A Tribute to the late great Eddie Van Halen

Hello Everybody, this week has not been the greatest as the world awoke on Oct 6/7th to the sad news that a musical genius and guitar god, Eddie Van Halen passed away from his battle with cancer. He was just 65 years old, yet in that time he created his own style and guitar playing techniques despite not being able to read music! He also, like Brian May of Queen, built his own guitar….the Frankenstrat. You will more than likely have seen it and recognise it as soon as you see this pattern.

Frankenstrat pattern Trademark/©Copyright of Eddie Van Halen

You will definitely have heard his guitar too….just listen to the solo in Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and of course with his own band, Van Halen…anyone remember “Jump!”?

And that song is what makes this news hard for me to take as I am a keyboard player and just like with “Bohemian Rhapsody” I attempted to learn how to play Jump! – complete with his KEYBOARD solo! A few years ago I posted a tribute design inspired by EVH and the song Jump! and here are the pics…

As a result of this news I have been knocked for a loop and haven’t felt that inclined to work on a post this week, however I do have a small gallery featuring a Guardians of the Galaxy inspired hilt in post two for today. But I will end this tribute by sending my condolences, thoughts and prayers to his son Wolfgang and all of Eddie’s family and friends. RIP Eddie, thanks and you’ll forever be on my playlist of the masters.

“Eddie didn’t just play a guitar….he conducted a six string orchestra” – FT

Jump Lightsaber is a For Tyeth Editions design and ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017-2020. This website and it’s content are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017-202.

The FrankenStrat pattern can be found on Eddie Van Halen’s guitar and is Trademark/©Copyright of Eddie Van Halen.

14 thoughts on “A Tribute to the late great Eddie Van Halen”

    1. Wow EF, is that a Frankenstrat emoji? I’m glad you like the hilt even if it is an old design. I just wish the circumstances were better as for the reason to repost it. Thanks and stay safe.
      (p.s. I am gonna build a new EVH tribute hilt in Blender)

    1. Hi again, I try to avoid using the name “Frankensaber” because there is a company named Ultrasabers that make custom combat lightsabers and they have some special sabers they create using various random parts from their inventory and give to customers if you spend a certain dollar amount. They call those free sabers Frankensabers. I don’t think they own the copyright but I just like to avoid confusion 😁🎸 < But I have found the emoji you used!

  1. Excellent tribute, FT. Like you I was saddened and shocked to hear about Eddie’s passing. I remember the hilt and also you saying about the influence of ‘Jump’ on your own keyboard playing.
    RIP EVH – his work and influence will always live on

    1. Hi TVTA, and to you too, I know you are a real music fan. There is never a “good thing” about someone passing away way too soon but it means I need to really nail Jump! and maybe even attempt a “Spanish Fly” keyboard rendition in his memory. Thanks man and keep rockin’!

    1. Thanks Neil, I just can’t figure this world out sometimes…but a wise Yoda once said “mourn not your friend, celebrate them you must” and that’s exactly what I plan to do, I’ll remember Eddie by playing his music on my keyboards and get my performances as good as I can. And again thanks.

  2. This is wonderful, Tyeth!
    As a follower who enjoys your work, but never got past the original Star Trek series (which I adore big time), but is a rocker in her soul, this may be your best post ever, especially that you dedicated a Saber to EVH.
    RIFF in peace, Eddie!

    1. Hi Resa, and I sorta knew Eddie’s passing would have an effect on you also, knowing of your career connections. EVH provided me with a soundtrack for my youth and a set list that entertained everyone. This is an old design using old software but I’m going to produce a new Frankensaber in Blender 3D to really do it justice. Thanks and hope you keep well.

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