have decided to try out a different Operating System and I have installed Linux instead of Windows. So far so good. Next I have also placed an order for a new Jedi robe! The one that came with my recent tunic set was a thin polyester version and was “shiny” and partially transparent…but the one I have bought is a nice heavyweight wool blend mix construction. Should look neat with my boots! Back to my computer I did manage to rescue my data before I had to reinstall my laptop so that means I still have all my designs thanks to “Cloud Storage” and to Neil from Makeroommakeroom.com (https://makeroommakeroom.wordpress.com/). He told me that Linux has a “preview mode” to test it before installing that also allowed me to access my hard drive, saving my files before wiping it! And as proof his advice worked here is Knotty Katana…one of my rescued hilts….

This hilt is loosely based off the hilt seen in the PC game Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2019/06/01/dishonoured-saber-inspired-by-ea-games-jedi-fallen-order/), and my Lothwolf inspired hilt “Dume” (https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2020/09/12/dume-saber-inspired-by-lothals-wolf/). I discovered that there was extra functionality and basic objects to build with in Blender’s add-ons – one of which was a collection of curved objects. One object was “The twisted Torus”. A Torus is basically a doughnut shaped tube and the twisted Torus looks as if it has been tied into a knot. Well I noticed that if I stacked 2 or 3 of these twisted loops on top of each other, it made them look like braiding! Now a lot of lightsaber owners are trying to customise their own sabers with braided handgrips using Paracord, a hardwearing military developed fibre that has hundreds of uses and is very useful. You may have seen “friendship band” bracelets woven from paracord. Well I had a Katana that needed wrapping so this solved my Knotty Problem! Sorry for the bad joke, how about a gallery of Glamour Shots?….

I gave the hilt a red, gold and black scheme to give it an Oriental look and feel. I also added a nice Jedi Order logo on the pommel. This style of hilt is usually built for combat and not decorated too much but I may customise this one further in the future.

I apologise this isn’t the most dynamic saber I have come up with but I liked the braiding I was able to replicate. Plus as I am just getting to grips with Linux I didn’t have a full gallery of pics (I need to re-download the scenery background images, text fonts and a few other graphic bits and pieces I used to have ). Anyhow, I hope you still liked the hilt. And I do have about 9 more designs lined up including some Miraculous ones that I never thought would be seen.

Thanks so much for calling in on FTSabersite and for your support. Whether you just looked in today or are a regular visitor , commented or liked…maybe subscribed…your efforts are much appreciated. Hopefully you will all return and see what’s coming up in future posts. So stay safe and as always…Till next time….

“Knotty Katana Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and the 3D model and renders are Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020. The game Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is Trademark/Copyright of EA Games and Disney/Lucasfilm.

14 thoughts on ““Knotty Katana Saber” – It’s a Wrap!”

  1. Sry about the laptop crash😣 I know how frustrating that is. Hopefully the new Linux OS will prove more reliable. And that’s clutch that you backed up all your files via cloud. I love the sound of “9 new designs” on their way soon!😀

    1. Thanks EF, I am getting to be quite the “tech guy” now with all the issues I’ve had, but a big shout-out has to go to Neil again – he advised me big time. I haven’t had chance to see your new movie yet but now my laptop seems more stable I’ll risk playing the video. Thanks and I should have said 10 designs – I knocked up another one this morning!

    1. Hello! Great to hear from you again – hope you and your folks are well.
      Oh there will be pictures though they might not be ready for Halloween 🙂 Seriously though, the robe should be with me in 3-4 weeks and I already have the boots so I just need to upgrade the pleather belt and get the Jedi pouch accessories etc, but the outfit is coming together.

      1. I know..it’s been too long my friend! We’ve been good. In the process of moving! So big changes! How are you? Your robe with the boots and the pouch sound epic. I can’t wait to see it!! 😁🎃🖤

      2. Hello Princess! I am well thanks, well as good as can be expected in current times. I’m glad to hear you and your clan are well if a bit busy. A move? That must be stressful, hope it goes smoothly.
        I actually have the boots already and I posted a full length picture showing them in reply to a comment But in case you missed it here is another close up of the boots and my saber:

        I hope my new robe should arrive in 2-3 weeks time but a 2nd lockdown has been announced for the UK so it might take longer. But that will give me time to find the right belt and pouches to buy. And I will post a gallery of pictures of the finished ensemble.
        So glad to hear from you again, stay safe

      3. Wow! I love the boots!! Aw, thank you. It was a little stressful at first. But now we’re just excited to get to our new place 🙂 Glad to hear you are safe and well. Most places here are back in stage 2 as well. So everything has slowed down again. Looking forward to seeing your full ensemble! It was great to hear from you as well 😎

  2. Thank you, FT your most gracious. I love the twisted torus handle, it is most effective.
    Now you have Mint running you can easily install it on other older dead, machines. Most people have an old pc lying around, They will normally give them away if you ask. The render empire begins. 🙂

    1. Hello Neil, I can’t believe how smooth the install went and as you suggested I used the “Live Boot” preview. I do have the old Win 7 machine I used to use but I think I’ll leave that as it is – I only use that machine to store really old files. But I do have a USB with Linux stored on it ready…just in case!

  3. Love the knotty texture. Takes me back to my avid macrame days, a very Zen Hobby!
    Your new robe sounds cool.
    I’ve always been interested in Linux. Let me how that works out for you.

    1. Hi Resa, I used to knit and crochet a little bit when I was a kid (my mother knitted and my dad taught me crochet) so I’m used to woolly hobbies but this project was very different! And talking of wool, my robe should arrive in 2-3 weeks time now – dependent on COVID and Halloween disruptions.
      And so far Linux has run 99.9% smoother and trouble free (though I don’t want to jinx anything by saying that). I managed to install the operating system and I have managed to get the latest version of Blender onto my laptop too! So I am optimistic. Thanks as always and stay safe!

      1. Hello Resa, fortunately Neil was able to advise me and once the files I needed were saved onto a USB stick I just had to boot the laptop up with the stick inserted and the install was fairly easy.
        The cool thing is that you get to preview how Linux works before you commit to installing it, and this gave me the opportunity to access the hard drive and make copies of my files to some spare memory sticks before wiping the laptop.

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