Upgrades! For Tyeth tries Blender 3D V2.81a!

Hello Everybody! Today is a BIG day as this is the start of a new era for me….I have upgraded Blender so I am running the new 2.81A version (as I type this I have seen v.2.83 has been released but that isn’t a stable release yet). This means I have access to a new modelling feature called EEVEE which is a “real-time renderer” so I can make a model and apply textures/materials to it as I go along and the new laptop automatically modifies the model and textures as I make changes. This means I can see how the finished version of a saber will look almost as soon as I have started building it! Oh, yes…did I just mention the words “new laptop”? Yes I did….my new toy has arrived! I now have an updated computer which is amazing compared to the computer I used before…x61s_dock

This is a Lenovo X61s 12 inch laptop and it has 1GB of memory and a whopping 64GB hard disk…it even ran on Windows 7 – real high tech! But now I have the big brother of this computer with a 14 inch screen, Core I5 processor, 8GB of memory and 500GB hard disk so I am able to run the latest versions of Blender! I installed Blender yesterday afternoon and within an hour I had built my first version 2.81 saber, would you like to take a look? Of course you would so here you go…

This saber isn’t based on anything specific or any particular hilt it is just a testbed, something that was in my head that I modelled. The new software is even more powerful than the last version I had. Almost 99% of the functions can be accessed from the studio/workspace screen so was able to build this so fast. But even if a needed function isn’t on screen then there will be a dedicated tab and secondary screen layout where it will be visible. For example the screen to model the object would be different than a screen for rendering (creating the images or videos) – but there are “hot keys” to switch between the various screens allowing you to preview your progress as you go along. This software is so slick and fast I think it could do the Kessel run faster than the Millennium Falcon!

Rendering is also something that is vastly improved with 2.81. I knew it would be better but I had no clue just how good it was gonna be. Some of my old renders had lots of speckles of light and looked “grainy” due to how the graphics chip recreated the lighting for the image but you may have noticed the pictures above were very, very focused and pin sharp with no little “Fireflies” – Blender users call the speckles fireflies! You can see them on the gold pieces on the hilts below…Steampunk Aeon 4 MK Blender has a new function similar to one developed by industry leaders in animating (Disney Pixar) that removes the speckles and sharpens the image, but when I installed Blender I wasn’t aware of it. Imagine my amazement when I saw the first picture I created! The difference was like watching a movie on a mobile phone, then seeing the same film on IMAX! So impressed was I, that I rendered a few more so here’s another gallery of some glamour shots, enjoy….

I am just lost for words…and the image I showed with the Fireflies above took 40-50 seconds to render, whereas these new pictures took much less time. I pressed the button to render the image and I counted 1…2…3…and it displayed onscreen. Less than four seconds! This will cut down my workload by about 75%. I don’t know how it will handle animations but if Blender works this fast for single images then videos will take a fraction of the time too. I will work on some animations once I have transferred all my files to my new set-up. I can’t wait. Here is one final “poster” I came up with and it has the Blender “Eye” logo looming over the planet like the Death Star!FTblender2point8 poster 1 MK

Well, that just about wraps up this post, I hope you liked it. I will be looking through my old Blender models and seeing which ones would benefit from being tweaked in this new version of the software while I work on new saber designs so I hope you’ll return to see all of that in future posts. Thank you all for your support of me and this site, whether you are a regular visitor or are new to FTSabersite – you’re all much appreciated. Till next time….

Blender 3D is available for free at Blender.org

“FT’s Blender 2.81 Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design (built and rendered in Blender 3D v2.81!) and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020. “Blender 3D”, “Blender” and the Blender “Eye” logo are Trademark/©Copyright of the Blender Foundation.

10 thoughts on “Upgrades! For Tyeth tries Blender 3D V2.81a!”

    1. Hello Resa, thanks very much, I’m really pleased how well the renders turned out. But I have to say I was using an old version of Blender previously which was 6 or 7 times updated. Using this latest version is a quantum leap and is sooo much faster in regards to workflow, it’s really slick.

  1. The old laptop will still be fine if kept offline. Congratulations, I am very pleased for you. I imagine having to cope with Windows 10 and a new blender is quite a bit to take in.

    1. Hello Neil, yes Win 10 was a bit of a shock…I switched the laptop on and this woman started talking to me! I thought I just needed to type in my Product Key and away I’d go but I had all these questions to answer. I got through the set up process and quickly installed Blender again….and wow I love this new set up. I just have to get an RJ45 cable (I think) to bulk transfer all my files off the X61 onto the new machine. And before I forget, thanks for your tips and advice it really helped my buying decision.

    1. Hello TVTA, thanks so much. My new toy came as the result of a compensation payment I received recently (you may recall me saying I was in “negotiations” to get some cash back!) This new laptop feels like flying an X-Wing Fighter compared to a kite!
      Blender itself is mindblowing too, it has had it’s workflow streamlined so much everything is readily accessible. As mentioned I completed the above build in less than an hour including installing the software, getting familiar with the new screen layouts and keys then creating the hilt and renders. I really am going to have fun with this (plus there may also be a 3D printer coming in my future soon sooo… maybe I might have some “solid sabers” to show off too!) Thanks once more.

  2. That’s so cool dear 😊 Your really inspiring me to learn Blender ❤️ I’m thinking about giving it a go and seeing how my characters would look 3D. It looks like a lot of fun. I’m sure it will take a while to learn but the results will be worth it. Love your designs x x

    1. Hello, you would be surprised how quick it is to learn using Blender. To begin I set aside 30 minutes a day to “play” with the software and just experiment learning how to add shapes and parts then move them around and edit them. You can even use a “Mirror” function so your character is symmetrical (you also only need to model one half of the figure too). If you decide to try Blender, it’s free to download, free to use and even artists at Marvel use the software….and of course should you need help or guidance you can always ask me and I’ll do my best to help. (p.s. you can also do 2D Grease Pencil style art and animation)

      1. Yay this is all so helpful 😊 Thank you so much dear! I took a screenshot of this so I can remember haha 💖 I’m glad you can do 2D art and animation too. I will get it and practice 30 mins a day. Sounds great x x

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