“Vornyx” – A new breed of Starfighter (Lord_S_Gray and FT)

Hello everybody hope you’re all doing well. As promised I have another Lord_S_Gray collaboration in the shape of a new starfighter to accompany his Star Destroyer I posted last week. Click here to check it out > https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2020/08/29/destroyer-a-new-breed-of-star-destroyer-by-lsg-and-for-tyeth/ . The Aetherean battleship needed some fighter escort protection and LSG asked if I could muster up a design based on his description. I accepted the request as I figured it would be fun to build a fighter that had a similar look to it’s mothership and I have sorta caught the shipbuilding bug. I got LSG to send me a design brief and a sketch or two and here was his initial idea…

I am an avid aviation fan having attended many airshows of your military and civilian earth planes and I had an idea as soon as I saw this shape and the idea was named “Have Blue”. Have Blue was the codename that the aircraft manufacturer Lockheed gave to the world famous Stealth Fighter or F-117. And as you may know the F-117 has a very distinct shape and outline which almost mirrors LSG’s diagram! Here is a schematic courtesy of Wikipedia…

This plane looks like it came from outer space (or a galaxy far…far away!) and if you “clip” the wings a little you can see the “Diamond” shape from LSG’s sketch. So I went with the idea of making a Stealth Starfighter. Here are a few pics…

This was the design I came up with. It appears slightly shorter than the sketch but that is a bit of an optical illusion. The design however does have the Maser (Aetherean technology equivalent to a laser) cannons on the leading edge of the fuselage and it has twin self defense turrets on the upper rear surface panels. I did have a version with a turret on the underside but the 3D model file was lost in one of my laptop glitches. However, the underside of this fighter still has some interesting features I’ll show later. The fuselage and body panels were again achieved by using the “Discombobulator” function but I turned the settings down so I didn’t have multiple layers of panels, just one or two layers to hint at the structure. This ship is meant to be sleek and any parts that stick out would cause it to be visible to sensor sweeps, so I tucked as much of the details away. This leads me to the underbelly and the “hidden” features….

In these images you can clearly see the “stretched diamond” shape of the fighter along with two retractable landing gear skids and two very distinct launch tube channels for the homing missiles! Yes this ship is packing serious offensive weapons as well as the defensive turrets. I modelled a basic “Space to Space” missile similar to the famous Sidewinder missiles used by earth aircraft. You can make out the control fins and the purple “seeker sensor” in the nose cones. The red chevrons are electro magnetic propulsors to help launch the missiles (a bit like the steam catapults on aircraft carriers).

I showed LSG my initial build and after a few exchanges this was the final model and it was time to take this fighter out and put it through it’s paces. Here are a couple of galleries showing the ship from different angles and environments during test flights…

The ship handled well in the atmosphere of a planet and flew well interstellar around regular space. It even flew nicely in a nebula or two! But as the Star Destroyer last week had Hyperdrive then I felt this Starfighter needed to keep up so I installed a Hyperdrive unit to this ship too….looks pretty in the wormhole….

The Vornyx Fighter passed it’s test and trial flights with flying colours I’m pleased to say and LSG approved. This was fun to build and there is still room for me to make improvements – so I will be making some updates. Whilst photographing the Vornyx and Destroyer I discovered that while I concentrated on how it looked outside….they actually looked interesting inside! So one of the updates will be a cockpit for the Vornyx with control panels and for the Destroyer I will add some models of military equipment inside it’s hull. Here is a slideshow of a mix of pictures including two “interior” shots that will get updated….

Oh yes! I forgot to mention this fighter has gone into production and I have a Squadron of Vornyx ships! (Sorry I haven’t worked out a pluralised version of the name yet😁). And with that I am just about ready to fly home to my Destroyer knowing LSG has a very capable fighter to defend his fleet. Thanks Lord_S_Gray for allowing me to build this for you.

Thank you so much for checking this new Interceptor out and for all the fantastic support over the past four years (I passed my 4 year Blogaversary earlier this week). You are all very much appreciated whether a first time visitor or one the regular crowd, thank you. I hope you will return to see future posts as I have a few more Star Wars Rebels inspired hilts and I have a rather nice arrow design from Guardians of the Galaxy! Till next time….

“Vornyx Foghter” is a Lord_S_Gray and For Tyeth Editions collaboration and is ©Copyright of Lord_S_Gray and For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020. The F-117 Stealth Fighter is Trademark/©Copyright of Lockheed Martin Industries – Schematic image via Wikipedia.

6 thoughts on ““Vornyx” – A new breed of Starfighter (Lord_S_Gray and FT)”

    1. Hi EF, I actually enjoyed stretching my range of models and doing something out of my wheelhouse. I am as I say an aviation fan and I like military vehicles (land, sea or air based) so I understood how a “ship” is designed. That knowledge led to the turrets nested on the aft of the superstructure, it was something I had seen on naval patrol ships and destroyers on earth.
      And yes, four years of blogging! Where does the time go? But as I always say I can’t blog without readers/viewers so thank you for being part of my supportive audience,

      1. Hi EF, yep as I mentioned in the post as soon as I saw Lord_S_Gray’s sketch I just saw the 117! Unfortunately I never got to see a real 117 up close and personal whilst at an airshow but I guess it was meant to be stealthy after all. Funny thing is the F-117 isn’t actually a “Fighter/Interceptor” but more of a “Stand-off Munitions” weapons platform. It infiltrates enemy controlled airspace (dodging between radar coverage) and from a safe distance launches missiles and self guided bombs…so it doesn’t actually engage with enemy aircraft. However…the Vornyx is more than capable of full on combat!

  1. Another cool design, FT, congrats! One thing struck me is the interior shot, I loved it – reminded me a bit of the interiors in the Aliens game I used to play way back on the PS1. That’s the bonus I spose of doing these ships… you have scope to design interiors too. Look forward to more.
    Also congrats on the blog anniversary! Those 4 years sure ‘flew’ by 🙂

  2. Hi TVTA, thanks good sir. It never occurred to me what the interior was going to look like whilst building these, I was just doing a model to take “photos” of to accompany Lord_S_Gray’s story. However whilst composing the shots I moved the camera’s virtual position and it slipped “inside” the hull of the Destroyer and I thought “Wow! It kinda looks alright in here…it has potential!”
    I don’t think I’ll be getting to do interiors that will make it onto home improvement shows (there seems to be loads of these on cable television 😁) I don’t think Battleship Grey is a trending colour for Interior Design!
    And thanks for joining me on that four year blogging journey, long may it continue.

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