“Echo Saber” inspired by Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, hope you’re all well. Today we stay in the Star Wars universe but I am bringing you a design I came up with based on the iconic saber seen in The Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars – A New Hope, the saber owned by Obi-Wan Kenobi. star-wars-obi-wan-kenobi-1-scaledGeneral Kenobi was well known for “tinkering” and modifying his saber and designs, keeping the plans and technical details in a journal (this journal was reportedly what Luke Skywalker used to instruct him on how to build his green saber in Return of the Jedi). So I imagined what Kenobi’s saber may look like if he modified it (or maybe somebody else did….) and I managed to come up with an elegant hilt that still reminds you of the original hilt. I call this saber “Echo”…

I removed the “troublesome” activation box that so many fans that own a Kenobi replica hilt complain about and I extended the “Grenade Grip” ridged body section. I also slightly thickened the “Thin Neck” but attempted to retain the original look. The pommel is slightly redesigned and hints at Luke Skywalker’s green saber. Echo still retains the classic blue blade and has a matching activation button instead of the cumbersome clamp mounted switch I mentioned earlier. I said that I imagined how this saber would look if Kenobi modified it and I also hinted “What if someone else got hold of the saber, what would they do with it?” Well, sadly after Obi-Wan gave his life so that Luke, Leia and the crew of the Millennium Falcon could escape the Death Star, his lightsaber fell to the floor where he was slain and became Darth Vader’s property. Not much is known of what happened to it after this but rumours say Vader stored it in his castle on the planet Mustafaar. But what if Vader studied his old Master’s hilt and did some tinkering himself? Then the saber might look like this…

I think this looks sufficiently Sith-like, with it’s new shiny new handgrip which on closer inspection has a few little windows cut into it. Those windows reveal the inner workings of the saber and the crimson red crystal chamber (you might remember Vader’s crystal in my “The Destined One” design I built a while back). This crystal chamber is the dark heart of this Sith developed design and produces the crimson blade so famously wielded by the bad guys. Here are a few images of the internals….

Again the crystal chamber forms the heart of this saber, Kenobi knew this and used the best technology he had to embrace it’s potential. However, I didn’t stop there. On the lightsaber forum where I post messages now and then one member asked the site owners if they had any new curved hilt designs. Well that triggered my imagination and I wondered what it Kenobi learnt something from duelling Count Dooku and he went on to build a curved hilt, how would that look? Something like this?…

I kinda like this one! I am not sure exactly how I managed to bend this but it worked (I used a modifier function of Blender 3D named “Bend Modifier but I didn’t know if the function could cope with the really complex structure that would create). A curved hilt alters the arc through which the blade follows when swung making it difficult for your opponent to predict it’s behaviour. Also if you grip the saber at various positions this changes the swings further, much like the way an Olympic class fencer can have dozens of angles of attack. If well practised then you as a saberist would have a distinct combat advantage if you used these techniques. However I know some saber purists would dismiss a curved hilt so I have one final straight version in a predominantly silver colourscheme and this is Echo Spirit…

So that just about wraps up this offering, I hope you enjoyed it. I had fun re-imagining an iconic design and hope I did a fair job of it. I may return to re-imagine other classic hilts in future but I have been asked by certain members of a Star Wars community to create some X-Men themed hilts so I am working on those (hello WinstonMaul and Emxc from my friend Nothin’ Nerdy’s community). I hope you will return to see those (and other Star Wars stuff) in future posts. I again want to thank you all, my friends and followers for your un-wavering support in these difficult times, I appreciate you taking time out to support me and check out FTSabersite. Till next time, stay safe and well…..

“Echo Saber”, “Dark Echo Saber” and “Echo Bend Saber” are For Tyeth Edition designs and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020. (General) Obi-Wan Kenobi and all Star Wars related names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

15 thoughts on ““Echo Saber” inspired by Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber”

  1. Very nice!!!
    I like the Echo Saber crystal chamber revealed.
    The bent one is interesting, yet I like the straight one better!
    Cheers and be well!

    1. Hello Resa, I hope you are well too and thanks. I added the curved hilt just because I built it as an experiment. A member on the forum I mentioned asked to see more curved hilts so I modelled this one. Curved hilts became sort of popular for a while after the great Christopher Lee used one in the movies Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. The novelty has worn off a little now and most people like and buy straight ightsabers. Thanks again for the kind words and comments.

      1. Hi there Resa, there have been designs based on a double “S-bend” (it looks like a snake)and there is a saber shaped like a side handled police baton (or martial arts Tonfa weapon) but they appear in the graphic novels that have been written. I think I need to think well outside the box for a really radical design, let me think about it ok!

  2. Great design FT. Obi Wan is one of my fave characters both in the OT and PT (+ Clone Wars series). I hope Disney pick up the standalone movies again one day, and give him the limelight he deserves by making a film for his character.
    The Darth Vader version is really good too, and probably true to how the Dark Lord might tinker with this saber!
    Keep well, MTFBWY!

    1. To add… congrats on one of the design details you make – not noticible so much on small size pics but stands out when enlarging, and that’s the the ‘corona’ or ‘lens flare’ effect, seen on the blade and crystals. You’ve probably used this effect before, but today is the first time I noticed. Love it 🙂

      1. Hi again, haha! Can you believe I have been adding those glowing effects since 2018 when I built my Ghostbusters Ecto 1 hilt? I used to add the light bloom effect using photo editing software before I had access to Blender. But when I got Blender I discovered it already had the feature built in to add glows to renders! It cut my workload down greatly.
        And regards to the Sith version of this hilt, I couldn’t imagine Anakin not tampering with his former master’s hilt just to prove who was “the greater Jedi” because of his jealousy of Obi-Wan.

      2. Ah, I had a look back at the Ecto1 but couldn’t see that effect on it? It’s like a lens flare – a circle of light? I noticed it popped the most on the Darth Vader version of the Obi-Wan saber you posted just.

      3. Lol. No worries mate, already mad enough. Hey, it was good to go back and see the Ecto 1 again. Will have to come up with some different challenges in the future, as I think we just about exhausted the TV/film themes?
        Did you think of any other classic sword designs?

      4. I have just been approached by a member of the lightsaber forum who asked me to design some Skyrim styled swords (the PC MMO game) so I have some “steel edged” sabers coming soon. I will also have a think about some other movie….oh wait…I have a new sand Dune saber that might fit the bill……(walks away quietly whistling)

    2. Thanks TVTA. With the Vader version I just imagined what Anakin might do to his former master’s hilt to prove he was the greater Jedi – I couldn’t believe he wouldn’t have messed with the saber once he had possession of it. And I too hope there is a Kenobi movie or series but those things were getting pushed back even before the pandemic issues. I hope there is something in the future though, Thanks as always and stay safe too my friend!

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