Happy New Year! FT’s review of 2019

Hello Everybody and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes we have entered a new year and a new decade…we are in 2020! But before we dive into the new adventures ahead I thought I’d take a 20/20 hindsight review of 2019 (< See what I did there? 2020 hindsight? 😀 ) And boy was I busy during the past 12 months!

I counted my posts and the designs I had shared and I have posted over 45 sabers plus variations in the space of 52 weeks …so lets jump back to January and take a look at what I posted….

January started with a saber inspired from a Star Wars computer game known as Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic (SW KOTOR) and the first saber you build in the game. I also posted the first in a series of hilts inspired by Ralph McQuarrie’s Stormtrooper concept art, even a saber based on the 80’s TV show Charlie’s Angels. Finally I posted a lightsaber staff for Satele Shan, another character from SWTOR the sequel to SW KOTOR.

February featured designs from Resident Evil, Lord of the Rings, a saber for Superman and a hilt for Padme Amidala. I particularly liked the Superman hilt I built for my friend TheVintageToyAdvertiser as part of a series of challenges, and the Lord of the Rings hilt because I had to make sure I did a good job and pleased both Star Wars fans and LOTR fans – Not Easy!

Again I really liked the LOTR hilt as I got creative, making the pommel resemble the Eye of Sauron! However, even Padme’s hilt had custom etching and an activation swith made to look like her pendant given to her by little Ani!

Marching on in March,I presented my crossover hilt designs for another Sci-Fi franchise – Star Trek (yes I said it!). I created a hilt for the Klingon warriors and one particular half Klingon named B’Elanna Torres from the show Voyager. A new character appeared in the movie SOLO called Enfys Nest so I posted a design in her honour and back on earth I had another challenge from TVTA. He wanted a saber based on Starsky and Hutch and the famous red car, the Gran Torino!….

The Swoop Saber had a hidden Crystal Chamber built into it, while the Starsky and Hutch hilt had a blue police light as the on/off switch and even had working headlights buried in all the chrome bodywork!

OK folks, that covers the first three months! To continue our journey through 2019 please click the link to go to page two where we will discover what April brought!…see you on page two…..

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year! FT’s review of 2019”

    1. Thanks so much! I get so engrossed with what I’m doing I forget or lose track of what I’ve done. I only realised how much I’d done and how far I had progressed when I counted the folders where I keep my designs. I hope 2020 is a great year for you as well!

  1. A comprehensive round up of your year. You have indeed been highly productive. Back up them folders. I am looking forward to seeing what you make next.

    1. Hello there! Thanks so much, and the designs and animations weren’t the only projects I did – I also did quite a bit of photo editing for members of the forum I mentioned. And fear not I have been cleaning the cached memory and keeping backups of backups.
      As the Skywalker Saga has come to an end I am going to have to come up with more original designs and not “inspired by” replicas so I am going to have to stretch my imagination too. Thanks for all your comments and advice.

  2. I love your designs so much dear 😊 You are super talented! ❤️ 2020 is going to be a great year and a nice new decade. I just know it. Keep up the awesome work x x

    1. Hello there, I certainly hope 2020 and beyond is good for everyone. I know I am going to have to work extra hard because Disney aren’t going to be making new Star Wars movies for a while so I will have to find inspiration elsewhere….but I have done that in the past like I did with the Hunter-X-Hunter inspired hilt I came up with 😉 Thanks as always!

      1. Yes, I hope so too 😊 I am sure you will do great and find the inspiration you need. Yay, I love HunterxHunter so much! Berserk and HunterxHunter are my most favourite anime. Your welcome dear x x

  3. Brilliant round up of your work in 2019 FT! An impressive gallery for sure, and good to see some of those TV and film sabers we dreamed up! That’s cool you got to see TROS again, and in 3D! Have a brill and creative new year my friend 🙂

    1. Thanks TVTA (and Wooof! of course) Our TV/Movie Challenge sabers had to have a place in this line up because they stretched my abilities and were such fun! I just read your great Happy New Yeats! post, it reminded me that I need to read a bit more poetry – I did read more novels last year but not poetry…I will fix that this year.

      1. It’s been good reading Yeats again – I hadn’t read him since my schooldays! I love the vast amount of poetry you can read online now, which is a real treat, but always something special about picking up an old book 🙂

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