Eruption Saber – A proper Tribute to Eddie Van Halen

Hello everyone, today is bittersweet as I return to the sad news of the passing of Eddie Van Halen, the guitar genius of the band that shares his family name. This is my way of thanking Eddie for all the inspiration he gave to me as a budding musician.

Eddie Lodewijk Van Halen was born in Jan 1955 to Dutch father, Jan Van Halen who was a jazz pianist, clarinetist and saxophonist (I guess Eddie was always gonna be a great with those genes) and his mother Eugenia (nee van Beers) who was of Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) descent.

The Van Halen family moved to the USA and settled in Pasadena California in 1962. Eddie had an older brother named Alex and the pair studied classical piano from an early age in San Pedro but Eddie couldn’t read music! He learnt by watching and listening…and when he had to perform Beethoven or Mozart pieces he would improvise! Alex decided to pick up the guitar prompting Eddie to buy a drum kit to accompany his brother. However after hearing Alex drumming the song Wipe Out by The Safari’s the pair “swapped” instruments and Eddie began studying guitar. He practised whenever he could, carrying the guitar around with him. They soon realised that rock music was much more cool than classical and formed a band….and Eddie built a guitar!

Eddie Van Halen and….Frankie!

The guitar became famous as the “Frankenstrat” built from various parts and modified pieces that allowed Eddie to create out-of-this-world sounds. Eddie also became synonymous with a playing technique he called “Tapping” where he used the fingers of both hands to tap and hold the strings on the fretboard to play ultra fast notes up and down the musical scales. Later Eddie would invent a device to assist holding the guitar in position whilst he “Tapped”. He also designed other guitar parts so he was a designer too….and I think it’s time to show you my design in honour of EVH…This is my “Eruption Saber”….

You may have seen this saber before if you follow my site. I posted one picture of this as a variant to my Obi-Wan Kenobi Master K ( hilt but the news of Eddie’s passing was so sudden I totally forgot I had built it. However I have added a few more details I’ll show below. But first this saber shares a similar colour scheme as Eddie’s famous Frankenstrat of black, white and red abstract stripes and shapes. The Frankenstrat was originally black until Eddie felt it needed a coat of bright red bicycle paint! The guitar was also updated with pickups (the magnetic elements that pick up the strings vibrations and turn the movement into electrical signals) that were assembled by Duncan Seymour – a famous guitar technician who also modified some pickups for Brian May. Now as this saber is an “old” design I felt I needed to upgrade it so in tribute to one of Eddie’s most famous tunes named Eruption…I added a crystal chamber with the power of that Van Halen solo!

I felt there was so much power in the crystal of this hilt it needed to be caged! But there was no caging Van Halen and the band toured the world and their fame grew globally. Eddie worked and collaborated with many names in music including Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, Nicolette Larson, Michael Jackson (remember the solo in “Beat It”? That was Eddie!), Brian May, Sammy Hagar, Black Sabbath, Roger Waters and Toto guitarist Steve Lukather. He even wrote film scores and appeared in Frank Sinatra videos and in a stroke of comic genius….Two And A Half Men…

So to round this tribute off I produced a couple of “Posters” featuring the big man himself, the Frankenstrat and a tip of the hat to another great EVH recording – Panama.

Now I feel I have done my tribute properly and thanked Eddie for all he gave me. I hope he would have approved. I just have to perfect my version of “Jump!” on keyboard.

Again my thoughts and prayers are with Eddie’s family, friends and all who have been affected by, inspired by or were just entertained by the great man.

That brings a close to this post…thank you all for checking this tribute out and for all the comments and support you have given me, hopefully this has given some back. I appreciate all of your efforts and hope you will return to see upcoming posts featuring many more new saber designs, some spaceships and much more. Till next time…...JUMP!

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17 thoughts on “Eruption Saber – A proper Tribute to Eddie Van Halen”

    1. Hi Julie, thanks…I really wanted to nail this one. I had previously created a design but that used a Third Party online saber builder. This one however is all my own work.

    1. Hi Neil…yes but every time I see Van Halen’s lead singer David Lee Roth I think of Pot Noodles!
      But don’t worry if you have receding hair, bald is beautiful, God only made so many perfect heads…the rest he covered in hair!
      Thanks and I’m glad you like my Greatest Hilts😎

  1. Tyeth,
    This is a brilliant post. Although the Saber for Eddie is fab, Eddie’s history in this post beyond what you usually present here.
    As you know, I enjoy your saber creations even though I’ve never seen Star Wars. I’m still in the original Star Trek series, with the stun guns and transporter.
    I’m very moved by this tribute. I’m Tweeting it out!
    Thank you!
    Also, love the videos!!!!!

    1. Thank you Resa, your comment equally means a lot to me – it shows I must have done ok. And I just had to post the Two and a Half Men clip as it showed that cheeky, always smiling attitude Eddie seemed to have. (And did you notice he had a bandaged thumb on his left hand? And still played that solo…😎!)

      1. No, I didn’t notice that bandaged finger!
        He had a very cheeky attitude. Love it!
        You know, I worked with Valerie Bertinelli (designed her costumes for a Lifetime movie).
        They were divorced for many years, but coincidentally, when she came here to film, he was doing a performance in town. There was a buzz about it!

      2. Yes I remember you mentioning it to me – I even saw your name on the IMDB website cast and crew listing for the film…I thought “Wow I know someone famous!” I mentioned a blue/petrol coloured blouse Valerie wore in the movie, It was also sad that two people who seemed so into each other drifted apart, but they did keep in close contact after the split . I wanted to make sure I did a good job on my tribute just in case Ms Bertinelli or Wolfgang ever got to see it.
        And even with 9 digits Eddie was better than 99% of the guitarists on the planet!

  2. Hi, FT. I saw your previous tribute and that was perfect, as is this new one with new design – fantastic work! I can see why you wanted to unleash this baby as another tribute, plus the added Eddie pics and vids 🙂 The bandaged thumb reminded me of another guitar great – Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, who at 17 lost the tips of two fingers on his fretboard hand in a factory accident, and was told he would never play again. He ignored this, and went on to be recognised for his pioneering guitar work and sound.

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t know that about Tony. Then again I wouldn’t have noticed when I watched him play on video as these guitarists move their digits so fast they become a blur!
      The previous Eddie hilt I built using an online saber building app and so it wasn’t fully my own creation, whereas this new saber (although using the same shape as the Obi-wan Kenobi hilt) is my own work. The abstract pattern formed by the texture just screamed “Frankenstrat” to me when I added the red, white, black and grey colour to it.
      Thanks again for expanding my musical knowledge!

  3. FT – loved the EVH backstory, and the design! I back-tracked to the post where this saber originally appeared (just over a year ago) as I had forgotten you already made this! This is definitely one of my favorites now!

    1. Hello EF, so glad you liked the EVH Eruption. Yes it’s sort of an old design I built a while back but only as a variant to the Master K Kenobi hilt so I only had one image of it. With my mind reeling I forgot about it till I looked for the “Jump!” saber pictures from last week – but I had posted my first tribute already.
      Regards the texturing function, Blender uses a system based on Nodes. You have a screen that acts like a flow chart and each node has a function. So to begin you choose a Shader Type that determines whether the texture will be a metallic, glossy, velvet, glass or even an image or photo. You then using a line connect the output to other nodes that manipulate the base texture. To make this camo texture I created a basic RGB texture in white then plugged a node that modifies the original with a Voronoi effect. Voronio breaks the base image into “cells” and by tweaking the node parameters you can change the cells’ shapes, size and detail level. The output from the modified texture is then fed into another node (creating a chain or tree) that marks the outline of the cell shapes and bevels the lines to make them look like cracks (again tweaking allows you to thicken the lines/cracks to how you want). To get the multi-coloured effect you finally feed the result of all this processing into a node called a Colour Ramp. This node has a spectral graph line showing the rainbow of colours and you place markers at various points along the line to mark what colours you want to make each segment. By sliding the markers you vary the percentage of each colour on display. And last step….you feed all the previous data into a “Viewer Node” and that does exactly what it says…it displays the final edited graphic which you apply as a skin to the parts of the model you pick out.

      So no the Camo isn’t default, but there are Wave, Voronoi, Noise and Musgrave textures that give different effects, which when fed into the other processing nodes create some amazing graphics. And well done if you managed to read all the way through this! If you check out YouTube and look up Blender Shader Editor you will find vids showing how it all works.

      1. I had a strong suspicion this pattern was not a simple preset😉 Wow Great work using the node system – I can picture how that works a lot better than I could’ve a year ago. I’m now starting to learn (or at least get my feet wet) in graphic design software for the first time in my life. A knowledge and skill set very pertinent to film post production, but my greatest weakness still haha

      2. Well getting your feet wet starts with dipping your toe into the watery abyss and trying things out! You’ll find that it becomes great fun creating various texture/graphics either by design or by accident. And if possible keep a little diary or notebook of what you have done and what you create to call back to – you never know when you might need droplets of rain on a window texture and you’ll have notes on how to set that up,
        Blender is so powerful with the Node System, you can create a whole world/scene just using generated textures.

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