For Tyeth’s Rise of Skywalker Review

Hello Everybody, I have just got back from my local cinema after viewing The Rise of Skywalker. And I gotta say it was better than the negative comments would suggest I saw and read online. Of course this is just my first thought opinions, other people may not like it but I have been watching these films for over 36 years and I enjoyed this one. It was an adventure from the moment we hear John William’s Intro Theme.

I can’t say too much obviously but I will say some things/characters that weren’t handled well in The Last Jedi were “put right” and dealt with better this time around. Also don’t blink during the first half hour as it is fast moving.

I mentioned I had watched these movies for around three decades so I did see a lot of nostalgic nods to previous films which was fun. I also got to see Threepio get an important job to do in the story aside from saying “This is madness….we’re doomed!” which was cool. The music was outstanding as usual with John Williams winding his way through the film holding it together, binding the contents – I sometimes think he and his music are the Force! There were funny lines and throwbacks that made me chuckle.

On the acting side of things, all of the on screen talent gave great performances…and regards the actual story, I only had one major niggle.

There was a good solid end to the finale that made sense and made me happy and sad at the same time….how else could it have ended? A balance.

So this has been my initial thoughts on The Rise of Skywalker. Again others may disagree (I’m not the most experienced film critic!) but I thought it was worth my money to view it. Oh wait! I got tickets as a birthday present but you know what I mean and finally….yes I was inspired by one or two things that may or may not have appeared in the movie so I will be busy over the festive period making 3D models!

Thank you for looking in on this, my mini first thoughts review. If you are planning to go and see TROS I hope you find it as entertaining as I did. And I hope you will return and let me know what you thought of it (but please don’t spoil it for others ok!). I’ll be taking things easier over the next week or two so if we don’t get to chat I hope you all have a great holiday season however you choose to observe it! Till next time….

The Rise of Skywalker is in cinemas around the globe now and is  Trademark/Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

15 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s Rise of Skywalker Review”

    1. Hello Nancy, I think I agree with you. With what JJ. Abrams and the writers were left with (after TLJ) they did a decent job wrapping the story up as well as they did. But I noticed they left a few “What about…?” questions too for if Disney decide they are going to continue the r saga. Thanks again and I appreciate your comments!

  1. Good stuff, FT. Glad it made your birthday extra special, and I’m sure there’s plenty of inspiration for upcoming designs!
    I’ve not long got back from the cinema after watching it this evening, and will say I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. I picked up a few items of TROS cinema swag too, so I’ll make my post tomorrow with some added pics.

    1. Hi TVTA, thanks and I’m glad you enjoyed the film too. Sadly there wasn’t any merchandise available at the cinema I visited….only commemorative soda cups with the figurine topped lids. I look forward to seeing your post and swag….and oh btw you know the last saber that you see in the film?….I’ve modeled it already!

      1. We had plastic soda cups but not with figurine topped heads. Did the ones you saw have Star Wars character topped heads? If so, that sounds very cool. My son got a Star Wars metal popcorn bucket. I miss the old days though when you could sometimes pick up a free mini poster or postcard.
        – Oh yes, I know the saber you mean, and as soon I saw it onscreen I instantly thought of you. Look forward to your version!

      2. Hi again, yes the soda cups were just regular cups with an image of each character on the side and a waist up figurine on the lid. I like the sound of that popcorn bucket though.
        I remember the “old days” with the mini posters and postcards – my dad knew the chief projectionist of our local cinema so we got quite a few guaranteed sent to us!
        And as it is Christmas I have a special sneak peek for you which I’ll send via your email ok! (This way I won’t spoil the film for others)

      3. Hi there, I just read your reply and you are most welcome! I just had to show someone my new build to prove I had done what I said I had and built one of the things in the film. I may tweak a detail here or there on it but I don’t think it’s too bad from the glimpse of it we saw ;D And again if I don’t get to chat again before have a Happy Holidays, and to you too Wooof!

    1. Hello Neil, thanks very much, my birthday was nice and quiet – no First Order troopers or Kylo Ren visits 😀
      I hope you enjoy the film, it is a solid adventure and wraps up the story on the whole. And may you and your folks also have a merry Christmas. All the best from me and Mrs T!

    1. Hello Mei-Mei, thanks very much, I had a fairly quiet birthday for a change. I received two neat Star Wars T-shirts and a fantastic Darth Maul vs For Tyeth action figure pack (actually it is Maul vs Qui-Gon but QGJ looks like me ;D )
      And if I don’t get to chat again before I hope you and your folks have a happy holiday season however you choose to observe it! And thanks again.

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