Lost Build Two – Another FT Original

Hello everybody, I continue today with my series of “recovered” hilts with the second of the Lost Files. Again as I thought I had lost this design I didn’t give it a name. This hilt has a few more features built in as I pushed Blender’s workflow and features. As a result I had a saber that could be either Lightside Jedi or Darkside Sith….depending on your point of view (and the colour scheme you pick!) I will add that I don’t have work in progress images for this one but there are still a dozen images for you to look at. Here is the first gallery…starting with a spooky shadow…

This hilt has an aggressive attitude and a whole viper’s nest of claws! Not only claws but windows (no not Microsoft 😏) a “grenade grip” main body and an FTE lighted pommel. The improved workspace in Blender allowed me to quickly model and texture this hilt and add special little details with just a couple of mouse clicks. I am particularly pleased with the claws, because not only does it have six of them (double the number I used on my Gre’thor Blade – A Klingon inspired field weapon hilts) but they have illuminated elements built into them. Here is gallery two…

I really like the idea of lit claws and I think they should be possible to build in real life using fibre optic cables such as those found on “Fibre Optic Tree” lamp decorations and in Modified Custom Car interior designs. The lit pommel isn’t quite as fancy as the one I built for the Zygerrian Sting Saber sabers but I did build this design earlier, however I may return to this and update the crystal and improve on it. Finally I mentioned above this could be a Sith styled hilt with a change of colour so here are a couple of the Sith variant and a couple of pics of what I have coming up! A sneaky Sith sneak peek!…

These new hilts are inspired by the cartoon series “The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels” and represent about half of the sabers I still have to show. As soon as I bring you a new lightsaber I am already working on the next batch…and I may soon be able to bring you a MASSIVE new ship as well. Lots to look forward to, I hope.

This just abut wraps things up for this post, except to say thank you so much for your visit today. As always whether this is your first time on FTSabersite or you are a regular visitor you are much appreciated and don’t forget to leave a comment or like and if you can spread the word about this little corner of the internet that would be fantastic. So stay safe and…..Till next time….

“Lost Build Two” is a For Tyeth Editions design and all images and design are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020. Star Wars, Rebels and The Clone Wars and all other names, logos, and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

8 thoughts on “Lost Build Two – Another FT Original”

  1. Hi FT, nice work. I like the gold design best. It’s a serious-looking piece of kit. A bit of a classic space rocket shape to it too, and the sinster shadow gives the idea of it passing or hovering low across a surface.

    1. Hi TVTA. I prefer the gold accented version too, it’s just I have “friends” on the forums I use that are Dark Side of the Force fans so I have to make a sinister version for them to admire too!
      Talking of sinister and spaceships you might like the new battleship that I have built recently – I hope to reveal that soon so keep your eyes to the skies….you won’t miss it when it arrives. Thanks as always and stay safe.

      1. Hi there, Oops! I forgot I added my horror picture! But I can say that there are no special effects added to it (ok maybe the lightning), but that is exactly how the camera caught the image of my blade. And another fun bit of info, I not only modelled the saber but I built the cobwebs in 3D! As the webs are 3D models I can move them around and change the shape of them however I want. That reminds me though, I need to do some sweeping in my cave!

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