“Destroyer” A new breed of Star Destroyer by LSG and For Tyeth

Hello Everybody (just) and welcome to something a bit different. Again I am having issues and have had to borrow a laptop to produce this post. My troublesome machine has finally died after suffering an update from Microsoft that caused the hard drive to heat up and as a result triggered the cooling fan – destroying the fan. But….I have some good news, I saved a few things to the cloud including this new starship design!

A good friend of mine, Lord_S_Gray (I’ll refer to him as LSG from now on) from the Ultrasabers’ forum asked me to help with his fanfiction story he was writing and come up with a design (and some pictures) for a new Star Destroyer. (You can read his story here: http://www.saberforum.com/index.php?topic=44181.0) The ship was for a race known as the Aethereans and LSG sent me a brief and a diagram of roughly what he wanted. The drawing looked like this!…

As hard as LSG might have worked to give me these details, there wasn’t a lot to go on and as this was the first “large scale” build (or ship) I had built I thought I was in trouble. However LSG did say that I should use my initiative and if something didn’t work or sit right then I could do what I felt fit better. One of the my first efforts looked like this….

I built the model with a Forecastle type structure and Bridge section, whilst adding a few “lighted windows”. But my favourite part was actually the “plating” on the hull. I accomplished this using the “Discombobulator” feature built into Blender, which Neil from https://makeroommakeroom.wordpress.com/ introduced me to – thanks Neil it worked a treat here. However this ship wasn’t quite how LSG envisaged and asked if I could redesign the superstructure and remove the Bridge “bow tie”. He also asked if I could add a plethora of gun turrets. So I went back to work. I found a picture of the type of rifle that was used in the time and location where LSG’s story is set and thought “I could scale this blaster up and use four of them in a turret!” So this is what I came up with…

I came up with a basic turret with just enough details to make it interesting when viewed close up but not too complex so I could clone it and use many iterations of it in various places on the main model. My headaches really started with redesigning the superstructure. To make things easier on my old laptop I merged parts together so there was less individual bits to be processed when I moved the model for photos etc. The problem? I had to dismantle this solid block and rebuild it without the upper decks and bridge. There was a silver lining though because as a result of reshaping the hull I found places where I could mount the turrets and I incorporated TWO storage hangar bays and a “Launching Bay” in the belly of the ship. Anyhoo here is a gallery of shots from various angles around the rebuilt destroyer…

I found a couple of nice nesting locations to put two turrets to defend the aft quarters of the ship and had two rows of turrets running from bow to stern which provides a wall of firepower along each side of the ship. These were also mirrored on the lower surfaces of the hull too. This thing is armed to the teeth! You will also see the “Launch Bay” and launch tube on the underside of the ship illuminated by the red chevrons.

Now this ship needed to be trialled in various conditions and locations so I took it for a spin around the galaxy and as always had some photos taken…here’s a few more snapshots…

The ship seemed to handle well and all the lights lit up so now I wanted to stretch the legs of this new Destroyer…it would be fairly ulseless if this ship couldn’t get to trouble spots quickly so we need HYPERDRIVE! Check these pics out!…..

Wow this thing can shift…I did the Kessel Run in 11.9 Parsecs! That’s faster than the Falcon! You will have seen two of these pictures showing the storage hangars and a view from the Launch Bay and tunnel…well that would mean this ship must carry smaller ships right? You are correct and I hope to post that fighter in next week’s post. This just about wraps up this post as I am struggling with tech once more, but I have some GREAT news that has occurred this week.

My new boots have arrived from the USA and I am absolutely gobsmacked (English slang for totally amazed and lost for words) at how gorgeous these things are! They arrived bang on time as estimated and what an experience when I opened them up and tried them on for the first time. They fit like a second skin – not surprising considering all the measurements I had to send in – at one point I thought they were gonna ask for my hat size too! Anyway I hope to do a full review along with my costume but here is a sneak peek of them.

These boots are outstanding and that new Jedi Boot Leather smell…Oooh! But I can’t stop and enjoy the scents I have to finish now but I’d like to thank my friend Lord_S_Gray for challenging me to build this starship – it took some to-ing and fro-ing but I think it turned out well. I also have to thank you my readers/viewers as I recently passed my fourth year Blogaversary and the 22,000 views milestone. So thanks for all the support over the years it is much appreciated and keeps me posting! I hope you will call back again and see the Vornyx Fighter to accompany this Destroyer in next week’s post. Till next time…..

“Destroyer” is a Lord_S_Gray and For Tyeth Editions design based on a vehicle in Lord_S_Gray’s fan-fiction story posted on Ultrasaber’s Forum – SaberForum.com. The design, 3D model and renders are ©Copyright of Lord_S_Gray and For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020.

7 thoughts on ““Destroyer” A new breed of Star Destroyer by LSG and For Tyeth”

  1. Waited till I viewed on my computer, As I couldn’t see the images very well on a phone.
    Clever stuff FT. The black colour makes it hard to see the details on a small screen, hence waiting. I like it, I like the original more – but its wasn’t designed for me LOL. Sorry to hear your old machine failed. That’s a lot of the reason I use desktops, there easier to fix.

    1. Hello Neil…and again thanks for the Discombobulator tip it came up trumps here! I love saying Discombobulator!Yes sorry about the lighting on the pics I noticed it when I viewed the post on my borrowed laptop – the model and renders were done on my defunct machine and I only realised the darkness later. I wish I had bought a desktop in a way now but I am in a flat with limited space and knowing my luck it would fail as well anyway. But thanks and I’m glad you liked the design.

  2. These boots are made for walking…

    Wow, congrats on getting those, FT, they look too cool, even better than I imagined!
    Had lots of problems with certain parts of my ‘cosplay’ adventure arriving not as they should be, so I’m delayed on that front.

    As for your design – it looks brilliant, super sleek! Good job.

    Sorry to hear you’ve had yet more computer hassles.

    Be safe and well!

    1. Hi TVTA, yes I now have a problem with the boots….they are so gorgeous I kinda don’t want to wear them and damage them! The soles are sooo beautiful and look like mahogany wood with the grain. If you need any help or assistance with your cosplay let me know as I know a few really good cosplayers who I’m sure could advise both of us if asked.
      And I’m glad you liked the Destroyer, it was my first attempt at a large scale ship build so I had to figure out scale and sizing etc. But the plating sells the design I think. Next when I get a PC that works I’ll work on the slightly smaller details (known as “Greeblies”) such as pipework, fixtures, lighting pods and ventilation grilles/panels etc. Thanks as always for the support,.

    1. Hello Resa, I am still online for now and it turns out Windows was having a temper tantrum. In other words Microsoft was trying to enforce the setup of One Drive (I hadn’t set it up as I use other cloud storage) and install the new Edge browser on my machine and caused it to lock up. I left my laptop switched off for three days then tried one last time to get it to boot and Lo and Behold it booted up and immediately installed the two updates MS wanted to force on me…before I could reject the changes. But now my machine is running again!
      I am so pleased with my boots though, they are even more pretty in real life. The smell, the weight and feel of the leather….then the leather soles….they are gorgeous. The soles look like expensive polished wood. I have a big problem now though…they are soo nice I don’t want to spoil them by wearing them! Thanks as always and stay safe.

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