Dyad Sabers – It’s all about pairs (and boots)

Hello everybody, first off thanks so much for all the kind comments on my 500th post last week it means a lot. So today I return to a collection I had been promising a while back but then my Windows 10 install crashed and I thought I had lost them. These were my original concepts collection of hilts I built to stretch my understanding of Blender’s latest version. This was the second design I came up with so I thought “I know, I’ll build two of them” and so I created a Dyad – which is a catchy word I used for the design name. It is a fairly basic design but for around forty minutes work it turned out OK and it featured a few details that were improved over past versions of Blender. Anyhoo, here is the first gallery of pictures from the workshop….

You might be able to tell that this saber is quite sleek, not too fussy, has a good grip but I did make a small compromise and added a crystal chamber. Unfortunately it wasn’t till later when I was taking the Glamour Shots that I noticed when viewed from the side the saber looks like a bricklayer’s “Spirit Level” tool with the chamber looking like the level’s bubble chamber! I’m not sure whether there are bricklayers in the Star Wars universe anymore as most buildings are now of a Duraplast or metal construction. OK so I had best move on and let you see the next gallery and this one is the Glamour Shots…

I did make a vanity decision and made this hilt with a green core assembly and inserts with a black shroud. Green is sort of my thing and I figured I could work it into my “Branding” if I ever put these in production! I think the saber has an edgy look to it and the bell emitter is semi recessed, surrounded by a shark’s mouth cut-out in the shroud. I also added some “Tombstones” which are the small rectangular adornments that slot through the shroud and help hold the emitter in place. These also give the saber a look similar to Ahsoka Tano’s hilts from The Clone Wars cartoon. Ahsoka was famous for wielding two sabers so I thought I should build a second hilt to accompany this one so I gave Dyad a new colour scheme for the core. Here is the next gallery…

This colour I quite like and it is one you don’t see on lightsabers very often. The candy orange is really a contrast and complimentary colour to both the green and black. Now I have a balanced pair of hilts, and in Star Wars everything is about balance. But as always I couldn’t just finish here and as I had a ”duality” theme going on, two sabers, two colours, a double bladed version was needed. This is one final image of how two Dyads could form a saberstaff double bladed hilt.

That just about wraps up this post, except for an exciting bit of news I’d like to share. I have been hinting and mentioned that I am in the process of assembling a Jedi costume and I have received my tunic, tabbards, pants and robe and they fit nicely (I just have a few minor alterations to make). However the outfit didn’t come with boots so I looked for a pair of cosplay Jedi boots…but when Mrs T saw the pair I found she was a little concerned how long they would last. She told me “if you are going to buy a pair you may as well get a decent pair..” and offered to help me buy a quality pair and I may have gone a bit mad. I have ordered a pair of “proper” replica Jedi boots as worn by..(?)…in The Phantom Menace! I spent over an hour exchanging emails with the manufacturer in real time so I could send in my measurements for the boots – I’m REALLY nervous now hoping I got the sizing right. Pictures will be posted in a special FT Fashion post when they arrive and I’ve finished the outfit.

Finally I’d like to finish with my usual thank yous. Thanks to all of you who have visited and supported me and FTSabersite, whether today or as a long time viewer/reader. I can’t publish a blog without you and you’re all very much appreciated. Till next time……

(Have my boots come yet?…No?….OK maybe tomorrow….)

“Dyad Sabers” are a For Tyeth Editions design and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020. “Ahsoka Tano” and Star Wars are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

4 thoughts on “Dyad Sabers – It’s all about pairs (and boots)”

  1. Spear and Jackson never made a sprit level that good. The closest they got was a laser level.
    Darth Bob the builder would be proud to own one. — hmm cartoon character sabres. LOL my minds wandering again. Good work FT

    1. Thanks Neil! Darth Bob the Builder…now that’s a name I’ve never heard before 😁 I did make a few “cartoon themed” sabers a looong time ago, I made some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed ones and some for Thundercats. However they were made before I had Blender so aren’t quite the same as I design now. I am going to be posting some Star Wars cartoon based hilts very soon though, as I have finished watching the animated The Clone Wars and Rebels shows.

    1. Hello Resa, I can’t claim credit for the name as such as it featured in the last Star Wars film Rise of Skywalker. The two main characters, portrayed by Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley shared a connection through the “Force” and this link between two force users was called a “Force Dyad”. The literal definition of dyad is the smallest possible grouping of objects or people…meaning a group of two!
      And regards the fashion post, I mentioned I am awaiting another delivery of my new boots which are rather special. So I am getting excited too. Hope you’re safe and well and thanks as always for your kind words.

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