“Warrior Saber” Inspired by Disney’s Mulan live action movie

Hello Everybody, today I am Blending a past design and a new rebuild (see what I did there? Blending?). Now last year around July news of a new Mulan live action movie based on the Disney animation broke and a few promo images and a teaser video released.

Disney’a Mulan promo image (Copyright Disney Studios)

I saw the images and trailer and was interested as I saw that the film has swords in it and Katanas in particular. I knew there would be lots of people making 3D models of the sword so I thought I’d do my version of it. Due to circumstances and how busy I was over the last 6 months I didn’t get to post the design even though I did post this teaser…

Mulan Plate MK
Mulan Saber teaser poster from last year!

And as you can see I pushed the limits of my model-building skills by creating an embossed/carved reproduction of the Mulan family crest/dragon on the handguard! But as you can see there are those pesky “Fireflies” or noise pattern on the image. This annoyed me but my old laptop and Blender couldn’t make the images look better without processing the image for hours on end. However fast forward 7 months and I have new hardware and the new Blender 3D v2.81 and so I figured, “I haven’t posted the design so why don’t I modify it and see how my new setup copes?” I reloaded the old Blender file and started to improve (I hope) on the original. Here is that new version, this is “Warrior”…

In my last version I attempted to use the techniques I used on my LOTR “Barad-Dûr Saber” to recreate a hammered metal look for the hilt handle and pommel ring. This made the hilt appear to be made of wrought iron with lots of hammer pockmarking and I also tried to recreate the dragon handguard. As I mentioned I managed it but the rendered images didn’t do justice to the model. I discovered I had made a few minor errors too in my fist build so I rectified those and added carvings around the edge of the handguard too…and I prayed to the Force that Blender’s new render “despeckle” function would work. Thankfully it did and I reckon the engraved detailing turned out nicely. I will admit the tassel hanging from the pommel still needs some work but with my new more powerful laptop I can use the “Hair” function to improve it. The “Hair” modifier recreates hair follicles but creates a lot of strands that need to be calculated and processed, my old laptop couldn’t manage that. Overall though I think this updated model looks OK and the final renders are a vast improvement. I am really pleased with Blender 3D and not only am I able revisit and tweak my old designs…I have already come up with around half a dozen new hilts….or one design a day! All of which I will be featuring in upcoming posts.

That just about wraps up this post but I would just like to point something out regards the movie’s release and more importantly the Coronavirus outbreak. I sincerely hope that a remedy for this terrible virus is found quickly and deployed successfully and my thoughts are with those already affected, those that have succumbed, and their families. I mention this virus outbreak as it may affect when the Mulan movie is released (it is scheduled for March 21st as of time of posting)…but the health scare could change that date.

Thank you for visiting FTSabersite today and I hope you liked my new updated “Warrior”. All of you, my viewers/readers are much appreciated, whether this is your first visit or you are a regular, thanks so much for your support. I hope you will all return to see what I have in the pipeline in upcoming posts. Till next time….

Oh! and p.s. Hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day yesterday…I made sure I got my card…I wrote it myself!

“Warrior Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions model and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020. It is inspired on the weapon seen in the upcoming Disney live action adaptation of Mulan due out in March 2020. “Mulan” and all names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney Studios.


7 thoughts on ““Warrior Saber” Inspired by Disney’s Mulan live action movie”

    1. Hi there Resa, as always I’m just glad you liked the saber. I didn’t have to do much regards my imagination, I just made a close facsimile of the sword used in the film (albeit with a glowing lightsabre blade!) Thanks again.

  1. Very nice FT. Just updated to 2.81 as well. Newer tech makes life so much easier. Corona is scary. 6 new designs already, look forward to seeing them

    1. Hi Neil, I’m glad to hear you have updated too. I think you’ll love the new version it is so slick and 99% of the functions are easily clickable so modelling is very fast – then there’s EEVEE! I will be honest, the new designs aren’t exactly new they are version 2.7 models I haven’t posted yet but have modified in 2.8. But I still think they count as new! Thanks as always.

  2. It looks so cool dear 😊❤️ It’s so neat imagining Mulan with a Saber. The original cartoon Mulan movie is my second favourite Disney movie (Beauty and the Beast being number 1). Nice work. I hope you are well and all is great x x

    1. Hello there, I saw the teaser and promo images back in July last year and built a basic version of the saber, but then I saw the movie trailer when I went to see Rise of Skywalker in December and I was really drawn to it. I realised I needed to improve the model and now I have the newest version of Blender 3D I was able to polish my design up! And I am doing well thanks and I hope things are easing and getting safer for you (I haven’t heard many recent updates on how the recovery is going after the fires).

      1. That’s so cool 😊 I am excited to start learning Blender 💖 That is great to hear. Yes, things are better here now that we are getting rain. Hopefully the weather won’t get hot again. Sometimes it does in March though x x

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