Master K Saber – An Obi-Wan Kenobi inpsired hilt

Hello Everybody and welcome back to my regular posting slot. I hope you all enjoyed my mid-week post featuring PsychoSith’s fabulous artwork. Today I return to my usual schedule and have a saber inspired by the hilt owned by the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace. I noticed that his saber although nice was a little bit angular and looked as if it had sharp edges, Obi-Wan_Kenobis_first_lightsaber_-_SW_Card_Traderso I wondered if I could make a model of it and “soften” the corners around the emitter and on the handgrip. I set to work and came up with this new contoured version…

I remodeled the ridges of the handgrip but kept the scalloped shroud (I’ve grown quite attached to this style of shroud!) however if you look closely at the original hilt there were two notches located just where the heel of your palm would rest so I removed them to improve comfort. I also smoothed and rounded the cutouts on the emitter shroud. I have held a few real life replica models  of Kenobi’s hilt and the aluminium could be a bit sharp. I modified the pommel from my “Trooper” hilts as they were originally inspired by Obi-Wan’s to start with. So being as there wasn’t too much work needed to remodel this hilt I felt I should create a few variants…

And with a simple switch of paint this hilt takes on a sleek sinister Sith look. The hilt details are still there but black objects don’t show very well against other black objects and I decided to make an alternative Sith hilt with a red and black marble like handgrip…Obi-Wan SithObi 1 MK

Now I had made two Sith hilts, I thought how about a nice golden Jedi hilt? I painted a version in gold but I think it kinda looks more like C-3PO. I added a Jedi Order logo printed on the underside and I think you can just see it…

Now some very long time followers may remember a hilt I designed inspired by one of rock’s greatest guitarists (and part time keyboard player) who also has a name with three initials….EVH….well this next image shows an updated EVH hilt…OWK Eddie van Halen MK

And if you haven’t guessed, the guitarist is none other than Eddie Van Halen, famous for the songs Eruption and JUMP! This saber’s colour scheme was created using the same technique as my Sharkaradon Saber hilt and is coloured the same as Eddie’s famous Frankenstrat guitar.

I stopped here as I was getting carried away. But I think I proved that a single hilt can be made to look like many different styles.

I have to apologise there aren’t any “Studio Pictures” but this past week I have been really busy creating some animations for a special hilt I’ve built for a YouTuber I’ve recently met whose nickname is Nothin’ Nerdy. I commented on a video, then left a comment on her livestream and to my surprise Nerdy immediately responded to me! I have had a few chats with her since and said that when she reaches 1000 subscribers I would post a design for her. So if you are interested in the computer game Star Wars The Old Republic then please check out her YouTube channel Nothin’ Nerdy where she livestreams sessions playing the game. And if you subscribe and help her reach 1000 I will be able to post her saber sooner!

So I think that just about covers everything for this Obi-Wan Kenobi inspired saber, I hope you liked it and all it’s variants. I still have many more saber designs to come in future posts including the new Nothin’ Nerdy hilt. There are also my “Master Series” hilts and more new original hilts. I want to say a big thank you to you, my viewers, your support is fantastic and keeps me posting. I’ll end here, Till next time….

“Master K Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by Obi-Wan Kenobi’s saber from “The Phantom Menace” and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. “Obi-Wan Kenobi” and “The Phantom Menace” and all other Star Wars related names, logos, images are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney?LucasFilm.

20 thoughts on “Master K Saber – An Obi-Wan Kenobi inpsired hilt”

  1. Hi FT. That’s an interesting take on Obi Wan’s saber. I still prefer (for Ben) that ‘old school’ chunky look as it is. I have the battery operated plastic toy version of it sold in the early 2000s I think it was, with the retractable tapered beam that lights up and then buzzes on contact. Such a cool toy, and I only paid a pound for it at a charity shop 🙂
    I like best the red and black Sith version you made, you totally nailed it with those colours! Very sinister indeed! Fun to see the Eddie VH version too. Top work my friend!

    1. Hi TVTA, I still have the old Obi-Wan hilt from 2002 but it just has light and no sound. Obi-Wan’s design is nice I was just addressing the sharp edges that it has. And I’m glad you liked the Sith versions, I am quite pleased how they turned out. The red streaked version I particularly like as the texture uses a neat trick where Blender has “live mixing” of two colours. The texture can be controlled by two sliders to alter the percentage of red and black which creates the streaking pattern. And the Van Halen hilt? Well I just had to make that after I had just played Jump on my keyboards and got inspired. Thanks and Rock On!

      EDIT! Just dug this picture up! Looks familiar….

      1. Hi again, I was lucky I hadn’t boxed the hilt up in storage so had it to hand. Yours is slightly more advanced than mine though, mine only lights up. Mrs Tyeth wants to know which charity shops you go to to get these bargain sabers!

      2. When I lived in the UK I’d go to any local high street charity shop I could + car boot sales on weekends off. Amazing how many old toys, games, books and records I picked up over the years. My favourite bargain has to be a mint Palitoy Landspeeder I saw for just 99p. Was especially nice to find it as I used to have that toy as a kid. Another good find was twelve vintage Subbuteo teams in their original boxes for a fiver.

      3. A Landspeeder? That’s impossible! For 99p? You really are one lucky person. I used to visit car boot sales but they never had much in the way of Star Wars toys. Though I know someone who took a Volkswagen Beetle to a car boot sale and somebody bought it’s engine!

    1. Hello Mei-Mei, thanks very much. I just thought the replicas I had held were bulkier and sharper than his so wondered if it could be rounded off. This is the saber I imagined Obi-Wan may have made had he had the parts and chance to later. However we know Kenobi then built his iconic sink faucet pommel and grenade grip thin neck saber so abandoned this style design. Thanks once again for the kind words.

  2. I love the multiple coloured finish. In true Sci Fi you would have an option to change the colour. A chameleon circuit. I have never owned a light sabre. I have a few sonic screw drivers. The fact that your allowing for the feel of the device is impressive. So many designers never allow for the final users. Good work FT

    1. Hello Neil, glad you like this design. I don’t think a saber has ever had a Chameleon Circuit but i have designed a few Dr Who inspired hilts (and got meet Ace!). The shape and comfort of a hilt was something that bugged me about Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn’s hilts – they had these ridges and edges that looked unwieldly.
      Hmm, Sonic Screwdriver…I might make one of those too to add to my Star Trek Bat’Leth.

    1. Blimey, I recognise those initials -Miss Bertinelli! That is a real claim to fame (Hot in Cleveland was so funny). And I wasn’t being horrible saying EVH was a sometime keyboard player but that synth solo in JUMP is a solo only a guitar player could write! (I play keyboards and have still yet to master it!) Thanks for sharing a great story.

      1. Yes I have seen this movie advertised on cable here in the UK. I had the Hallmark and Lifetime channels for a while. Congrats on having such a great credit to your name. (p.s. that petrol/teal colour on Miss Bertinelli’s blouse is a real nice shade btw)

    1. Greetings Chocoviv and thanks so much for looking in on my site. I’m so glad you liked the Master K saber, I’ll admit it isn’t totally original but I think the different variants stand as original. And may I congratulate you on the success you have had in your first year on WordPress. Breaking records, collecting awards and all those food pictures! And on a side note, regarding The Dark Crystal…I actually met one of the puppeteers from the 1982 film, Tim Rose at a local Comic Con. Tim Rose also acted in Return of the Jedi – he was Admiral Ackbar and the puppeteer for Salacious B. Crumb the Monkey Lizard friend of Jabba the Hutt!
      I got his autograph…

      So thanks again for looking in and I will be sure to visit your site to take a proper look around!

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