“Scratchbuilt Saber” – a bits and pieces saber

Hello Everybody, this past week I have been busy learning to use my new copy of Blender 3D and at the same time testing old build files to see which models work and which models I can further tweak or modify (taking advantage of the new features). Well I was digging around my workshop and I found another crate (near to where I found my stash of Beskar) that had a lot of old model part files. These were files of models/parts that I started to build but got distracted and started something new (this happens a lot to me…I can hear Qui-Gon Jinn telling me I must learn focus!) and I loaded each file into Blender to see what they were. It turns out there were some parts that could be useful and so I set about using these newfound parts as I don’t like to waste resources and recycling is en vogue. This is what I came up with after polishing the “scratch and dents” out ….

I don’t think it turned out too bad for recycled parts! I managed to assemble a nice multi curved emitter with a functional and comfortable hilt body. It has a pretty crystal reveal chamber with four oblong windows to let the crystal shine out. Then I had a spare emitter so I flipped it horizontally and vertically so it lined up opposite to the main emitter and used the second as a pommel! This gives the whole saber a forward leaning appearance a bit like this  [  /———-/  ] as opposed to this layout  [  \——–/  ]   The “/” represents the slant. The saber also features a full crystal chamber assembly and the windows now have a much nicer transparent glass texture thanks to the all new Blender.

As always I further “tinkered” with this base design and made a “Darkside” version in black and it looks sleek, sinister and has just a bit of elegance too I think. But again I will let you decide as I present my second gallery of Glamour Shots, this is Darkside Scratchbuilt…

The black aluminium texture really makes the green blade, switch and crystal “Pop” and probably would look really evil with a Sith red or purple blade. Maybe that will be a further modification for another post…I could add a few gold or silver accents too, hmm! One final modification I made for this version of Scratchbuilt was to combine two hilts to make a staff and here is the standard silver staff…S And D Silver Staff MK

A doubly dangerous design….and all from parts that I had almost discarded to the recycle bin! And believe it or not a real life custom saber manufacturer had some off cut and reject parts laying around in a pile of storage bins but instead of using their imagination to put the pieces to use, they bagged all the reject parts into 5 or 10 lbs bags and sold them off to DIY saber builders. However as my parts were digital I used my brain and put them into a new design. I am going to set up a procedure where I don’t delete rejected ideas straight away but store them and review the parts/models before committing them to the Recycle Bin…as it can be surprising what models you can come up with!

Anyhoo, that just about wraps up this post, I hope you enjoyed my journey into recycling! It’s true, you can put all sorts of things to use if you think “outside the box”. I hope to bring you all a few more “rescued” hilts in future. I also have an Obi-Wan Kenobi inspired hilt, a beautiful curved fencing hilt, and a few more totally original bespoke designs from my FT Model range I have started. Please be sure to call back to check these out in upcoming posts. But for now I’d like to send out a big thanks to all of you, my friends for all the support and kind comments/likes you have given me and my site. I have today passed 100 Subscribers (though I fear some may be bots) so thanks to you all, you are much appreciated. Till next time….

“Scratchbuilt Saber” and “Darkside Scratchbuilt Saber” are For Tyeth Editions designs and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020. All designs and content within FTSabersite are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite or their respective owners and all Guest Designers’ content is used with permission.

7 thoughts on ““Scratchbuilt Saber” – a bits and pieces saber”

  1. Let’s hope 2 of the bots are R2D2 and C3PO. Congratulations on the 100 followers my Dalek blog had 2 lol. That’s a huge achievement for a speciality blog.

    1. Hello Neil, thanks so much for helping me reach a hundred…I know you aren’t a robot! And I forgot to mention that one of my new hilts has a Dr Who theme to it, I think you’ll want to see that one.
      The bots are those connected to “Improve your Business click here” blogs and clickbait sites that are basically blank pages.
      p.s. I think I might have been one of your Dalek blog followers!

  2. Hey FT, your recycling efforts rock, those sabers rock, and your slants rock too: “[ /- – -/ ] as opposed to this layout [ \- – -/ ]” … which makes me want to use the symbol \m/ to emphasise all that rockin’ 🙂
    As for bot followers… I powered up my X-Wing last week (with Wooof unwittingly volunteering the job of R2-D2) and blasted away about 20 fake followers, mostly accounts with zero content or ‘this blog no longer exists’ + those darned vitamin ones. Bizarre, the vitamin ones keep coming back to follow me and I have to blast them again.
    Intrigued by your upcoming Doctor Who theme hilt!!

    1. Hi TVTA and Wooof, thank you Interplanetary Bot Defenders for your kind words. I was struggling to find the word I wanted to describe the matching alignment of the angles/slant when I wrote the post so decided to use the symbols (a bit of a throwback to when I used to program my old ZX Spectrum computer!)
      And the Bots are a bit annoying even if my WordPress/A-ki-met readings say it is 100% accurate. However…my Dr Who themed hilt may help “Exterminate” a few of these fake follows….(hint, hint) Thanks as always guys!

  3. So, I AM NOT A BOT! Lol!
    Recycling, repurposing and re-using is all the rage. My Art Gowns are made from the reject bin. This could be my fave saber so far! I really love the black “Darkside” version.
    “Scratchbuilt Saber” rocks!

    1. Hello Resa, I’m so happy you like it. It feels good to be part of the Recycle party….and you definitely aren’t a Bot, you are very nice and a part of my For Tyeth family! Thanks for the kind comments.

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