Darth Logos’ Data Chronolog – I’m branching out into new items!

Hello Everybody, I hope you are all keeping well and safe at this difficult time. Today I have something VERY different to show you than I normally have. I discussed in previous posts that with my new version of Blender 3D that I am now able to tackle projects and models I had no hope of attempting before. Well this is one such project and it is called a “Holocron” or “Datacron” and it is the Star Wars equivalent of a USB flash drive or archive device. In Star Wars a Holocron can be used by it’s owner to store information, audio, holograms, and anything of importance as a secure archive. Both the Jedi and Sith had their own style of Holocron, and differing ways to use/operate/access them. A friend of mine, Darth Logos (yes he is a Sith leaning individual but he’s not that bad really) uses the same forum I post on and contacted me with, let’s say a challenge. He asked if I would consider tackling a new object to build. Darth Logos wanted a “knock your socks off” Holocron. Well I like a challenge so I accepted and came up with this…A few early build pictures for you to check out…

Logos asked for a particularly complex model and I eventually built FIVE versions of this object…and each version had at least 3 iterations, so I really built 15 models. Some of this was due to me learning how the new Blender operates and some versions were to make sure Logos got the design how he wanted. Inside this Tetrahedron is a matrix of smaller elements and I thought he wanted a Tetra within a Tetra but learnt he didn’t want a frame on the interior structure. I also attempted a framework on the outer structure that needed a lot of work, but I think I managed it after a fortunate “happy accident”. I wanted to replicate the shape of the internal structure in the shape of the windows but couldn’t get the frame shaped correctly, then I accidently clicked a separate feature to it’s off position and Bingo, the shape I wanted formed. Anyhoo, enough talking, Logos has been waiting to see his new “Shiny” – so here are pictures of the updated model in the studio…

Oh, and did I mention that the symbols placed around the edges of this Holocron are actually a piece of prose known as the “Sith Code”…and the lines of text are in a Sith font….all of which are FULLY 3D modelled!

And here are the full effect “Glamour Shots”…and I’ll just add that these were hard to produce too!….

I also made a few “poster” style images Logos might be able to use as his logo on the forum he uses…

I hope Logos likes his new little shiny object! I will say I sort of enjoyed building it…it was indeed a challenge but I think I rose up to it! To be fair I did enjoy building this as I stretched myself and learnt new skills and tricks and now I have another item I can make models of in future (some readers may recall I did build a Happy Holidays Holocron way back HERE but it wasn’t quite as nice as this one!)

That just about wraps up this post, I hope all of you liked it. I will in future posts be revealing my first B-series astromech droid build, my first ever starfighter and of course at least a few new sabers! I hope you will all return to see them, but for now thank you so much for the support you have given me and my site. Even in these difficult times you have helped me break the 18,000 view mark now, so thanks so much to all my viewers/readers whether new or regular! You are especially appreciated! Till next time…

“Darth Logos’ Data Chronolog” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is inspired by the devices seen in the Star Wars expanded universe/legends material. All designs and content within FTSabersite are Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020. All other Trademarked/Copyrighted material belong to their respective owners and are credited as such.

10 thoughts on “Darth Logos’ Data Chronolog – I’m branching out into new items!”

    1. Hello Resa, this model and design really did push my skills as I had to relearn some techniques that had changed from the last version of Blender 3D. The new version changed how the lighting effects work with transparent objects. The new technique is better though and helps to make stuff look more impressive. And the posters consist of scenery from the planet named Korriban. In Star Wars Korriban was the home world of the Sith faction and there was a “Valley of the Sith” similar to the Valley of the Pharaohs in Egypt – it even had temples built into pyramids. The posters show the exterior and interior of one of those temples. Thanks as always and please keep safe and well at this difficult time!

    1. Hello Mei-Mei, hope you’re keeping safe. My friend Darth Logos sent me a basic drawing then let me run wild with the design. It gave me a lot of headaches building the windowed frame and aligning the text onto the model. But I learned a lot and now have another set f objects I can build and explore. I also have some spaceships in development too! Glad you liked the holocron and thanks as always.

      1. Thanks Mei-Mei. To be honest as I mentioned in the post I was asked if I had done a Holocron before. I did attempt to build one last year and put it on my Happy New Year postcard article but it was far from impressive. Thanks for the kind comments and stay tuned as I have a few starfighters and some cute droids coming up soon!

    1. Hello TVTA, this design took a bit more work than most I have to say…but I’m glad I put the effort in. Darth Logos wanted “circuitry” inside the structure and supplied the background image used in the header image above which I used as the texture for the internal elements. I pasted the texture onto the panels then added a clever modifier that adds light emissions based on colour. This means any white/light colours emit light and glows which worked perfectly. The posters I made because Logos hinted he might like to use the images I made as Avatar pictures for his social media. I figured I could make some posters and he could resize or crop them to whatever size he needed! Thanks once again, I’m glad I keep impressing everyone.

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