Nothin’ Nerdy honoured me on her YouTube channel! A big thank you!

Hello Everybody, today I have had to make a very quick change of plans! I was relaxing in my Coruscant apartment enjoying the holiday spirits when I decided to check out some videos on YouTube (there isn’t much entertainment on my cable package). Well I had a very pleasant surprise, my friend Frankie – aka Nothin’ Nerdy has posted a video to honour the saber I designed for her and I am speechless. It is a little unreal to hear your name being spoken in a video and for the person to be saying such nice things about you. I’d like to thank Frankie and to let her know it was my pleasure to design her saber and produce the accompanying artwork/animations. So to my loyal visitors, followers and friends, if you could spare a few minutes and check out Frankie’s YouTube, Twitch and Facebook pages I’d be very grateful. Here are the links:

Nothin’ Nerdy YouTube: Nothin’ Nerdy YouTube

Nothin’ Nerdy Facebook: Nothin’ Nerdy Facebook

Nothin’ Nerdy Twitch: Nothin’ Nerdy Twitch

And I decided to revisit Frankie’s sabers and gave it a new colour scheme…

Just a little modification to keep me entertained, and speaking of entertainment I also continued my work on a collection of sabers I gave you a sneak peek of last week. Those items that may or may not appear in The Rise of Skywalker. Well I refined some details and I thought a nice group picture would look cool so here is another quick sneak peek of my new collection…(Only in gold…as full galleries of these new designs will feature in future posts!)….Rise of Skywalker Collection MatCap 2 MK

Two of the hilts you have seen already but they look good all together. I will end this post here as I had to type this off the top of my head, but I will have an end of year review of a few of my favourite designs I have showcased these past twelve months, there’ll be a bit of a mix!

So thanks once more to Frankie, I am really proud to have a friend like you and to my visitors, followers and friends that support me tirelessly here thank you too. Please call back to see future posts with more sabers and fun. Till next time….

“Nothin’ Nerdy Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019.

3 thoughts on “Nothin’ Nerdy honoured me on her YouTube channel! A big thank you!”

    1. Thanks so much Resa, I appreciate you supporting my friend. Frankie really is a wonderful person. She told me she’d like to share her design in a video and i was expecting her to make a passing comment – however as you saw Frankie did a full blown video dedicated to the saber and my site. I am still taken aback at how awesome that was. Thanks again and Happy New Year (or decade!).

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