Callous Saber ISB-021. A saber for a Double Agent.

Hello everybody hope you are well. Something strange has happened recently, I noticed a spike in my viewing figures yesterday and when I investigated I found something funny. It turns out somebody that posts on the video gaming/entertainment site Polygon has linked to my site….only they linked to a picture of Padme Amidala in her Geonosis outfit I included in my “Aggressive Negotiator” post! So the people clicking to view my site are just looking at Padme. Luckily I have something for you all to see today in the shape of a new saber design.

This saber is a tribute to Agent Kallus, the Imperial Security Bureau operative famous for chasing the crew of the Rebel ship The Ghost in Star Wars Rebels. Agent Kallus came from Coruscant and attended the Empire’s top academy, graduating as top pupil. He joined the Imperial Security Bureau and earned a reputation of wanting peace – but the Empire’s view of peace. This led to crushing several outbursts of rebellion and even wiped out a whole species after using a devastating new weapon. So being that Kallus is an Imperial and he has already wiped out a society….why would I make a new saber for him? Well, his story takes an interesting change later and I’ll tell you about it after I post my first gallery. Here is Callous Saber – ISB 021….

This saber is inspired by the uniform Agent Kallus wore as an Imperial officer and I incorporated details that look like his body armour and rank insignia. The blade is a plain white colour (similar to those my Trooper inspired hilts had). It projects from the emitter which has a distinct “panelled” look to it that represents both the interior of a Star Destroyer and the chest armour of Agent Kallus’ uniform. Below the emitter is the switch bezel ring with the red and blue segments, this represents the rank insignia badges the Empire use that consist of the coloured square blocks.

Kallus ascended through the ranks despite not always having success in his missions. On one mission he was hailed by the Empire as he quashed an uprising on the planet Lasan – but at the high cost of wiping out the native species. He then spent a whole year chasing The Ghost and Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndula and Garazeb Orrelios (aka Zeb) In another skirmish, he and Zeb become stranded on a moon of Geonosis and the pair have to fight together to survive. This wasn’t easy as Zeb was the lone survivor of the attack on Lasan, a warrior of the species Kallus wiped out. After working out a truce both men were rescued and went their separate ways.

Ok enough talk I think it’s time for gallery two….

These pictures show that this hilt is versatile as it can be combined with a second hilt to form a staff weapon. The two hilts have a locking mechanism integrated into the pommel design. The pics also show the pommel grille looks like the Empire’s cog logo…back to the story though and things were about to change for the Imperial Agent….

Having failed to capture the rebels, this brought the situation to the attention of Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader. Vader and Tarkin arrived on Lothal and immediately clamped down in an attempt to quell the rebel activity which was affecting production of Imperial TIE-Fighters and weaponry. But in a strange turn of events the Rebels started receiving vital information from a shadowy individual codenamed “Fulcrum”, allowing the Rebels to evade the traps set by Tarkin. The Grand Moff realised that the Empire had a spy in it’s ranks and eventually uncovered and captured the traitor. That traitor turned out to be…Kallus. During another attempt by the Empire to capture the Ghost’s crew the Rebels escaped once more but also rescued Kallus. Alexandr Kallus….Agent Kallus….Fulcrum….then became a fully fledged member of the Rebellion, helping the Rebels win key engagements and defeating the Empire on Lothal and later in the Battle of Yavin resulting in the Death Star’s destruction.

Finally, Zeb took Kallus on a journey to a mysterious uncharted location and on that planet lived a group of long lost Lasat people – the Lasat being the species that Kallus thought he had wiped out (with the exception of Zeb). The Lasat had heard of Kallus’ actions helping the Rebellion and felt he had redeemed himself, and so forgave him. This is why Alexandr Kallus in my eyes sort of earned a For Tyeth designed saber.

That just about wraps up this post but before I go I mentioned the TIE-Fighters being built on Lothal….well I have built one myself and given it a For Tyeth twist! You’ll be able to see that spaceship and a whole crate load of sabers including a very colourful graffiti inspired staff. Plus I have a super special saber based on a special Force sensitive canine species! I hope you’ll call back to see those, but in the meantime it’s the thank you messages. Thank you so much for looking in on this design and for all the support you have given me (even if you just wanted to see Padme 😁). You are all very much appreciated, so stay safe and….Till next time….

Callous Saber ISB-021” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020. The design is inspired by the character Agent Kallus seen in Star Wars Rebels. “Agent Kallus” and all names, images, logos and reated material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

11 thoughts on “Callous Saber ISB-021. A saber for a Double Agent.”

    1. Hi Julie, When I saw Kallus’ uniform and battle armour I just knew that it might turn into a nice saber. The colour scheme of the uniform and the way the armour plates looked leant themselves perfectly. I’m glad it worked so well. Thanks as always.

  1. Not had any image hot linking for years. I used to swap the image for something else I found amusing at the time, if it was an issue.
    Another quality build FT. Too hot for me to use much more than a phone

    1. Hi Neil, thanks again, glad you liked the saber. Regards the image it is actually this one…

      The funny thing is, that this image is widely available on the net (such as on the Star Wars Wiki page Wookieepedia!) so in reality I am getting “free traffic” to my site which might make it more visible in Search Engines!
      Less funny though is my laptop has crashed again- this time MS say I have a Bad System Config – yet I was using the machine fine for a week no problems then blam! the BSoD hits out of nowhere. Gonna re-install and immediately update to win2004 I think. I just need to be in the right frame of mind to mess around installing it. Thank the Force I still have my faithful old Win7 machine….but even then MS have “installed” their new Edge browser onto it with no warning or permission obtained from me – nothing….and MS don’t support Win7 anymore? Really?
      Anyhoo…stay safe and well and I’ll do my best to get back running at full speed.

    1. Hello Resa, we really must get you knowledged up on Star Wars! But I’m glad you enjoyed the saber and that I seemed to achieve the stealthy undercover style I was aiming for.

      1. IKR! I am Star Wars out-of-it! However, I think I am a bit up on Sabers, now that I know you!
        Now, if you need to know anything about the original Star Trek series, I could be your person!

      2. Hi again, now you’re going to tell me about the trouble with Tribbles and Sarek and Amanda Grayson aren’t you? I know a little bit of Trek lore – I even built a few Klingon themed hilts. (And just to show I really am a part time Trekkie too, I am currently watching The Animated Series)

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